New Age Of Summoners Chapter 148

136 Dangerous Mission 2

Similarly, all the other two tribes left the ancient ruins and went back to their respective tribes.

As for the regional distribution, they left it for another day to discuss.

"Finally, I can leave this damned prison, Hahahahaha," After everyone left the ancient ruins, the older birdman laughed loudly.

"Just you wait, damn sons of bitches, once I leave this place, I will take revenge for prisoning me here for the last 1000 years," the old wrinkled face turned cruel as he said those words of taking revenge.


Qwerek and his tribe members were flying back to their tribe in an excited expression, exce[t for Qwerek and Ajax.

The reason Qwerek was not excited as others were; he finally got a link that was connecting the mysterious deaths behind the three tribe contest's participants.

Just like the last time, their tribe's participant fell unconscious after receiving the inheritance.

When he completely absorbed the inheritance, he became stronger and left out to venture in the wild only to become a mutilated body.

When he found a small piece of tattered cloth in the body of his tribe's contestant, he didn't remember where did he saw that cloth, until today when he saw the same kind of cloth on the body of the older birdman which took him some time to connect it back to the small piece of cloth he found back then.

As for the reason why Ajax looked worried was that he got some system notifications as soon as they left the Ancient ruins.


Mission name:- Help the Lightning dragon hawk tribe is completed.

Reward:- Upgrading the Inner world along with the chance of turning a piece of land into an elemental paradise.


Do you want to upgrade it?

"Yes", when he saw the first notifications, he thought all his previous worry was in vain.

Still, he heaved a sigh of relief as he completed the dangerous mission.


The host has to choose an element, to turn a piece of land in the Inner world into a Paradise land of that element.

"Which element should I turn into?" Ajax thought seriously about the element.

As he already had dark elemental paradise in the Inner World and he could use the thunderpool's water to turn another piece of land in the future, he thought about the element he mostly wanted now.

But before he could think of an element for his paradise land in the inner world, he got a system notification.


A new mission has generated in the quest tab. Please check it.

His initial happiness turned in to worry after seeing the new mission in the Quest tab.


Mission name:- Escape from the Older Birdman


1) The older birdman from the ancient ruins had placed a temporary spiritual mark on the body of your contracted spirit beast, Snow. He has some ill-intentions towards Snow. You have to protect your contracted spirit beast by any means.

2) The present host is nowhere as strong as the older birdman. After three days, he will come looking for your contracted spirit beast. So, escape from him within three days.

Main aim:- Survive the remaining time the host has left in this world. (In his ten days stay in the Five elemental world).

Reward:- A new system feature.

Danger rating:- A+

Mission failure:- Death in the hands of the older birdman.

After reading the full description of the generated mission, Ajax worry increased manifolds than before.

"Why is that old thing so obsessed with Snow? Is it because of the High-level innate ability?" Ajax racked his brains and was unable to find a solid reason, but he was sure about one thing, it was a severe problem for him and Snow.

'I have to keep calm and plan the escape with a clear head,' although, it was a serious problem, he has to think for a solution for it. So, he started his analysis.

'System, can I leave this world now?' Ajax asked the system about his return.

Although he could guess, the system would say no, he tried to ask it anyway.


No, the host has to stay for four more days in this world.


Also, a mission related to this, five elemental world has been issued to the host. So, please survive four more days.

'I already know, you will say something like this,' Ajax shook his head and calculated the remaining time for his escape.

'It is only sixth day since I entered the five elemental world and in need four more days I have to leave this place (Shixtao Wilds) and should find a place to stay for that last one day before System can teleport me out of this place' Ajax thought slowly in his mind.

After carefully thinking, he thought about escaping to another region but fearing the strong spirit beasts like the one he met before (Octopus-like spirit beast), he cancelled that idea and continued thinking about other options, he had.

Amidst his thinking, they reached the tribe leader's house.

"Ajax, thanks to your Snow, we got the 60 percent area to rule," Kraiww thanked Ajax profusely.

When he heard the words of the Kraiw, Ajax came out of his train of thoughts and nodded his head politely.

"Thanks Ajax, you are the savior of the Light Hawk tribe," All the other tribe elders followed the Kraiww and thanked him sincerely.

After thanking him, everyone left for their houses which were in the distance and looked more grandeur than the regular house and less majestic than the tribe leader's house.

"Ajax, take Snow into the room and rest," After everyone left, Qwerek also left to his room before leaving some words to Ajax.

Ajax took Snow and entered into the room he was given earlier.

"I should probably join with Volcanis and others before finding a safe place to hide for that last day, I hope I will succeed in this mission,"

After closing the door, he thought about how he should escape from this place and join his contracted elemental spirits before finding any hidden place.

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