New Age Of Summoners Chapter 157

145 Compensation

'From the look of his face, he doesn't seem like bluffing,' Ajax's words made the older birdman think for a moment before he gazed at his elemental spirits.

"Okay then, I will kill your elemental spirits first and then continue to torture you slowly until you beg of death with your own mouth," with that, the older birdman chanted something while forming some symbols with his hands.

But before he could complete his chanting, all the elemental spirits vanished into thin air which caused the older birdman to stop his chanting and to make hand signs.

"Hahaha," the older birdman laughed loudly and continued saying, "So, you think I can't do anything to your contracted elemental spirits if you retract them into your Spirit consciousness."

After saying that, he resumed his chanting and started forming various hand symbols.

"Now, I will let you see your elemental spirits die pitifully in your own spirit consciousness," the older birdman released a gaseous attack that entered Ajax's spirit consciousness before returning into the birdman's body.

"What?" He was shocked that his attack failed and quickly used his spirit sense which was unstable due to the mysterious cave to check Ajax's spirit consciousness.

"Hey brat, where did you hide your elemental spirits?"

When he checked Ajax's spirit consciousness, he was unable to find any elemental spirits.

"Wait, brat, how can you have elemental spirits of various elements?" The older birdman was shocked once again at the mysteriousness behind Ajax.

He was shocked because a summoner can have only one type of elemental spirit of a particular element, in some cases double elements were possible, and in very rare cases, triple elemental summoners could be seen.

But here, he saw a quadruple summoner of elements Fire, Earth, Life and Dark.

"I am waiting to see, how you gonna kill my elemental spirits or did you change your mind?", Ajax spoke in a mocking tone.

Ajax sent all his elemental spirits and his spirit beasts which were already in his spirit consciousness into his inner world when the older birdman was about to use some skill to kill his elemental spirits.

Also, he found something from the conversation of an older birdman, that he would not kill him (Ajax) until he found Snow and ice sparrow. So, he took his chance and started playing with the older birdman.

"Fine then human, I will let you live if you just hand those two birds to me," while saying this, he recalled the ghost fire from Ajax's body which made Ajax relaxed.

Even though he normally talked with the older birdman, for the entire time, he endured the pain from the ghost fire.

"Hmm," Ajax who was now free from the pain thought for a moment and before negotiating, "But you tortured me for this whole time, I need compensation for that."

Ajax acted with a pained expression on his face.

"You.." The older birdman suppressed his anger and asked, "What do you want?"

"Hmm," Ajax thought for a moment before asking, " I want all the inheritances you have."

Seeing Ajax asking for the valuable things in his arsenal the older birdman coldly scoffed at him and agreed without giving much thought to it.

'Just you wait, once I get those bodies I will give a slow death with all the torturing techniques I know as a compensation, hehehe,' even though he agreed to Ajax's request, he cunningly smiled inwards.

"Since we came to a negotiation, give me those two birds now," the older birdman asked Ajax slowly after he agreed to Ajax's terms.

"I want them now," However Ajax didn't move from his place and asked the older birdman while stretching his hand.

'Damn brat', Older birdman cursed Ajax in his heart, but he showed a smile on his aged face before saying, "At present I only have two inheritances on me. As for the remaining inheritances I can give you after our deal".

Saying that, he took out two energy orbs of different colours, one was the size of a football while the other was only half of that size.

Ajax took them into his hands and stored them in the system inventory.

Seeing that, the older birdman raised his thin brows and puzzled internally, 'Where is he storing all the item and his elemental spirits'.

Because he checked Ajax's spirit consciousness that was way bigger than peak commander realm cultivators which were empty except for the essence of nature, he was unable to find anything.

'I will find all your secrets once I get my hands on those two unevolved birds,' the older birdman was fully prepared torture Ajax and find out about his secrets.

The more he looked at him, the more he wanted to find out the secrets behind him, but he was suppressing his urge.

"Also, I need something to remove seals from someone's spirit consciousness, do you have anything related to that?" Ajax unexpectedly asked another thing which made the older birdman and furious.

"Hey brat, don't play with me, either give me those birds or die" the older birdman shouted at Ajax, but Ajax didn't move as though he didn't hear anything.

Ajax asked that thing for the sake of removing the seals from his first follower 'Barbarian Darbaudr'.

"Fine, I have a High-level Earth grade artifact called seal breaker, which can break seals from on the spirit consciousness, but it is limited to only to below general realm cultivators above that it will not have any effect,"

since he would take all the items back from Ajax, he gave his valuable artifact to Ajax without any hesitation.

Ajax knew what that older birdman was planning in his cunning mind, but he had his plans and excitedly took that compass-like device into his hands and slowly observed it before placing into his inventory.

All Ajax was doing was wasting the remaining time for his teleportation.

The more he wasted, the higher his chance of escaping.

"Brat, now show me the exact location of the birds and don't you dare play any tricks because you can't escape from my energy barrier which can even stop you from teleporting out of my barrier."

Seeing all Ajax's deliberate actions, the older birdman was irritated and urged Ajax to show the exact location of the birds.

When Ajax heard his words, he was shocked and nearly fell.

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