New Age Of Summoners Chapter 151

139 New Mission


A new system mission is generated in the quest tab.

A system notification chimed in his head as he checked the quest tab for the newly generated mission.


Mission name:- Kill the cunning birdman (Ice sparrow)

Description:- Don't leave a cunning fellow when they plead, who may cause some trouble in the future. The boss of the ice sparrow tribe's small unit is planning something. Before he strikes you, you strike them down.

Progress:- (0/1)

Reward:- one free attempt in the lottery.

Danger rating:- C

"What?, this foolish birdman plans to kill me," Ajax shook his at the thinking of the boss of the Ice sparrow tribe's small unit.

"Swoosh swoosh."

He casually released his spatial blades at him with 2000 units of the essence of nature, who was still trembling from the after effect of the 'Absolute Darkness' and was unable to dodge the incoming blades at him.

The spatial blades made holes in his body before disappearing.


The body of the boss fell onto the ground with a thud sound.


The host killed a level 10 commander realm cultivator.

Gained 1000 units of the essence of nature.

Ajax didn't bother with the notifications that came after he killed the boss.

The other two lackeys who were shaking with fear from the Absolute Darkness got even more scared and ran without looking back.

He just shook his head at the escaping lackeys and believed they would never cross paths with him ever again.


Mission name:- Kill the cunning birdman (Ice sparrow) is completed.

Reward:- one free attempt in the lottery is added to it.

He checked on the unconscious ice sparrow, which looked tired. He placed some healing pills into its mouth, which he got from the tribe leader Qwerek.

After consuming the rank 4 healing pill, its wounds were stabilized and continued to rest on the ground.

Ajax also looked for a place before resting.

In a flash, two hours were passed, and he woke up with a small movement in his spirit consciousness.

With his eyes closed, he checked his spirit consciousness and was happy at the sight of Snow who woke up from its unconsciousness.

Without any delay, he summoned Snow from his spirit consciousness.

As soon as it came out, Ajax hugged it and felt happy that it finally woke up.

Although worry lessened after he helped consumed it a rank 4 healing pills yesterday, still there was some worry in his heart which was finally at ease after looking at the recovered Snow.

In return, Snow used its both wings to hug Ajax.


There was mysterious energy in the host's contracted spirit beast.


Do you want the system to remove it from the original inheritance?

"What? A mysterious energy in the inheritance?" Ajax got shocked and thought for a moment, 'I think the loophole that Elder Qwerek talked about is this mysterious energy.'

He remembered the words of the lightning hawk tribe leader about that older birdman couldn't harm any of the tribe members, but he was able to kill the participants of these three tribes.

"System, check the mysterious energy in the sleeping ice sparrow," to clarify his thoughts, he asked the system to check the ice sparrow which was sleeping peacefully.


A small portion of the same mysterious energy is present in the body of the ice sparrow.

"That's it" Ajax was excited and said to the system, "Remove that fu*king birdman's mysterious energy from the bodies of Snow and the ice sparrow."

He quickly ordered the system to remove that mysterious energy which he deemed as harmful from the bodies of Snow and the ice sparrow.


Removing the mysterious dark energy from the bodies of the Lightning Dragon Hawk and the Netherworld Ice Sparrow.


The system detected the mysterious energy could be used by the Dark elemental beings and also increase the Dark elemental essence of nature in the Dark elemental paradise.


The Inner World is currently in the process of upgrading, suggesting the host to wait until it's upgrade finishes before using it on the Dark elemental paradise to increase the concentration of the dark essence of nature.

"Really?" Ajax was excited to hear that the dark elemental spirit beasts could use the mysterious energy.

Moreover, he could combine this energy with the dark elemental paradise to improve the concentration of the dark essence of nature.

"I think it's best to go for the second option, since it could be used by all the dark elemental creatures", Ajax without much thinking opted for the option of combining it with the Dark elemental paradise land.

Amidst his thoughts, the ice sparrow which was sleeping slowly stood up and looked at its surroundings and then looked at the Ajax who was in the embrace of the Snow.

"..", it was confused at the appearance of the lightning dragon hawk.

Furthermore, it didn't understand why a lightning hawk tribe member would be close to a human.

Even though it has so many doubts in his head, it shook its head and went towards them.

When it was in front of Ajax, it bowed down as though it was thanking him for helping it earlier from the hands of its tribe members.


A new mission generated in the quest tab. Please check for more details.

"Don't tell me, it generated ataming mission," when a system notification came informing him about the new mission being generated, he guessed it, regarding the present situation.

Every time he gets a new mission, it mostly depended on his current situation, so he assumed that the new mission must be related to taming the ice sparrow.

But when he saw that newly generated mission in the quest tab, he was shocked, as it doesn't belong to taming the ice sparrow as he expected, it was a mission with a danger rating of 'A'.


Mission name:-Save the Ice sparrow.

Description:- The older birdman kills the three participants from the three tribe contest for some unknown reason. So save the ice sparrow from him.

Reward:-A high-grade primitive stone

Danger rating:- 'A.'

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