New Age Of Summoners Chapter 15

15 Undead Servan

' I think, I should take a gamble, even if it doesn't go well I will die anyway when the timer runs out',

'From the way I look at them, they both seem kind of weak, I think I can take care of them easily but it's better to be careful',

with these thoughts, he threw a normal stone towards the skeletons guarding the cave and hid behind a boulder.

The Skeletons became alert. They looked at the stone and then each other faces.

With a nod, one skeleton ran towards the direction from which the stone came.

As soon as the skeleton which is only two meters in height came near the boulder, with full body force his fist landed on its neck portion where only one single bone is connecting it's head with remaining body.

It's head rolled on the sand and soon the skeleton remains started disappearing leaving behind an armour, a spear and five spirit stones.


Killed one undead servant

Experience gained :- Zero

Note:- As per the trial rules, any monsters killed in the trial can't give any experience.

As usual a holographic screen appeared with some words.

"So, this thing is called undead servant, then what level is that elite undead solider will be?? whatever I will know when I met one, right? ", Ajax gazed soon landed on the items left behind by the skeleton.

" Although this spear looks ulgy, it's better to have something to attack", Ajax took the spear into his hand and thrusted it.

'It's not bad', Ajax silently said to himself.

The spear is only 1 meter, so he felt awkward to call it spear when it is in his hands.

He left the Amour on the ground only because it didn't fit him.

But he took the spirit stone which contain death energy in them. As usual, they soon disappeared from his hand and the holographic screen showing his progress is appeared infront of his eyes.


Task 1:-Collect 100 death energy spirit stones.

Progress (52/100)

Task 2:-Save three elemental spirits.

Progress (0/3)

Task 3:- Kill the Undead Elite Soldier.

Progress (0/1)

Remaining time :- 8 hours 31 minutes.

'"More 48 to go", Ajax excited.

Seeing that it's companion still didn't return, it is also went into the same direction the stone came from.

But it always on it's gaurd.

Ajax tried to attack it the same way he did with the previous skeleton but who thought this new skeleton can dodged his fist.

Soon the skeleton stood in the fight stance and looked at him.

Without waiting for it's attack Ajax rushed towards the skeleton with spear in his hand and his full body force.

Skeleton stood at it's place steadily and thrusted it's spear at Ajax.

Seeing that Ajax stopped in his tracks and took two steps back.

Then he threw the spear in his hands at the skeleton with his full force which knocked the skeleton down, before it can stood Ajax punched its skull until it's broke.


Killed one undead servant

Experience gained :- Zero

Note:- As per the trial rules, any monsters killed in the trial can't give any experience.

soon he got the notification from the system.

As usual the skeleton started disappearing leaving behind the same items the previous

skeleton left.

This time he only took spirit stones. But the good thing is, he got seven spirit stones Instead of five.

Soon he took the spear he threw earlier and went towards the cave.

'Ho God in the heaven, please bless me good luck', Ajax prayed in his heart and entered the cave.

The cave entrance looked like a tunnel which is 100 meters long. He moved without many any noise.

As soon as he reached the end of the tunnel, he was shocked.

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