New Age Of Summoners Chapter 152

140 Return To The Three Elemental Zone

Ajax was flabbergasted at the mission details, which required him to save the ice sparrow from the older birdman whom he was escaping.

"Let's try this then," Ajax looked at it and asked, "Will you follow me?"

As if not understanding what Ajax was asking, it looked at him intently for a moment before nodding its head.

"Huh?" Ajax didn't expect it would be this easy to tame a spirit beast of late-stage rank 3.

However, he was happy with the result and looked at its information with the system.


Name:- Netherworld Ice Sparrow

Attribute:- Ice/Dark dual type

Cultivation:- Late-stage rank 3

Bloodline:- Ice sparrow emperor (40% purity)


1) Nether claw (Active):- when it is used, the claws of the sparrow are covered with dark elemental essence of nature.

2) Icy Feather shot (Active):- A powerful attack but consumes a lot of essence of nature from its spirit consciousness.

(Note:- So, it didn't use this skill in the contest)

3) Frost (Innate ability):- A low-level innate ability of the Netherworld Ice Sparrow tribe. Freezes the opponent for some time depending on the strength of the enemy.

When he looked at the information in the holographic screen, he understood why it was easy to tame it.

"I think the speciality Dark Elementalist was the reason for the Ice sparrow to agree in following me," He checked the speciality once again.


Speciality:- Dark Elementalist (Passive)

Use:- Increases the cultivation speed of the dark type beings by 50 percent when they were in the 10-meter radius around the host.

Description:- From now on, when the host encounters any dark type beings (spirit beasts or elemental spirits), he will be shown less hatred and sometimes even attracted to the host.


The host guessed right.


The netherworld ice sparrow is a dual-type spirit beast, the host's Dark Elementalist speciality attracted it.

Ajax nodded his head and said to the system, "System retrieve the mysterious energy from their bodies, I will use it on the dark elemental paradise".


Successfully retrieved the mysterious energy from the bodies of ice sparrow and the lightning dragon hawk and stored in the system's space.


Once the inner world completes its upgrade, the system will automatically upgrade the dark elemental paradise.

"Hmm, but system, since an ice sparrow is half a dark elemental spirit beast, why can't it use the mysterious energy in its body to itself," Ajax asked a question which he got when he looked at the attributes of the ice sparrow.


To use the mysterious energy is suicide.


The energy needed to be converted to a milder form from its original harshest form.

Ajax understood the meaning behind its words and didn't ask any more questions.

"Snow, are you ready to fly?" Soon, he turned to Snow and asked her while caressing her feathers.


Snow nodded her head excitedly.

Which Hawk doesn't like to fly in the sky?

It didn't get the title King of Skies.

Ajax mounted on her and started his journey in the direction of his elemental spirits.

Behind them, Netherworld's ice sparrow followed them.

Because of the ice sparrow, Snow lowered its speed.

Along the way, Ajax talked with Snow and Ice sparrow which he didn't know whether it understood him or not.

With the help of the system, he was able to find that the inheritance orb, it obtained from the older birdman which was later refined by the system was still in its spirit consciousness.

But, Snow had to absorb the inheritance orb without any disturbances, so he didn't allow it to absorb that orb yet.

They flew for a whole day before reaching their required destination, the three elemental zone.

Three elemental zone was the name given by Ajax which has three elements that were separated by a mysterious barrier. The barrier only separated the essence of nature but not living beings.

As soon as he landed on the ground, Necros which was resting under a tree looked visibly bored as he didn't have anything to do these days.

His undead summons and undead water python were guarding each elemental spirit that was cultivation in their respective elemental areas.

"Everyone, it's time to wake up," without wasting any time, Ajax woke up everyone.

Necros was the first to notice Ajax, so he rushed excitedly in front of Ajax and stood attentively.

Other elemental spirits also woke up from their cultivation places and came towards Ajax in a hurry.

All the elemental spirits sensed the urgency in the voice of their master and rushed toward him.

After all the elemental spirits assembled, Ajax observed them checked their cultivation levels carefully.

"Spirus and Slait, not bad. Both of you reached the peak of the elite spirit soldier realm and only one step away from reaching the elemental spirit commander realm, that great," he was impressed by their cultivation speed and praised them.

Next he checked Volcanis, Once his strongest elemental spirit but overtaken by Necros recently.

"What? Reached level 8 of the Elemental spirit commander," Ajax was shocked at the increase in the strength of the fire elemental spirit which was once again his strongest elemental spirit even overtaking Necros who now has the cultivation of level 5 elemental commander spirit realm.

Before he went on the mission to collect the plants, Necros had the cultivation level of peak level 4 spirit commander realm, without cultivating, he broke through to the level 5 spirit commander realm with the remaining energy from the corpses he consumed.

"Now, we have to find a safe place to hide," Ajax quickly explained his past events and their latest problem.

"Snow, you stay here with the Spirus, Slait and Ice sparrow, Volcanics and Necros, we will search for a cave or something to hide for one day from that older birdman," he quickly left with Volcanis and Necros to search for a place to hide.

He wanted Snow and Ice sparrow to remain at the same place until the three days were over.

When the older birdman comes looking for them, he would use the Array discs on the both Snow and Ice sparrow before transferring to the safe place.

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