New Age Of Summoners Chapter 162

150 Monster Peach

After Snow absorbed the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor's inheritance, it's strength would definitely increase by a lot.

So Ajax wanted to search for his friends.

Although he wasn't sure how they were faring in the cursed Abyss, deep down, he felt that they were alive.

"With Snow's flying ability, the search will become easy," with that thought in his head, he sent Snow into the Inner World.

As soon as he sent Snow into the world, Ajax thought about the thunder pool's water.

"Snow, wait for some time," he asked Snow to wait for a while and inquired the system, "System, since inner world upgraded, can I use the thunder pool's water to construct a small pond in the inner world?"

In the Five elemental world, when he completed the 'A+' danger rating mission, he got the reward of 'Inner World upgrade' and a chance to select an Elemental paradise of his choice.

However, he put that chance to select an element for the Elemental Paradise on hold, since he was unable to guess which one he would need most.

Therefore he thought to wait until he awakened his first official elemental spirit.

Previously, when he tried to create a small pond in the inner world, the system said he should first upgrade the inner world to create that.

Since the inner world was upgraded now, he asked the system about creating a small pond with the thunder pool's water.


Yes, the inner world satisfied the required conditions for an additional elemental paradise.


The host can use the thunder pool's water to create the thunder elemental paradise in the inner world.

"Excellent," Ajax was excited.

"System, use the thunder pool's water and create the thunder elemental paradise in the inner world."

Without much delay, he ordered the system to start building the thunder elemental paradise.


Construction of the small pool (thunder elemental paradise) has begun.


Time left for completing the pool:- 1 hour.

"Snow, rest for one hour in the inner world, after the pool's construction is completed, go into the pool to absorb the inheritance," Ajax said to Snow to take some rest before it could start absorbing.

Snow nodded it's head and went to sleep in the corner of the inner world.

As he looked at the sleeping Snow, his eyes unconsciously fell on a small plant with a large fruit hanging on one of its branches.

"Isn't that the plant I stored into the inner world at the last moment of escaping from the Five Elemental world," he quickly used the system to get the information on it.


Plant name:- Monster Peach Tree

Description:- A tree that looks like a small plant but bears a large fruit. The tree can bear fruit every 100 years.


Fifty units of the essence of nature per day are generated from this single plant.

"What? This small tree gives that much essence of nature?" Ajax was shocked to see the amount of the essence of nature that was generated by the Monster peach tree.

"It gives more than double the essence of nature when compared to the Ability fruit tree and longevity tree" Ajax was delighted at the increased free essence of nature from the inner world.

"If this tree generates that much essence of nature, then it's fruit will be valuable, right?" he thought in his mind and checked the huge fruit hanging on one of its branches.


Item name:- Monster Peach (unripe)

Time Left to ripe:- 2 days

Use:- Consuming it will allow a cultivator to break through a major realm, and when consumed by a spirit beast, it will allow the spirit beast to increase its rank by 1.

Limited to:- Cultivators above the General realm or higher.

(Note:-If the cultivation of the consumer is high then the effect will be less)

"Woah, a whole major realm breakthrough? It's great, but the limitation says that I can't use it now," Ajax was excited at the use of the monster peach but disappointed at the limitation.

The limitation was that only cultivators above the general realm could consume it, so Ajax sighed but didn't bother about it as the fruit was still now ripe.

After checking the fruit, he glanced at the dark elemental paradise, which was empty, so he summoned his elemental spirits and contracted spirit beasts and quickly transferred them into the inner world.

Necros and the mutated ghost eyed black fox was the most excited as they looked at the dark elemental paradise. In contrast, the destructive twilight dragon was in the slumber, so Ajax made Necros and ghost to carry the twilight (Dragon) into the dark elemental paradise.

"Now, let's see what that new feature is ?" Ajax was excited just thinking about the new system feature.

Every system feature had its own operation and helped him in one way or another.

He unlocked his first system feature 'Inner word' unknowingly, which helped him very much in the Five elemental world in hiding the Snow and Ice sparrow from the older birdman.

Quest tab, which continuously generated some missions and issued rewards on completing those missions.

The luck dependent system feature 'Lottery' did its part in helping him

The most recent one was the Follower tab, which gives some free rewards whenever he manages to gain a follower. Higher the strength, character, and loyalty, then higher the reward.

As such, his excitement for the new system feature increased a lot.

'Knock knock.'

Just when he was about to check it, he heard someone knocking at his door.

Reluctantly, he went to open the door.

"Young master, I heard you successfully broke through multiple realms, so I came here to congratulate you."

In front of his room, his first follower, the Barbarian Hunter Darbaudr, congratulated him with an honest face.

But to Ajax, that honest face looked Cruel.

If not for the following tab, he would have attacked him just by the expression on Darbaudr's face.

"Darbaudr, you came at the right time, come inside," Ajax suddenly that of an artifact he got from the older birdman while negotiating with him, and immediately called Darbaudr inside to use that artifact on him.

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