New Age Of Summoners Chapter 149

137 Level Up

"Before that, I should increase my cultivation strength," Ajax didn't use the rewards from the 'A+' Mission he just finished.

He looked at the Snow, who was sleeping peacefully with wounds all over her body.

"Sigh..," Seeing the wounds, Ajax's heart ached and sighed.

On their way back to the tribe from the ancient ruins, tribe leader Qwerek used a rank 4 healing pill.

Even though it didn't heal all its outer wounds, it stabilized it's bleeding and restored the essence of nature in its spirit consciousness.

"System, I will choose the elemental paradise later, can you just upgrade the inner world?" he wanted to select the elemental paradise after seeing the progress of his contracted elemental spirits, so he asked the system to upgrade the inner world.


The system feature 'Inner world' is currently upgrading, the host will not be able to access the inner world and need to wait until the upgrade is finished.

Upgrading time remaining:- 3 Days

"Three days? Sure", Ajax didn't think three days of upgrading time was not too much as the inner world was already amazing, and after it upgrades how amazing it will be? Was the only thought in his mind.

"Now, System, what is the clearance rating for the previous mission," Ajax excitedly asked the System about the previous mission which has a danger rating of 'A+'.


The mission clearance rating is 'A.'

Ajax hoped that he would get more than one system notification, but he was shocked by the single system notification which just mentioned that his clearance rating was 'A'.

"That's it? No increment in the rating," His previous mission's clearance rating was increased with each system notification until it reached A, but now the system gave him a single notification.

"Still the 'A' clearance rating is better than 'B' right?" Ajax consoled himself and continued asking the system, "System increase my level now".


The host completed the 'A+' danger rating mission with a clearance rating of 'A' and earned the chance to break through two minor realms.


Increasing the host's cultivation realm by two minor realms, please bear the pain during the process.

"What? Two minor real..?" Before he can even finish his sentence, Ajax felt some foreign energy enter into his body.

As soon as the mysterious energy entered into his body, he felt a little pain which increased steadily.

He was already used to various pains, but after a few minutes, the pain reached a state where he crouched onto the ground holding his head.

Just when he thought he would lose sanity and go insane with the horrible pain, the pain suddenly vanished into thin air.

He rested in the same place he crouched and breathed heavily for some air.

"I didn't expect the pain for double breakthrough will be this horrible," while resting on the ground, he muttered with his eyes closed.

Although it lasted for less than five minutes, he felt like many years were passed before the pain subsided.


Body cultivation increased to level 3 of the commander realm.


Body cultivation increased to level 4 of the commander realm.

"Whew" hearing the two back to back system notifications, he felt good and forgot the pain from earlier.

"Now is not the time to feel happy," Ajax soon turned serious and thought about the plan to escape without alerting others from the Lightning Hawk tribe.

"I think, I can only escape when tribe leader Qwerek is around here," He knew that he couldn't escape from the spiritual sense of Qwerek and his first priority while escaping from the tribe was when Qwerek was not in the house.

"I hope that he will leave the house soon," he hoped that the tribe leader Qwerek leaves the house soon so that he could escape from here.

"System, can you notify me when Qwerek leaves the house?" Ajax didn't have enough strength to extend his spirit (or spiritual) sense to more than 2 meters in radius around him.


The system can't do that, but I can notify the host when he doesn't use his spiritual sense on you.

"Hm," Ajax nodded his head and asked one more question, "System, is there any way to remove the spiritual imprint from Snow's body".

Ajax wanted to remove the spiritual imprint on Snow; the older birdman placed that in the Ancient ruins.


The host needs to unlock a new system feature that has not met the proper requirements yet.

"Damn," Ajax shook his head bitterly and went to cultivate to stabilize his newly upgraded cultivation.

He slowly entered into the cultivation and meditated to relieve himself from the pressuring problems at hand and hoped to find some secure solutions for them.


The tribe leader Qwerek's spiritual sense is retracted back into him.

Amidst his cultivation, Ajax got a system notification, which woke him up with an excited expression.

"Finally, it's time to escape from here," Ajax hurriedly stood up and retracted Snow into his spirit consciousness.

As his inner world was currently in upgrading, he could not store Snow into the inner world.

As for his already stored contracted spirit beasts, Destructive Twilight Dragon and the Ghost-eyed mutated Black Fox who was resting in the Dark elemental paradise were forcefully transported to his spirit consciousness.

"Not bad, not bad," when he stored the Snow into his spirit consciousness, he checked the cultivation of already resting spirit beasts in his spirit consciousness.

"Twilight successfully broke through to the rank 3 whereas Ghost reached rank 4 from the peak rank 3, and their cultivations are increasing, I wonder what level they reach when they wake up,"

Ajax wanted the strongest spirit beast at his hand, so he was pleased with all his contracted spirit beasts which were improving at a rapid pace.

Twilight was the name of the Destructive twilight dragon which he gave to the baby dragon which was not small anymore and grown quite a bit and has the size of a calf.

As for the mutated ghost-eyed black fox, he named it as Ghost, which was given after it's ghost eyes.

They were placed into the Dark elemental Paradise by Ajax to cultivate.

After arranging all things, he quietly left his room and walked towards the exit of the house.

Just as he was about to open his door to leave the house, Ajax felt someone standing behind him and stopped his actions to turn and see.

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