New Age Of Summoners Chapter 163

151 Breaking The Seal

"Darbaudr, I will try to break your first seal now," Ajax said after they entered the room slowly.

"Yes, young master," the Barbarian replied in respect, but just as he said those words, he shouted, "What?"

"You heard it right. I said I would break your first seal on your spirit consciousness placed by some Demon Apostle or whatever he is called," Ajax replied nonchalantly and took out the artifact he got from the older birdman.


Item name:-Seal breaker compass (Ownerless)

Grade:- High-level Earth grade

Uses:- 1) Can track anyone by the spirit imprint placed by the owner of this artifact on others. (Distance is directly proportional to the owner's strength).

2) Can break any seal below the general realm strength using the essence of nature of the owner.

(Note:- Single-use to break any seal will cost 5000 units of the essence of nature).

Rating:- Good

As soon as he took out the compass-like item from the inventory, the system notification chimed in his head.


However, Ajax looked confused and asked the system, "System, why is it showing Ownerless?"


The bond with its previous owner was severed when the host teleported from the Five elemental world, so now it's ownerless.

"Are you saying that I can form a new bond with it?" Ajax asked the system delightedly.

A High-level Earth Grade artifact was not a common item that anyone could have, so he looked delighted.

Furthermore, this artifact had two excellent uses.

Although the first use was not so good for him now, he would find it useful when he reached high cultivation realms.

And the other use was the one that he needed most now, which would help him break the first seal among the five seals placed on darbaudr's spirit consciousness by the Demon Apostle.

"But the required essence of nature is quite huge," However, when he looked at the second use description, he felt the cost of the essence of nature for a single use to break a seal was huge.

Nevertheless, he would use it to break the seal.

"System, should I just drop a blood drop on the artifact?" Ajax asked the system.

He learned something about Artifacts and alchemy from Elder Boron.

Once, Ajax heard from Elder Boron's stories that a certain someone dropped blood on the high-level artifacts, and a link would be formed between them.



The system replied with a single 'Yes.'

Soon Ajax pricked his finger and dropped some blood on the artifact.


The host formed a bond with the artifact successfully.

"That's easy," Ajax mumbled when he saw the success notification from the system.

The Barbarian Hunter, Daubadr, looked at his young master and wondered, 'What happened to the young master? Why is he staring into the air and laughing once in a while?'

"Daubadr, what are you thinking? Come here," Ajax called Daubadr, making the Barbarian come out of his wandering thoughts.

'System, Spirit consciousness,' Ajax silently thought in his mind.


Spirit consciousness:- 6000 units/6800 units

Note:- The host can't use the 800 units capacity of the spirit consciousness until he forms a contract with an official elemental spirit.


Also, the Mysterious spirit consciousness's capacity can't be increased until the condition, as mentioned earlier, is met.

"What? Why did my spirit consciousness capacity increase by that much?" After seeing the system notification, his first question was about the increment in the spirit consciousness capacity.

His essence of nature was high because he cultivated and killed some spirit beast, which made him fill the spirit consciousness with 6000 units.


When host breakthrough in his body cultivation, his spirit capacity increases depending on his body's strength.


For every level host breakthroughs in the commander realm in body cultivation, his spirit consciousness capacity will be increased by the 200 units.

"Hmm," Ajax nodded his head and proceeded with breaking the seal.

He held the seal breaker compass in his hand and injected 5000 units of the essence of nature into the artifact.

Although the process was slow, Ajax finished injecting the essence of nature in a few minutes.


Place the seal breaking compass in the Barbarian hunter Darbaudr's hand.

Unexpectedly he got a system notification making him confused. However, he followed its words.

As soon as he placed the seal breaker compass in Darbaudr's hands, the stored essence of nature in it directly entered into his body along with some powerful energy that was rushing towards his spirit consciousness.

"Darbaudr, bear with the pain," seeing the pained look on Darbaudr's face, Ajax encouraged him to bear the pain.

The essence of nature, mixed with the powerful energy, hit the seal that was at the entrance of his spirit consciousness.

When the powerful energy collided with the barrier on the entrance of the spirit consciousness, Darbaudr howled in pain.

"Darbaudr, you can do it," Ajax continuously encouraged him.

Seeing the encouraging Ajax, Darbaudr gritted his teeth and stood up with all his might.

The powerful energy and the essence of nature continuously slammed against the barrier (first seal).

After ramming for some time, finally, the barrier was broken, and Darbaudr gasped for air as he fell on his back.


Mission name:- Help the follower (1/5)

The host successfully broke the first seal on his follower's spirit consciousness.


A mid-grade primitive stone is stored in the host's inventory as the reward for breaking the first seal.


Continue breaking more seals to get higher rewards.

"A mid-grade primitive stone? Okay, not bad," as Ajax needed primitive stones for his spirit beasts, he was satisfied with the simple reward.

"I think the rewards will increase as the seals level increases," Ajax motivation to remove the seals also increased with the rewards.

Ajax glanced at the Darbaudr, who was gasping for air while sitting on the floor.


Since the first seal is removed from the Darbaudr, his cultivation is now increased to the level 5 general realm.

Ajax was waiting for this system notification as he already knew that once he breaks the seal, his follower's cultivation will be increased a little.

'Once I remove all the seals placed on his spirit consciousness, wouldn't I have an almost Kingrealm cultivator as a follower?' Ajax thought of his future with a peak King realm follower.

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