New Age Of Summoners Chapter 166

154 Terrifying Skill


As soon as the Boar-monster saw the incoming Volcanis, he stood up from the mud and rushed towards him with a loud growl.

Volcanis stopped in his tracks and positioned himself on the mud to face it ahead.

The reason he didn't use his skills directly was he wanted to improve his combat experience.

Just when Boar-monster was about to slam him with its two huge pointy tusks, Volcanis caught it.

That didn't stop the boar, though.

It only slowed its incoming speed.

Even though Volcanis caught the tusks, he was continuously forced by the boar monster.

As the ground was muddy, Volcanis didn't find any support, so he was forced back slowly.

"That boar is huge," Ajax, who was watching the fight on the holographic screen, exclaimed when he saw the huge boar of more than 2 meters in height.

"System, can I see the information on the monster," Ajax asked as he wanted to know what that monster was called.


Monster name:- Horned Nether Hog.

Strength:- Low-grade Rank 4

Soon, he got a system notification about the name and strength of the monster.

"So, it's called Horned Nether Hog," Ajax remembered the name of the monster.

"Maybe the skills of that hog are not displayed because I have to find them myself. If displayed, I will be alert, and the whole point of the Battle Tower concept will be lost," Ajax quickly concluded that the system didn't give any information other than the name and strength of the monster.

Soon, he focused on the battle on the holographic screen.

With each passing second, Volcanis was continuously forced back and was about to be pressed into a wall.

As soon as he touched the wall, Volcanis used his Inferno skill, which raised the flames on his body and increased his strength.

He gathered all the firepower into his hand and burned the tusks of the Horned Nether Hog.

Even though its tusks were burning, it was entirely focused on slamming Volcanis in the wall.

Seeing that hog was not stopping its attack, Volcanic used his second attack 'Fire asteroid.'

As it sensed some danger, the hog dodged sidewards missing the fire asteroid, which landed on his earlier position.

"You have some keen senses. Otherwise, you would have burned to death, Hahaha" Although Volcanis was not a match for it in body force, with his skills, he could easily kill the hog.

The fire asteroid he used earlier had the chance to quickly burn it to death as it was boosted by the two of his other skills.

One was the boost from his King of Fire, which was a passive skill, and the other was from Inferno, which boosted his overall attack power, movement speed, and defense power.

After dodging the fire asteroid, the Hog knew it met a power challenger, so it directly went to its powerful attack, which was 'Call of the Brethren.'

'Growls growls'

As soon as it used the skill, many Horned Nether Hogs came out of the mud, with each having a peak rank 3 strength.

All hogs rushed towards Volcanis with their basic skill 'Slam.'


Volcanis, and Ajax, who watched the fight on the holographic screen, shouted at the same time.

Before Volcanis could do anything, he was surrounded by the many Hogs.

Although he killed the ones in the front rows, he was overpowered by the number of the hogs that were rushing towards him.

After being surrounded by them, Volcanis died miserably and got teleported out of the room and appeared in front of Ajax.

Ajax looked at the fire elemental spirit in front of him, who looked tired and said, "You did well. However, the monster unexpectedly used a powerful skill."

"But, I should have..." Before Volcanins could even complete his sentence. He was interrupted by the Ajax, "No need to worry, you will get another chance in the next month until then improve your strength and as for now take some rest."

"Sure master," Volcanis nodded his head in agreement and entered into the inner world to practice his skills.

'There monster looked stronger than regular low-grade rank 4 spirit beast,' Ajax pondered the strength of the monster and continued his thinking, "However, that last skill is way too powerful."

He was shocked at the ability to summon that many monsters with peak rank 3 strength.

'It summoned more than 100 monsters,' Ajax was utterly in awe with that ability.

Soon he shook his and went to sleep.

Before sleeping, he didn't forget to check on Raweth, who was still unconscious.


At some unknown location,

"Ancestor, we found a boy in the Goldcrest town, but we are not sure about him as the one form the silver orphanage though," A middle-aged man replied to a skeleton-looking old man who was covered in dark energy with his eyes closed.

"Why?" the old man in a black robe opened his eyes and replied.

"Because he has the cultivation of commander realm and I think the child from the Silver orphanage can't become that powerful in a very short time, so I am thinking of calling off the bounty we placed on his head," the middle-aged man replied with a face full of respect and sweat-drenched back.

"Hahaha," the skeleton-like old man laughed loudly before continuing, "Once the item integrates with the boy, the power he obtains is unimaginable. He will continue to grow stronger and stronger."

The middle-aged man was shocked by the old man's words and thought, 'Is that item that powerful?'

"You fool, you don't know it's value yet.

If you suspect him even a little, kill him before the item fully integrates with him." the black-robed old man replied to the middle-aged man's inner words.

"I will do as you say, ancestor,"

His words caused a hint of panic in the middle-aged man and quickly stood up.

"Remember one thing; this matter has to be dealt with absolute secrecy, if those damn organizations know about the item, they will go to an all-out war against us for hiding about the information of that item," before the middle-aged man even left the room, the old man who was called Ancestor, said in his eerie voice which caused another shock wave in the middle-aged man's heart.

"What? Just for hiding some information, they will go to an all-out war against us?" the middle-aged man abruptly stopped in his tracks and asked his Ancestor with a shock on his face.

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