New Age Of Summoners Chapter 147

135 Inheritance Time

'Finally, I have a chance now, hehehehe', the older birdman chuckled himself as he watched the Snow, which was barely maintaining its flying.

'What is he muttering?'

He kept on muttering some words in his mouth, which were noticed by tribe leader Qwerek.

'He is behaving just like last time but he was very excited than the last time,' Qwerek noticed the older birdman behaving like this in the previous contest which caused some doubts in the Qwerek's heart.

'Is the death of the previous contestants have anything to do with the Ancestor?' This thought made him anxious with the mix of both worry and anger.

Previous participants were mysteriously disappeared and later found dead by them in the various locations at different timings with their bodies completely mutilated.

After examining the mutilated corpses, they concluded separately, that they were killed by some rank 6 spirit beasts which were later killed by them.

Even though they avenged the dead, they still felt something amiss.

While he was relating the deaths of the dead contestants, the fire crow tribe leader Krico, looked at the Snow with anger.

'Damn it, what did you do Raweth. How can this unevolved beast take your glory?' Krico was very much angered at the attention Snow was getting.

He was very confident in the abilities Raweth.

'He awakened two mid-level innate abilities and has the chance of the awakening a higher level innate ability in the future. If he gets the full inheritance of our three-legged fire crow, his cultivation would have rised above others easily. Damn it,' His high hopes of Raweth getting the full inheritance were all gone and continued to thinking, 'I had to do something to this damn unevolved beast.'

'How can this old bastard Qwerek managed to raise that Lightning Hawk,' Ice sparrow tribe leader, Kira looked at the Qwerek with envy, but there was no ill intention in her gaze.

And when she looked at the ice sparrow of her tribe, she was disappointed and shook her head before focusing on the huge mirror that hung in the sky.

"Congratulation for the Hawk tribe leader for raising such fine talent," when everyone was in their thoughts, the older birdman congratulated Qwerek for raising Snow.

"It's all a luck that I managed to raise her," Qwerek nonchalantly said and continued thinking for a concrete clue that links between the dead contestants and the older birdman.

Seeing the shamelessness of Qwerek, Ajax was at a loss.

Ajax was the one, who used the primitive stone to awaken that high-level innate ability but that now all the credit was given to Qwerek who acted as if he was the one who raised it.

But, Ajax didn't care about those silly things and worried about what would happen next.

"The trial is now finished, The Lightning Dragon Hawk tribe gets a full inheritance and fire crow tribe gets an incomplete inheritance."

"As for the regional distribution, just share it as usual among your three tribes," the older birdman announced the results, bringing the two participants back from the firmament battlefield with a swing of his hand.

When the Lightning Hawk tribe members heard the announcement they were elated, as for the fire crow members except for their tribe leader, everyone was happy with the incomplete inheritance.

Netherworld ice sparrow tribe members were the only ones who were depressed and shook their heads while angrily looked at their participants.

Seeing the angry looks of their tribe members, the unevolved ice sparrow looked sadly at her tribe leader who was also her half-master.

Kira didn't bother looking at her, which caused the unevolved ice sparrow even more depressed.

Suddenly she felt lost and slowly left from the ancient ruins with sorrow.

No one came forward to at least console her and stopped bothering with her and looked at the older birdman who was about to speak something.

"The young one from the Fire crow, come forward to receive your reward," the older birdman looked at Raweth and asked him to come forward to receive his reward which was an incomplete inheritance.

"Close your eyes and if you feel any pain, then endure it," as soon as Raweth came forward, the older birdman said a few words before chanting something.

Amidst his chanting, an orange coloured wisp came out of the coffin before entering into Raweth's body.

But to everyone's surprise, they didn't hear any pained noises from Raweth.

"Now Lightning Dragon Hawk it's your turn," after taking his incomplete inheritance, Raweth returned to their tribe members who congratulated him with an excited tone.

The fire crow tribe leader just gave a small smile and looked at Snow who was about to receive the full inheritance from the older birdman.

"Although I don't know what is wrong with you earlier, I hope your strength increases after you completely absorb the inheritance I am giving you now," the older birdman slowly said to Snow, before continuing,

"I am giving you the complete inheritance of the Lighting Dragon Hawk Emperor who asked me to give it to the most suitable candidate from his tribe before he left this world."

As he explained, a white and purple coloured energy orb came out of the coffin and entered into Snow's body.

Unlike Raweth, Snow, who was visibly tired fell unconscious shocking Ajax who ran tot eh unconscious Snow, without paying any attention to others.

Only after seeing that, it was only unconscious and not in any harm, did he feel relaxed and looked at the older birdman who was looking at him with a surprise.

'What is wrong with this participant and this evolved lightning hawk,' as he was unable to gauge the exact strength of Ajax who was in the Lightning Hawk evolved form, he was surprised.

"It's just unconscious, you can take it back to your tribe and let it slowly absorb the inheritance," the older birdman said in an eerie voice which caused Ajax to get goosebumps just from hearing the words.

"Thanks, Ancestor for the inheritance, we will take our leave now," Qwerek hurriedly came forward to cover Ajax from discovering that Ajax was a human and taking them, he left the ancient ruins with his tribe members.

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