New Age Of Summoners Chapter 145

133 Firmament Battlefield

In the open air,a huge fireball hit a group of demonic winged vultures, which reduced them into ashes. After the explosion, a huge fire crow turned its attention to another bunch of demonic winged vultures without wasting any time to rest.

At another side of the blue sky, a Lightning Dragon Hawk used it's Lightning claw while flying at an insane speed. Just with its speed alone, it managed to kill 2 to 3 demonic winged vultures with a light touch of its claw and adding to the lightning imbued on the claw, electrified the vultures and made them fall from the sky.

A small distance away from the Lightning Dragon Hawk, an Ice sparrow which was somewhat slow compared to the Lightning Hawk's speed, continuously froze its opponents in ice statues, making them fall from the sky in a ravine filled with death energy.

Those three were none other than the participants form the three tribe contest.

The huge fire crow was none other than Raweth from the fire crow tribe.

Raweth transformed into a huge fire crow after fighting for more than 2 hours with his ordinary skills.

However, he was not satisfied with his killing, when he saw others who were killing almost the same number of enemies just like him.

Since he wanted to kill more demonic winged vultures, he didn't bother to hold his strongest any longer and used his mid-level innate ability, called 'The Anger of the Fire crow,' and turned into a colossal fire crow.

Even a normal attack from it would kill aminimum of 8-10 opponents and maintained with that flow.

Although no one knew how much longer he could stay in that form, he still didn't look tired.

When compared to Raweth, Snow and the ice sparrow relaxed and slowly took their time to kill.

Although they were killing in a relaxed manner, they killed 4-6 demonic winged vultures per each attack.

Snow and ice sparrow mostly paralyzed their enemies and made them fall from the sky into a seeming ravine that they could not see how depth it was.

Within a few minutes, they killed all the remaining vultures, which were rank 3 or below.

Just when they were about to heave a sigh of relief, three demonic winged Vultures came out of nowhere and attacked them separately.


Outside the portal,

Ajax, observed the fight of the participants with others, in the large mirror hung in the air.

When Snow killed its first enemy, he didn't get any notifications from the system, which confused him.

So, he asked the system as soon as he didn't get the system notification, "System, why I am not getting any essence of nature from the Killing made by the System."


Some barrier obstructs the essence of nature from the demonic winged vulture's body, so the host was unable to get any essence from the killings made by your contracted spirit beast.

Ajax shocked when he saw the system notification and started to worry about Snow.

But to his surprise, the tribe leader of the Lightning Hawks said, "Don't worry, when a participant was about to die, he or she will be transported out of the Firmament battlefield."

Only when he heard this, he stopped worrying and watched the fight with interest.

The reason he was worried was, many Demonic winged vultures were continuously swarming the three participants, and he thought they would be exhausted killing them.

When they were exhausted, they will be killed by the swarming vultures.

However, after hearing the words of Qwerek, Ajax watched the fight in the Firmament battlefield.

The area where the participants were fighting was called the Firmament battlefield, which has no ground and only a ravine filled with the death energy.

Anyone who falls into the ravine would have their body eroded by the death energy. Unless one has a compatibility with the death or dark attribute, it was impossible to survive.

After watching the fight for nearly two hours, he was shocked by the battle prowess of Snow.

"How the hell did Snow improve that much?" Ajax lastly saw Snow fighting the rank 3 ghost-eyed black foxes.

However, when he compared the battle prowess now and then, he was completely shocked.

"Only, 2 percent increment in its bloodline purity improved its battle prowess by this much, what will happen, when the bloodline purity reaches the 100 percent?" Ajax was immersed in his thoughts about bloodline purity.

"Whatever, let's worry about that in the future," shaking his head, he continued watching the large mirror in the sky.

As soon as he saw, he was shocked by the scene in the mirror.

A rank 4 demonic winged vulture, which was slightly bigger and looked even more demonic than the rank 2 and rank 3 vulture, moved like lightning and tore the netherworld ice sparrow into pieces.

The ice sparrow, which was shredded into pieces, turned into small pecks of light and appeared in front of the older birdman who was still stood in his coffin.

"What?" All the onlookers, including tribe leaders, were shocked at the speed of the demonic winged vulture, killing the ice sparrow.

"It's not a normal rank 4 demonic winged vulture, it's a mutated one," seeing their reaction, the older birdman explained all the onlookers in his eerie voice.

When everyone heard his words, they understood why the rank 4 demonic winged vulture has a speed of rank 5 spirit beast.

"Isn't that is difficult for the participants to kill that thing?" All the onlookers from the three tribes whispered among themselves, but no one dared to question the older birdman.

The reason why all of them were shocked as this was the first time they saw this kind of difficulty in the final round.

Although it has the rank 4 strength, the mutants were always the kings among the particular rank.

"It's impossible for even Raweth," the fire tribe leader, Krico muttered to himself, but he was not disappointed but elated at the appearance of the rank mutated demonic winged vulture.

"With the strength of level 1 elite commander realm strength, Raweth has the highest probability of escaping the attacks of that spirit beast and even if doesn't kill it, as long as he managed to dodge its attacks and stay in the Firmament battlefield, he will be placed in the first position and can get a full inheritance, hehehe" Krico, laughed in his heart.


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