New Age Of Summoners Chapter 158

146 Escape Plan

'System, is he telling the truth?' Ajax asked the system worriedly in his mind.

If what that older birdman said was true, then there was really no way he could escape from his clutches.


At present, the system has no chance to confirm the birdman's words.

But, what he said about the barrier was true.

"What?" Ajax felt his soul escaping from his body when he saw the system notifications.

'Now, that's the reaction I want brat. I want you to feel hopeless and plead me to kill you, hehe,' seeing Ajax's face full of hopelessness, the older birdman sneered and laughed with his usual eeriness.


But there is still a chance as long as the older birdman gets distracted for a second.

'System I know you will not leave me to death,' seeing the sudden notification Ajax's lost soul finally entered into his body and started planning on how to distract the birdman in front of him.

"Why will I escape," Ajax confidently said to the older birdman before continuing, "Now follow me."

Saying that he walked towards the entrance of the hidden-cave.

'Huh? Is he that confident in surviving?'

Seeing the confident look on the Ajax's face, the older birdman felt something amiss.

However, he shook his head, thinking that's an impossible thing.

"Can you unseal the exit now?" Ajax said to him while pointing at the cave entrance that was covered by some dark energy.


The older birdman lightly waved his hand, and the barrier covering the entrance disappeared into thin air.

After the barrier covering the cave entrance was removed, Ajax and the older birdman took flight and flew in a particular direction.

Raweth was dragged by the mysterious chain behind them, just like a kite by the older birdman.

As for Ajax, he was using the flight ability from the low-level Heaven grade feather.

"Hey, brat, where are you taking me? Don't play with me and quickly take me to those birds,"

They flew for more three hours before the older birdman got irritated and urged Ajax.

"Do you see the mountain there?" Even though the older birdman urged him, Ajax deliberately pointed his finger at a mountain in the distance and asked him.

"Hmm," the older birdman looked at the mountain and nodded his head.

"On that mountain, there will be a small plant with a huge fruit on one of its branches," Ajax paused for a moment and continued, "I hidden them right under that plant."

Ajax said with a stern expression making that older birdman believe his words a little.

"I can indeed see that plant you mentioned but why can't I sense those birds there; instead I sense them from you," the older birdman raised his question which he had along the way.

"It's because I have hidden them with an artifact which is presently on me, so you can sense them from me," Ajax, who had already prepared an answer for this question, answered with confidence which made the older birdman finally believe his words completely.

When the system notified him to distract the older birdman for a second, Ajax immediately thought of a place where he was terrified to go.

That was the mountain where he encountered an octopus-like spirit beast that was mostly around rank 6 or higher.

He planned to waste time until his ten-day time limit was up. After the time-up, he would make the older birdman fight the octopus-like spirit beast.

Even though he doesn't know exactly how strong that spirit beast was, one thing was sure.

The octopus-like spirit beast would at least distract the older birdman for a second, which he needed to escape from the five elemental world.

"I hope the rest of the plan goes as I planned. System, how much time is remaining for the ten-day period to complete?" Ajax asked the system.

Until now, everything went according to his plan, and he hoped his remaining plan goes as he planned and asked the system to show the remaining time to leave the five elemental world.


Time left:- 15 minutes.

Seeing that he needed only 15 minutes, Ajax's expectations raised along with his hope.

After checking the time, Ajax slowly flew towards the mountain, he just pointed.

Ajax led the older birdman to the place where the octopus-like spirit beast might live.

Along the way, Ajax was at his high alert and clutched the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor's feather.

'Something doesn't feel right,' along the way, the older birdman also raised his alertness to the peak.

Even though he was a mighty cultivator once, after being imprisoned for 1000 years with a seal by the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor, his cultivation degraded, and his martial techniques became rusty.

Moreover, some spirit beasts hid in some corners that probably were around the same strength as his present self.

He didn't want to die due to a moment of carelessness in the hand of some unevolved spirit beasts.

'Just you wait, brat, once this is all over, I will show you the true hell,'

Because of Ajax, he nearly wasted one day, which expended him more energy than he conserved for many years.

The older birdman continued to suppress his urge to torture Ajax with each passing second.

"Finally, we are here," Ajax said in a loud voice intentionally to alert the octopus-like spirit beast.

As he expected, once he completed his words, more than four octopus tentacles came from the ground, attacking them with a monstrous speed.

"You damned brat," Even though the older birdman was on his high alert, he was hit by one of the octopus tentacles, which knocked him into a huge tree.

Raweth, who was bound by the chains, was directly knocked into a vast boulder which was beside the plant with huge fruit.

As for Ajax, he dodged two tentacles, but the third tentacle found its way to his neck and was about to strike him to death.

However, when it was about to him, a shield formed around him, which quickly blocked the incoming tentacle swing.


All chances of blocking the attacks from a king realm cultivator or below are completed.

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