New Age Of Summoners Chapter 153

141 Hunt Begins

Ajax and his two elemental spirits searched for a possible safe place for almost a day before finalizing a well-hidden cave.

It looked like a cultivation abode of some cultivator just needed a bit of cleaning, to remove the bones of the previous owner from the abode.

"Volcanis, Necros what do you think of this place?" Although he was more than satisfied with the abode, he asked about it to his elemental spirits opinion.

"In my opinion, this is the best place to hide, even, we didn't find it easily, although it was right under our nose," Volcanic replied to Ajax respectfully.

"Yes," Necros nodded his head, agreeing with the fire elemental spirit.

In their almost one day search, they found many places and selected one among those places. Still, when they returned to inform others about their finalized place, they stumbled upon a more hidden cave than their finalized one and automatically chose this one as their safe location.

Furthermore, it was only a few hours distance from the three elemental zone.

"Necros you stay here, Volcanis and I will go and return with others," Ajax ordered Necros to stay at the hidden cave.

When he heard this, Necros face turned sad but didn't retort against Ajax's order.

"Don't be sad Necros, you can cultivate in the Dark elemental paradise in the inner world, once we go out of this five elemental world", Seeing the sad look on Necros face, Ajax consoled him with the Dark elemental paradise.

As soon as he heard Ajax's words, Necros's sad face tuned radiant and smilingly went to sit in the cave.

Seeing Necros behaving like a kid, Ajax shook his head and smilingly left the hidden cave to get others here.

"I need to be quick, the three day time is about to complete," When he and Volcanis were getting others to their recently found cave, Ajax saw the remaining time.


Remaining time for the mission to start:- 6 hours and 49 minutes.

With that, he increased his speed and reached the three elemental zone.

"Sparrow, come here," Ajax called the ice sparrow with her new name 'Sparrow'.

She was the only spirit beast; he doesn't have a contract, so he wanted to form a contract with her so that he could take her with him from this world when his ten-day time period was completed.

Before coming to the Five elemental world, he was informed by the System that he needs to form a contract with the spirit beast which he wants to bring with him to another world.

So, he wanted to form a contract with the ice sparrow now, and when his time period was completed, he could directly escape from this damned older birdman.

"Don't resist, okay," Ajax said to her before placing his hands on her head and entered into her spirit consciousness which was half icy blue, and the other half was pitch black.

He didn't linger in her spirit consciousness much longer and quickly left his spiritual imprint in her spiritual consciousness before retracting his spiritual sense.


Successfully formed a contract with the Netherworld ice sparrow.

"Snow, come here and stand beside sparrow," Ajax didn't pay any heed to the system notification before calling Snow.

He carefully took out the array discs from his inventory.

They were given to him by the Hawk tribe leader Qwerek to block the older birdman from sensing Snow.


Item name:- rank 4 Array discs

Description:- Created by the Hawk tribe leader Qwerek after he broke through to the rank 4 array master.

Use:- Blocks the spiritual imprint placed on the body (no effect on the spiritual imprint in the spirit consciousness which is permanent) for some time depending on the marker's strength.

Ajax already knew this was only a temporary method and didn't know how long it would last, but he wanted to give it a try.

"It's sufficient for both of you," Ajax checked everything before he could use the array discs when it was time.

He waited for the remaining time before using the array discs.

"Everyone relaxes for 3 more hours before we start our move," Ajax checked the time once again with the system which showed him three more hours before the older birdman starts his hunt.

Until then, he asked everyone to rest.

"Is it possible for me to escape from him?" Ajax worried when he thought about his escape.

He planned that when it was time, he would block the older birdman's senses with the array discs before transporting them into the inner world, which was still in the upgrade.

"But according to the system, I can't hide them in the inner world much longer only a few hours before the older birdman can sense them," Ajax's previous plan became a joke when the system poured cold water on it.

"Whatever, I will try to survive as long as I can. There is still a chance to escape if I manage to survive a dozen hours," he thought that with this array discs and inner world, he could hold the older birdman for 10-12 hours but he still needed another dozen hours before the system could teleport him from this world to his world.

Soon, he closed his eyes amidst his thoughts.


The older birdman hunts start any moment from now on.


Please be careful.

After three or so hours, Ajax was woken up by the system notifications.

Without wasting any time, he quickly took out the array discs and gave it Spirus, Slait, Volcanis each and he kept the last array disc for himself.

"Everyone forms a square and channels your essence of nature into the array discs continuously. Until I say, no one should stop"

"Snow, Sparrow enter into the square and walk-in synchronization with our movement and follow our pace, and don't come outside of the square until we reach our hidden cave."

Ajax continuously urged everyone to do their roles.

Volcanis, Spirus, Slait and Ajax stood at the four corners forming a square. In the Square, both birds, Lightning Dragon Hawk and Netherworld Ice Sparrow were following as Ajax, and his elemental spirits moved without coming out of the Square.

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