New Age Of Summoners Chapter 160

148 Return

Ajax's room, Heavengroove mercenary squad building,

The empty room which looked very peaceful, a portal appeared suddenly in the middle of the room.

From the portal, a young man came out.

Rather than saying 'came out,' the words 'threw out' would more likely suit the situation.

That's correct. Ajax was thrown out by the suddenly appeared portal before it vanished from the room.

"Ouch," Ajax, who was thrown out of the portal, stood up slowly with pains all over his body.

"Finally, I am back," he cheered himself.

He felt good to return to his peaceful room from all the things he went through in the Five elemental world.


Mission name:- Escape from the Older Birdman is completed.

Reward:- A new system feature is unlocked.

Clearance rating:- A+(The host showed his wits and successfully completed the mission.)

Note:- An 'A+' danger rating mission was cleared with an 'A+' clearance rating. Therefore, the host has received a three minor level upgrade in his body cultivation.


Mission name:- Save the Ice sparrow is successfully completed.

Reward:- A high-grade primitive stone is stored in the host's inventory.

Danger rating:- 'A.'

Clearance rating:- 'A.'

Note:- An 'A' danger rating mission was cleared with an 'A' clearance rating. Therefore, the host has received a single minor level upgrade in his body cultivation.


Bonus mission

Mission name:- Save Raweth (Fire crow tribe childe) is successfully completed.

Reward:- A special reward box is stored in the host's inventory.

As he was cheering for himself for his safe return, he got the continuous system notifications making him even more cheerful.


But before he even checked his rewards, his stomach growled in hunger.

As he didn't eat for a few days, he was starving.

"I should probably go and eat something," with that thought in his mind, he moved towards the door.

As he was about to open the doorknob, he saw the robe on his hand which was covered in dust

Soon, he examined his body, which was covered in mud and sweat.

"I should bath first before going to eat," Ajax immediately went into the bathroom and showered.

Immediately wearing some clean clothes, he rushed downstairs as he wanted to eat something.

As soon as he went down, he saw all the squad members were having their dinner.

"Hey Ajax, didn't you say this morning, you were going to break through to level 2 of the commander realm? Why did you come out within 12 hours," Lewis, asked Ajax when he saw Ajax hastily coming downstairs.

"Hm..," Ajax stopped for a moment before he replied, "I already broke through."

After his reply, without wasting any time, he quickly sat in the chair to eat.

As soon as he sat, he started eating hastily, just like a monster that didn't eat for months.

It was expected as Ajax didn't eat for the last three days, and he went through many things these days.

Another reason for his monstrous eating was he wanted to go back to his room to check the rewards he gained from the mission he completed.

"Huh? Ajax, you broke through 3 minor realms in less than 12 hours?" Edmond, who was eating at the other end of the dining table, observed Ajax and sensed the energy coming from him.


"Multiple breakthroughs?"

"Less than 12 hours."


All other squad members on the dining table shouted when they heard Captain Edmond's words.

However, after the initial shouts, everyone looked at Lewis, who shouted, 'Monster!'.

"I am just saying that he was a monster who broke through multiple minor realms, hehe. Not an actual monster." Lewis explained the meaning behind his words, which made Ajax choke.

'That's right. Here it's only 10 hours since I went to Five Element World,' Ajax quickly remembered the time ratio between his world and five elemental world.

For every one hour in this world was equivalent to a day in the Five Element Wolrd.

Having stayed in the Five Elemental World, he forgot this something.

"Yes, I broke through multiple realms due to residual energy from my previous fortuitous encounter," without wasting any time, he replied with a story.

"Hmm," Edmond nodded his head, but Udo Keenaxe still looked unconvinced.

"Ajax, don't breakthrough hastily. Stabilize your foundations properly before you breakthrough another realm," Edmond advised Ajax who was eating non-stop

"Okay, Captain Edmond, I will stabilize my cultivation," Ajax replied after eating his last bite from the bowl and continued, "I will go and take some rest, everyone."

After saying his words, he quickly rushed back to his room.

"See and learn from him; he is younger than you but already surpassed you. You have to work hard," Edmond said to the remaining young members in a slow tone.

"I don't know about Jeff, but I will sure cultivate hard," saying that Lewis ran off to his word, making Edmond and others laugh.

"I will cultivate even harder than him," Jeff also left soon after Lewis.

"These kids.." Udo shook his head, seeing the childish behavior of Lewis and his son.

"I will also go back to my room Captain Edmond," Paulin slowly stood up from his chair and walked towards his room.

"Paulin, after your weekly spar with Ajax, you and Ajax should take some missions from the Mercenary guild and complete them," Edmond said to Paulin, who was leaving.

Paulin stopped in his tracks and turned to Edmond.

Seeing the seriousness in Edmond's face, Paulin nodded his head, understanding the meaning behind his words.

According to Edmond, he and Ajax should upgrade their strength as much as possible so that they could develop their strength with these missions.

Furthermore, if lady luck smiles on them, they might have any fortuitous encounter which may upgrade their strength to one who the whole realm higher then who would be their opponent in the Champion's competition.

After nodding his head, Paulin left for his room.

"How can Ajax's cultivation speed be this fast? He only cultivated for a few weeks, and he already reached the Commander realm. Don't you sense something is fishy here?" After everyone left the dining hall, Udo keenaxe asked Edmond with a serious face.

"You mean, you are suspecting Ajax to be a Demonic cultivator?"

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