New Age Of Summoners Chapter 156

144 Advice From The Old Voice

"So, brat, if you say where did you hide the lightning hawk and ice sparrow, I will give you a painless death," the older birdman asked Ajax calmly which puzzled Ajax.


Although he can sense his sprint imprint on the bodies of the Snow and ice sparrow, he can't pinpoint the exact location.

With the sudden system notification, Ajax felt some hope in his survival for around six hours.

Since he was unable to pinpoint them, he asked Ajax.

"What do you say? Either you answer me or I will torture you slowly and forcefully get the answer from you,"

As Ajax had a lightning hawk tribe's heaven grade treasure, he confirmed that Ajax was the one who hid them. So, he asked Ajax once again but released his aura this time.

'System, show me the exact time remaining for me to leave this world?', Ajax slowly asked the system, suppressing the incoming aura of the older birdman.


5 hours 42 minutes remaining.

'I have a chance now' with that he devised a plan in his mind.

"If I say where I hid them, can you leave me alive?" Ajax asked the older birdman seriously.

"No, you wasted too much of time and even fooled me earlier" he straight away rejected Ajax's request.

Because of Ajax, the older birdman wasted too much time and energy in just searching for them, so he was decidedly angrier towards him.

If not for the exact location of the birds, he would have killed him already.

"Then I am not saying where I hidden them," Ajax coldly replied to him which increased the anger of the older birdman towards Ajax.

"Really?" the old birdman coldly smirked and chanted something.

A dark light fire came from his body and entered into Ajax.

"Let's see how much longer can you hold the pain, Hahaha," he laughed at Ajax and entered deep into the cave leaving Raweth with Ajax and his elemental spirits...

Before entering more in-depth into the cave, he didn't forget to seal the entrance of the mysterious cave.

His elemental spirits were looking at Ajax guiltily as they were immobilised as soon as the older birdman entered the cave and not in a position to help their master.

Even if they were not immobilised with the strength of the older birdman, they were not yet capable of injuring him, much less taking his life.

'If it's just a pain, I can easily endure it,' Ajax smirked and silently thought in his head.

But before that older birdman could enter the depths of the cave, Ajax clutched his head and screamed in pain.

"Although you may not be killed by my ghost fire, you will feel the piercing pain that you will wish you were better dead than experiencing that pain,"

Seeing this, the leaving older birdman coldly laughed and began his search for the birds which were in the cave but could not be seen by him.

All his elemental spirits looked at their master and worried about him.

In the inner world,

Snow, which felt the disturbances in the Ajax reaction through the contract between them, communicated with the Ajax, albeit Ajax didn't understand any of its words.

But he was able to understand its feeling with the help of the contract, and he knew it was worried about him.

"It's okay Snow, don't worry, I will be okay," Ajax replied while gritting his teeth.

With each passing second, the pain intensified, causing Ajax to groan in pain.

At times, the pain increased suddenly, which made him shout.

He continued to endure the pain he was feeling all over his body.

Slowly, one hour had passed.

Ajax managed to endure the bone-crushing pain for one hour and just when he thought he would fall unconscious, a familiar old voice came like an alarm which woke him up.

"You can endure this."

"Slowly circulate the mysterious spirit cultivation technique to suppress the ghost fire in your body," along with the motivation, the old voice even gave him the advice to circulate the mysterious spirit cultivation that he obtained on his first mission.

Later he cultivated the technique and even upgraded it to level 2.

Biting his tongue, he slowly circulated the level 2 mysterious cultivation technique.

He circulated the essence of nature in his spirit consciousness along the body with the movements he learned from that technique.

Soon, he completed one whole circle of circulation all over his body in a few minutes.

Although the pain from the ghost fire that was burning his body didn't decrease, it was not increased, which made Ajax circulate once more.

Still, with the gritted teeth, he managed to complete one more round.

This time, the decreased a little which ade Ajax excited, and he continued to circulate the mysterious spirit cultivation technique again and again.

As he was concentrating on the circulation of the technique to reduce the pain, the older birdman searched the entire cave, which was much bigger than he thought and returned to the Ajax and his team.

"Huh? Brat, you are much tougher than you look," the older birdman said with his usual eerie smile.

Although he was surprised that Ajax still endured the pain, he didn't care at all as Ajax was the summoner.

"I think, as a summoner you were made to practice a lot of difficult exercises, right?" He concluded that Ajax has a very stronger body than his actual cultivation strength, and his endurance to pain was also high.

"Now, do you want to reveal the location where you hid them," the older birdman asked with an eerie voice, but a spit from Ajax came as a reply.

"You," he was very much angered and with a suppressed tone he continued, "I know you hid them in this cave and I can kill you now and search them later, so you better say before I torture to even more," although he was angered, he suppressed his anger and asked Ajax.

"Really, go ahead and kill me. But I can say one thing for sure, if you kill me, you will never find them in your life," Ajax replied with a smirk on his face.

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