New Age Of Summoners Chapter 146

134 End Of The Final Round

In the Firmament battlefield,

After killing the ice sparrow, the mutated rank 4 demonic winged vulture, set its target on the Raweth, who was busy fighting a regular rank 4 demonic winged vulture.

The vulture in front of the Raweth, who was currently in the form of a huge fire crow, was in a stalemate.

But, when he saw that the mutated vulture was coming towards him, he slowed his attacks with the normal rank 4 vulture and made the incoming vulture think he was on the losing side.

The mutated rank 4 vulture, instantly lost its interest in Raweth and gazed at Snow, who has low cultivation strength but has the upper hand with its opponent piquing its interest.

When Raweth saw that, he laughed coldly and heaved a sigh of relief.

"As long as I remain longer than others I can get the inheritance which will increase by cultivation," Raweth, in his huge fire crow form, thought in his head and defended the incoming attacks from his opponent.

"Damn it, why did it turn towards Snow all of a sudden," Ajax, who was observing the fight in the Firmament battlefield, cursed the mutated vulture as he didn't notice the trick made by the Raweth.

"It's all because of Raweth, who made that mutated spirit beast think, he was weak and turned it's attention to Snow," when he heard the low cursing of Ajax, Kraiww said with a bitter sigh.

'I think it's better to lose then. Instead of winning and again increasing its interest in the eyes of that old birdman', Ajax silently thought to himself.

But all his expectations were turned upside down by Snow.

As soon as the mutated rank 4 spirit beast came near it, Snow activated its ultimate skill, 'The thunderstorm.'

'Why is it using that skill now?' Ajax was shocked and, at the same time, helpless and unable to contact it due to a barrier that was obstructing the essence of nature from the dead spirit beasts and obstructing it mind-communication with the Snow.

After one formed a contract with a spirit beast or an elemental spirit, they could communicate without being noticed by others. However, they should be within a specific radius of the master.

As soon as Snow used the thunderstorm attack, it instantly sucked the normal rank 4 vulture and mutated rank 4 vulture into the huge tornado, which was filled with bolts of lightning and thunders.


"An innate ability?"

All the people from three tribes were shocked to see a member of the Lightning dragon hawk use an innate ability, which looked more powerful than the innate ability of the Raweth.

Although they could not see what was happening inside the storm, seeing the flashes of lightning and thunders in that storm, they thought, 'It's a playground for the lightning dragon hawk.'

"Hahahahaha," the older birdman in the coffin laughed loudly, causing all the onlookers to turn their faces to him.

"It's not a normal innate ability, it is a signature skill of the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor's," the older birdman paused for a second before continuing, "It's a high-level innate ability with a potential to reach the next level."

His words caused shock among the onlookers because every gaze at the Snow on the large mirror was moving in and out of the storm with envy and jealousy.

The thunderstorm skill was a long lost innate ability, which did not even have any idea to the tribe leader Qwerek, so when he heard the older birdman's words, his eyes shone brightly and thanked heavens for guiding this Lightning dragon Hawk to their tribe.

As everyone was shocked, Ajax observed the number of injuries increased every time it came out of the storm, which caused his heartache with pain.

Amidst everyone's shocked gazes, the thunderstorm disappeared slowly, and the jet black blood completely covered the two demonic winged vultures, which were completely electrified and their bodies.

As soon as the storm disappeared, both the vultures fell into the ravine filled with teh death energy. Whereas Snow, it was flying up and down, barely maintaining its flight.

Raweth was shocked by the series of events that happened in the distance.

He was awed by the Snow's battle's performance, which only lasted for a few minutes but left a deep impression on him.

Seeing Snow, his battle spirit increased and quickly used his other skill, which he stored for finishing the trial.

"Even if I have no chance of getting first place in the contest, I have to showmy best attack to others," as soon as he said that his huge fire crow form started becoming smaller until it reached a regular fire crow size that was around 2 meters in height.

After his second transformation, it's speed increased by a lot and killed the regular rank 4 demonic winged vulture in a few attacks, but each time it clawed the vulture deeper and deeper at an amazing speed.

Even though the speed was not comparable to Snow, when it used thunderstorm, but it can reach almost the same speed as that of the mutated demonic vulture.

"I would have fought with that mutated vulture, but I don't know what skills it has in its arsenal" After finishing the killing strike, Raweth who was in the form of normal fire crow thought to himself and continued sighed, "I had the chance but due to playing safe, I failed."

He wanted to win the first place, but when he saw the mutated rank 4 demonic winged vulture and a hint of worry raised in his heart, he made him play safe and acted like a weakling in front of the mutated vulture which caused him to lose the first position.

Not only Raweth but all the spirit beasts and evolved spirit beasts respect the strong and revere them.

All the onlookers were shocked by the last move of the Raweth, but they were still in awe with the Lightning Dragon Hawk's Thunderstorm.

Among all the onlookers who watched the Firmament battlefield, the older birdman was the most shocked by the Snow's Thunderstorm, which completely dominated the fight one side, and even the Raweth's latest move lacks in comparison.

"Finally, I have a chance now, hehehehe,"


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