New Age Of Summoners Chapter 16

16 Unnamed

As soon as he reached the end of the tunnel, he was shocked to see three elemental spirits which are imprisoned with some energy barrier.

The three elemental spirits are in three different colours namely green,black and red.

The green coloured elemental spirit looked like an angel which has four slim wings of dripping light hang like a mantle around the angel. It's slender body moves with a holy grace and is clad in hanging, white cloth. It is holding a string of green coloured beads, overall it has an aura of magic and mystery around it.

But the black coloured elemental spirit is quite the opposite of green coloured elemental. It has two horns on it's head with barely visible nose and large mouth. It's surrounded by an eerie and gloomy aura.Just by looking at it one can feel goosebumps.

Finally, the red coloured elemental spirit looked like burly man surrounded with flames around it's transparent body. With a crown on it's head a sharp sword in his hands. Overall it has a majestic aura around it.

But the common expression on the three elemental spirits is 'Worry'.

Before them, a black robed skeleton sat cross-legged and making some hand gestures.

'So, these are the elemental spirits I have to save. I think he is the elite undead solider but why he doesn't have any gaurds around him to protect him when he is in meditation', Ajax wondered why there is no one protecting him'.

Ajax finally found the elemental spirits he had to save.

Ajax silently sneaked behind the black robed skeleton who is busy in making hand signs.

But before he got near him his spear fell down on the ground making some noise.

Ajax stopped for a second. Seeing that the black Robed man didn't noticed him, he slowly took the fallen spear into his hands and thrusted it with full force which only made a small dent in the black robe but didn't do any damage to the skeleton.

Ajax was shocked when his sneak attack failed. But seeing the black robed skeleton didn't woke up from his meditation, Ajax heaved a sigh of relief.

'what a strong robe', saying this Ajax continued to thrust at the skeleton but didn't managed to land a death blow.

''Who dares to sneak attack me?'', after some unknown time the black robed skeleton woke up from his meditation and shouted with his eerie voice.

Shocked, Ajax didn't know want to do so he turned around to flee away from the cave.

"After attacking me you want to escape, stop dreaming you pest", The same eerie voice sounded from behind. But without looking back he continued moving towards the tunnel.

Before he can reach the tunnel, smoke arised from the ground and formed two skeletons.

without stopping he threw his spear at one of the skeleton and punched other skeleton.

Both the skeletons got destroyed but the spear he threw is broken and he the hand he just used to punch is also swollen.

"They look stronger than the skeletons I killed outside previously", Ajax silently thought in his mind


Killed two undead soldiers

Experience gained :- Zero

Note:- As per the trial rules, any monsters killed in the trial will not give any experience.

Seeing the holographic screen, Ajax understood that they are called undead soliders which are stronger than the undead servants he killed outside the cave.

Within a few seconds the black robed skeleton caught up to him and casted a fireball spell at him.

Before Ajax tried to dodge the fireball coming at him, the fireball blasted him awayaway.

Ajax slowly stood up gritting his teeth and glared at the black robed skeleton.

"Whoa, a human brat you didn't even entered the basic level 1 soldier realm withstood my fireball, You got an inhuman strength for your age boy", the black robed skeleton said with a shocked expression on his face.

'what is he talking?? Soldier realm?? level 1??? what is it?? Although Ajax has a lot of questions he continued to glare at the skeleton.

"You can consider lucky to die in my, the great undead mage Sigmis hand brat. Now die", with that he condensed another fireball with which is more powerful that the earlier fireball infront of him.

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