New Age Of Summoners Chapter 164

152 Elemental Paradise

However, he soon shook his head.

As he knew that breaking the seals was not an easy matter, and it would take a long time for him.

"Unless I got lucky, I can't break the seals anywhere near the future," Ajax felt content for now as he had a general realm cultivator as a follower.

"Darbaudr, go and take some rest. While you are at it, stabilize your regained cultivation," he said to the barbarian who was gasping for air, but on Darbaudr's face, there was an excited look.

"Sure, Young master," the barbarian nodded and stood up to leave the room.

As soon as he opened the door, Ajax and Darbaudr saw Edmond, and the rest of the squad members were coming towards his room.

"Ajax, what happened? We heard some painful noises. Did anyone try to assassinate you?" Edmond asked with concern.

Lewis and others also looked at him and Darbaudr with worried faces.

The assassination was not an uncommon thing in this Dog eat dog world.

Whenever a genius appears, there would be countless families and sects trying to recruit that genius into their familiar or sects.

If the recruitment fails, then they would go for an assassination.

Since everyone from the Royal capital and top families knows that Ajax and Paulin were the geniuses who got invitations to the Champion's contest, those main families and sects would go to any length to either recruit them or assassinate them.

"No, it's just that Darbaudr had a sudden breakthrough in his cultivation. During the process, he was unable to bear the pain. But it's alright now since he successfully broke through to the general realm," Ajax explained, slowly hiding the seals and everything related to Darbaudr's past.

"It's good," Edmond heaved a sigh as there was no assassination attempt and observed Darbaudr.

'Weird, why am I not able to sense his cultivation?' Edmond silently thought in his head and wondered why he was unable to sense Darbaudr's cultivation.

Edmond was puzzled because, in general, he should have sensed the cultivation of a general realm cultivator. However, he was now unable to detect it.

"What? he broke through to the general realm?" Lewis and Jeff shouted at Ajax in unison.

As they were with Ajax when he bought Darbaudr from the auction plaza, they knew how much he invested and how he broke that contract stone.

However, Ajax not only got a loyal follower but a general realm one at that.

"Why is his luck always good?" Lewis and Jeff once again said in unison with an envy look on their faces.

"Okay, stop complaining about luck and continue to work hard," Edmond smacked on Lewis's head, whereas Udo hit Jeff's head.

"Congratulations, Darbaudr," Unlike them, Paulin congratulated the barbarian politely.

Darbaud replied politely; however, it sounded somewhat crude.

Still, no one didn't take it wrongly as they already knew that Barbarians had a harsh voice.

"Good night, Ajax" Soon, everyone left Ajax and Darbaudr alone.

"Thanks, young master for helping me break the seal," After everyone left, Darbaudr bowed to Ajax respectfully.

"It's nothing, just stabilize your cultivation for now," Ajax shook his head and left to his room.

Just as he entered his room, he got a system notification.


The construction of a mini thunder pool is completed.


Please check out more information from the inner world system feature.

"Wonderful," Ajax was excited at the notification and quickly looked into the inner world.

At one corner of the inner world, he saw a small circular pond with lightning arcs above the water's surface.

"Let's check it," He focused on the small pond.

Soon he got a system notification informing about the small pond.


Item Name:- Mini thunder pool

Elemental paradise:- Lightning and Thunder (Grade 1)

Description:- A grade 1 elemental paradise that will help thunder and lightning elemental spirits and spirit beast in cultivating.

Effects:- 1) Heals all the wounds of the same element spirit beasts and elemental spirits.

2) Increases the cultivation speed by twice

3) Continuous staying in the pool and drinking the mini thunder pool's water can increase the bloodline and strength.

Note:- The construction is based on the original structure of the Thunder pool.

"Everything is good, but it's only Grade 1? Does it mean I can increase the grade of the elemental paradise?" After reading everything, Ajax nodded his head, but the word Grade 1 in the elemental paradise section caused him a puzzle. So he quickly turned to look at the dark elemental paradise.


Item Name:- Mini Dark Abyss

Elemental paradise:- Dark and its sub-attributes (Grade 2)

Description:- A grade 2 elemental paradise which will help Dark and its related elemental spirits and spirit beast in cultivating.

Effects:- 1) Heals all the wounds of the same elemental spirit beasts and elemental spirits.

2) Increases the cultivation speed by three times

3) Continuous staying in the mini dark abyss can increase the bloodline and strength of beings mentioned above.

Note:- It is a mini version of the Dark Abyss in the Dark realm.

"Huh? It's grade 2?" Ajax confused at the grade difference between the two Elemental paradises in the Inner World.

But he quickly found the reason for the higher grade in the Mini Dark Abyss.

"I think it's from the dark energy that the system collected from the bodies of Snow and Ice sparrow," Ajax understood how he should increase the elemental paradise's grade.

That dark energy was from the older birdman, which was injected by him for some unknown reasons. Later that energy was taken out from their bodies, and by the command of Ajax, the system used it to increase the mini dark abyss' grades.

"Snow, your cultivation pool is completed, now all you have to do is absorb the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor's inheritance and improve your cultivation as much as you can," Ajax quickly said to Snow, which was in the inner world through the contract.

Snow nodded her head and rushed into the pool to start its cultivation.

She felt utterly hopeless in the five elemental world and couldn't do anything to help its master, which caused her to focus on her cultivation so that she could help her master in the future.

With that thought, she closed her eyes and started absorbing the inheritance in her body while standing in the mini thunder pool.

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