New Age Of Summoners Chapter 154

142 Searching

"More 21 hours to go," while moving, Ajax checked the time remaining for leaving the Five elemental world.

For the past three hours, they were moving towards the hidden cave, hoping that the older birdman would not find them very soon.

After moving for some more distance, they finally reached their destination and entered the hidden-cave.


The inner world is upgraded successfully.


Upgrading the dark elemental paradise in the inner world with the mysterious energy.


The host still has a chance to select an element for his new elemental paradise.

Fire/water/wind/earth/Life, among the five elements, please choose one.

After sitting in the cave for a moment, Ajax got a series of system notifications informing about the completion of the inner world's upgrade.

"I will select the element later," Ajax just closed the system notifications.

He was tired from all the travelling he had done from the past three days.

Nevertheless, he was happy with the inner world's upgrade and waited for the time for the array disc to run out, so that he could transfer them into his newly upgraded inner world which he thought could block the older birdman from sensing Snow and Sparrow.


In a random area of Shixato Wilds,

An old birdman whose face was full of wrinkles looked at the chained Raweth and eerily smiled.

"What are you doing? What the hell do you want with me?" The chained Raweth asked with hatred in his tone.

"Because you are one of my keys, Hahaha," the older birdman loudly laughed and continued, "Now, let's find my other keys".

Raweth, who was on the ground with dark elemental chains binding him didn't understand anything from the older birdman's words.

"Huh?" the older birdman looked visibly confused.

"Why the spiritual mark I put on Ice sparrow and the lightning dragon hawk, disappeared at the same time," suddenly, he became alert as it never happened with the previous participants.

As he said that he vanished from the place he was standing along with the chained Raweth.



The array discs effectiveness is about to expire.


Now transfer the Ice Sparrow and Snow into the inner world.

Without any delay, he recalled both the spirit beasts into his spirit consciousness.


As soon as he transferred them, the array disc in his hand was destroyed.

Similarly, the array discs in the hands of his elemental spirits were also destroyed.

"System, how many hours do you think it takes for the inner world to keep him away from us?" Ajax didn't know how long but he knew it would block for some hours in the least.


The system was unable to gauge the exact strength of the older birdman, so the system can't tell the host an exact time.


But the inner world can block him for around 5-10 hours.

"Even if my luck is good and the inner world manages to block the older birdman for 10 hours, I still need 10 more hours to hide," Ajax sighed at his bad luck and thought he came to the five elemental world at the worst time.

With one's strength reaching a very high level, nothing could ever escape from his sight.

And sensing his spirit mark was one of the most natural things for that high realm cultivator.


At the three elemental zone,

"This was the place where both my 'keys' disappeared," two hours after Ajax and his team left the zone, the older birdman appeared with the Raweth.

"Weird, is someone playing with me?" he shook his head and continued, "There is no one in this Shixato wilds that dares to play with me."

"Or those tribe leaders found about the loophole in the seal placed by the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor and managed to do something to block my spirit imprint."

"No, these fools don't have that much intelligence yet."

"Then what is happening with my spirit imprint that I am unable to sense?"

The older birdman continuously thought of all possible things, but he was unable to find an exact reason behind his lack of sensing his spirit imprint.

"Huh?" Suddenly he looked at a particular tree.

"A human scent?" he sensed a human scent at that tree where Ajax spent most of his time.

"Don't tell me a human is protecting them, even so, why will he do that?" he was not puzzled at the human's appearance in the five elemental world but what intrigued him the most was why he would help those birds.

"Since you dared to come in my way, I will show you what will happen to those that come in my way," the older birdman said with anger in his tone and used his full concentration to extend his spirit sense to all the areas surrounding the three elemental zone.

Soon, he consciousness extended a radius of 10 km and checked.

He didn't miss any nook or corner in the surrounding 10 km and checked carefully for any sign of his keys (birds) and a human.

Although he can check more than 10 km radius, he didn't want to miss any small place.

So he checked carefully, even if it was time-consuming, he wanted to find them at any cost.

After checking the radius of 10 km, he changed to another position and repeated the process of checking again and again.


In the cave, although Ajax was sleeping, his heart was not at ease.

With each passing minute, his worry increased.

With that worry, soon more than 8 hours passed when he got a system notification.


The Dark elemental Paradise in the inner world finished its upgrade. Please check the inner world system feature for the changes that occurred to it.


The inner world can't block the senses of the older birdman any longer.


He can find us anytime now. Please be careful.

All of a sudden, Ajax stood up.

He didn't have time to bother with the inner world or dark elemental paradise for now as he was praying heavens to delay the older birdman from sensing them.

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