New Age Of Summoners Chapter 144

132 Final Round

"Wait," just like before, Ajax opted to wait.

The older man was shocked at the no reaction from the Snow.

'What is happening with this hawk. Even a rank 5 beast will gain an increment in its strength as long as it consumed a single piece of the Spirit beast king's essence gem. But why is this, spirt beast can't even increase its strength even after consuming two particles of the essence gem.' The older man muttered for a second and continued, "I will have it consume one more practice of the essence gem if it doesn't get any increment, then this is the worst Spirit beast I have ever seen," the older birdman thought in his head. He repeated the same process for the second time.


Do you wish to let it consume the particle or wait?

"Wait," silently, Ajax said in his mind.

'My essence gem,' Ajax also repeated the same thing which made the older birdman cry for his loss.

A spirit beast king's essence gem was not an easy thing to get, even for him. So when he saw there was not even a bit of reaction, the older birdman cried and cursed Snow inward.

All onlookers were puzzled at the reward that entered into the Snow's body, and there was no reaction n the latter's body.

"Now, let's conclude the trial with a competition between the participants," the older birdman lost all his previous interest when he saw no reaction in his favorite participant when he used the spirit beast king's essence gem.

All the members once again puzzled at the words of the older birdman.

Every time, there were used to be three rounds with a reward in each round.

However, this time, they directly skipped the second round and directly entered the final round, making him puzzled as they didn't t\\know the reason behind it.

"I know why everyone wee looking at me like that, I actually gained a bit of understanding of each participant's battle strength in the first round, so there is no need for me to analyze anymore. With the final round, I will decide the winner of the trail and impart the inheritance to the first winner of his particular tribe" Seeing the look on all the bird folk, the older birdman explained them.

"What? The only first winner can get the inheritance?"

All the members of the Fire crow tribe and the lightning hawk tribe cried slowly.

As per the previous contests, the first and second positioned participants can get an inheritance of 100 percent and 50 percent of their particular tribe. Now, he changed it to the only first participant among the three could get the full inheritance of his particular tribe.

However, no one questioned the older birdman as no one has guts to face an ancient monster like him.

"Huh?" but Ajax understood something more from the words of the older birdman.

"So, in the previous contest, he was testing the participants with the highest reaction with the Spirit beast king's essence gem, but why is he doing that? " although he got some understanding he didn't get the actual reason behind it yet.

"Also, why is the tribe leader of Ice sparrow looking more coldly at the Snow than the fire crow tribe leader?" Ajax puzzled at the behavior of the Kire, the ice sparrow tribe leader.

"All the participants, enter into this," the older birdman pointed to the portal, which appeared beside the coffin precisely at the same time as he said.

All the participants looked at their tribe leaders except for Snow, who looked at Ajax.

The two tribe leaders nodded their heads at their participants, allowing them to enter the portal.

As for Ajax, he hesitated to allow Snow to enter the portal as the hawk tribe leader didn't mention this part of the contest.

But after thinking for a moment, he motioned his hand to enter.

The older birdman noticed this small movement and looked at the Ajax, who was in a humanoid lightning hawk form (In the older birdman's view).

'There is some kind of treasure on him that makes me unable to clearly inspect him,' the older birdman thought to himself when he looked at Ajax.

But the older birdman didn't pay any heed to him for now, as the main event was about to start. So, he looked at the participants, who were slowly entering into the portal.

After everyone entered the portal, the older birdman closed the entrance to the portal, and a large mirror appeared in the air.

In the mirror, all the tribe members saw the three participants in a vast land with only grass and no trees.

"Now, survive for 10 hours in that land."The older birdman who stood in the coffin spoke at the tribe leaders, but the participants heard those words as they nodded their heads as soon as the older birdman finished his words.

"The winner will be selected depending on the number of enemies a participant can kill, Now the final round begins," the older birdman concluded all his announcements and watched the final round.

As soon as said that, the grassy ground below the participants' legs vanished suddenly, and many vulture-like spirit beasts flew at them from a distance.

Since there was no land, all the participants started flying in the air and started fighting the Vulture like spirit beasts.

"Kraiww, what are those flying spirit beasts?" Ajax didn't see them before in the Zrochester province, so he asked Kraiw about those vultures like flying spirit beasts.

"They are called demonic winged Vultures, they have zero intelligence which made those beasts unevolved and remained as the spirit beasts forever but they are very cruel, so we started calling them the demonic winged vultures," Kraiww explained Ajax about the flying spirit beasts.

Ajax nodded his head and watched the battle between the participants and the demonic winged vultures.

Like before, Raweth didn't use his ultimate skill from the beginning; instead, he used his ordinary skills and killed the Vultures.

Snow and Ice sparrow also started killing the Vultures without wasting any time.


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