New Age Of Summoners Chapter 161

149 Opening Special Reward Box

"You mean, you are suspecting Ajax to be a Demonic cultivator?"

"Yes, that is the only possible way for him to achieve the level 4 commander realm," Udo keenaxe replied to Edmond with confidence.

"Huh? Really?" Edmond looked at Udo before he continued speaking, "Did you forget someone who achieved cultivation of the commander realm in just four days after he started his cultivation?"

When he said those words, Edmond's face looked sad.

"How can his and Ajax's case be the same? He was born with a cultivation body and a rare bloodline. Along with the cultivation resources he was provided with, his cultivation speed was very fast" Seeing the sad look on Edmond, Udo shook his head and explained.

Udo and Edmond talked about someone for sometime before Edmond asked Udo to stop and he concluded,

"Although I can sense dark energy in his body, there's no demonic energy in him, so leave it. If he wants to share his secrets, let him say, if not, leave him alone. But one thing is sure, he is not a demonic cultivator," Edmond said with a serious tone, which made Udo shake his head.

Udo knew Edmond very well, so he didn't continue arguing with him anymore.

However, Udo still looked not convinced with Edmond, who was always easy going on others.


In Ajax's room,

As soon as he entered the room, he closed the door quickly.

"Before checking the rewards, I should probably check on that evolved fire crow," He looked into his spirit consciousness to check how Raweth was doing with his wounds.

In his spirit consciousness, a humanoid silhouette with enormous red wings with black markings was hovering in the mid-air while basking in the green essence of nature from the Spirus.

Although Raweth was still unconscious, the wounds on his body were healed entirely, leaving behind some marks.

Ajax nodded his head at the sight of unconscious Raweth before proceeding to check his other contracted spirit beasts and elemental spirits.

"Now, it's time to check the rewards," he went to sit on his soft bed before asking the system to show him his rewards.


Rewards from the missions the host had completed are shown below.


Reward 1:- A new system feature is unlocked.


Reward 2:- A high-grade primitive stone is stored in the host's inventory.


Reward 3:- A special reward box is stored in the host's inventory.

Ajax already knew the mission, which gave him these rewards, so he didn't bother to check each mission.

"High-grade primitive stone," primitive stone was nothing new to him, but a high-grade one was new, so he casually took it out from the inventory with a thought.


Item name:- A high-grade primitive stone

Use:- Increases bloodline purity.

(Note:- Limited to spirit beasts only)

Special effect:- A 50 percent chance to mutate.

"A special effect? I think it's because of the quality of the primitive stone, which is high," Ajax thought in his head and excited.

A mid-grade primitive stone only has the effect of increasing bloodline purity, whereas this high-grade primitive stone has the chance to mutate the spirit beasts.

Whenever a spirit beast mutates, then it has no opponent in the same realm, so when Ajax saw the 50 percent chance to mutate in the special effect, he was excited and wanted to try it on his twilight (Destructive twilight dragon).

However, it was still in the slumber from consuming two peak rank 3 spirit beasts.

But Ajax was sure it would wake very soon, as he sensed the dark elemental energy which it consumed was almost absorbed.

"Special reward box," after storing the high-grade primitive stone, he took out the special reward box from the inventory.

"According to the system, all the items in the special rewards box are either high or useful, which I need most at present. Let's see what is stored in this special box," Ajax was excited because he knew he would only get useful items from this box.


Do you want to open the Special reward box?

"Yes," Ajax replied as soon as he got the system notification.


The host opened a Special reward box


Congratulation to the host for getting a chance to visit the Five elemental world. (Can stay in the five elemental for ten days).

"What the hell?" Seeing the latest system notification, Ajax's eyes popped out of the sockets.

"I am not going back to that place," he declared earnestly to the system.

Although he said that, he wanted to go there to cultivate because of the abundant essence of nature in that world, which was very useful to him and his elemental spirits and not to mention his spirit beasts whose strength was increased by two members.

In this trip, he got not only some useful items but also two contracted spirit beasts with some high-level bloodlines, which just required some purity.

As for increasing the purity of a bloodline, Ajax had no problem in it.

He had to complete some missions, and he would have the chance to get some primitive stones.

However, it would take some time as he doesn't know when he could get a mission with primitive stones, and as for the mysterious reward box, he doesn't have a hope on them.

"I should not waste time," when he thought of the spirit beasts he got in the five elemental world, he suddenly thought something and summoned Snow.

As soon as it came out, it hugged Ajax with its huge wings.

"Snow, it's all over, we are safe," seeing the worried Snow Ajax caressed its smooth feathers.

"Snow, you should absorb the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor's inheritance and become powerful, then even if the older birdman comes, we need not escape from him," Ajax slowly said while caressing the feature.


As if understanding with what Ajax said, she nodded her small head.

"Absorb the inheritance quickly. After you absorb it, we will enter the cursed wilderness to look for my friends," Ajax slowly said to Snow to absorb the inheritance it gained from the older birdman in the ancient ruins.

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