New Age Of Summoners Chapter 143

131 Conspiracy

"Now, it's time for the results of the first round, hehehehe" with his eerie smile, the older birdman standing in the coffin looked at the three participants and said, which gave them a scare.

However, they managed to suppress the fear and stood in their position, motionless.

"Although ice sparrow took a very long time to finish the battle, it finished the fight with a colourful look to the battlefield. Points awarded are 80/100."

"Next, the one from the lightning hawk tribe. Although it used only a low-level that coordinate so well with its fighting style which made me quite satisfied with its performance, So I reward it with 96 points."

"The young one from the fire crow tribe used his mid-level innate ability and finished the attack within a single attack, which made me unable to see his fighting system. Still, since he finished the attacked with his full might, I reward him 93 points for a total of 100 points for the first round," the older birdman explained quite a bit before announcing every participant's results.

All the fire tribe members' faces turned ugly as they thought Raweth form their tribe would be the first since he used a single attack to kill his opponent.

But who would dare to ask the older birdman to give them the first place, even when their tribe leader was polluted bowing to that being.

"Hurray," the lightning hawk tribe members shouted with happiness, but when their tribe leader glared them, they closed their mouths and whispered among themselves happily.

The Older birdman for the coffin shook his head, seeing the hawk tribe members' excitement and didn't pay them any heed, and looking at the participants in front of him, and he said, "The one from the lightning hawk tribe come forward."

Snow slowly came forward from the row of the participant and stopped just before the coffin.

"Since, you are the winner of this round, as I said, I will give you a reward," the older birdman said to Snow before chanting something.

After chanting, he opened his eyes, and out of thin air, he took out a tiny crystal which was only the size of a sand participle and threw it at the Snow.

Before it could understand what was happening, the small crystal of the sand particle's size entered into its sharp beak.


Your contracted spirit beast, The Lightning Dragon Hawk, caught the Ancient birdman's eye and was rewarded with a small particle of the crushed Essence gem of a King realm Spirit beast, The Lightning dragon.


Do you wish to let it consume the particle or wait?

"What? It is an essence gem of the King realm Spirt beast?" Ajax was shocked at the name of the small particle, which was rewarded by the older birdman.

He was confused by the second system notification and asked the system, "Didn't it consume the essence gem particle already?"


As soon as the essence gem particle entered its body, the system stopped the consuming process.

"Huh?" Ajax stopped asking the system any questions and looked at the older birdman gazing at the Snow, as though he found something and expecting something from the Snow.

"This looks suspicious, that look does not seem good" finally, Ajax understood something.

There was something off about the older birdman form the coffin, and from the beginning, he was looking at the participants as though he was expecting something from then.

"There seems to be a lot more behind this so-called three tribe contest and the danger rating on the mission is very high, must be related to that older birdman," Ajax thought back to the danger rating of the mission for this three tribe contest and concluded that the danger must be from this Older man instead of the fire crow tribe.


Do you wish to let it consume the particle or wait?

The system notification came once again, asking him to decide what he wants to select.

"Wait," without any hesitation, he chose to wait, as he didn't have a clear idea behind the gaze of that older birdman.

When he thought about the contest, he got a new question in his head and started to analyze the mysterious disappearance of the previous participant of the hawk tribe.

"Kraiww, what happened the previous participants of the other tribes?", Ajax slowly asked the Kraiww, who was standing behind him.

"Huh? Why are you asking this all of a sudden, Sir Ajax?" Kraiww puzzled at Ajax's question, which seemed to come out of nowhere.

Still, he replied when he saw the seriousness on Ajax's face, "After the previous trial ended, all participants received some rewards from the older birdman and their cultivation increased by a lot and almost reached the peak of the general realm within a single day."

"Huh? But didn't you say, that your participant has mysteriously died?" Ajax asked the question in a whisper which only Kraiww could hear.

"Yes, they are also disappeared actually, but later concluded as dead by the tribe leaders." Kraiww's words made him finally conclude that it has something to do with the older birdman.

"Why did they conclude the disappeared participants as dead?" Ajax asked Kraiww.

Kraiww just shook his head as he didn't know why.

Ajax also did not pester Kraiww with any new questions and watched the older birdman's expression.

The older birdman who watched the SNow with an excited expression became puzzled after some time, seeing that there was no reaction in the Snow.

'What happened, why is this hawk not showing any reaction to the same attributed essence gem,' he puzzled and slowly took out another small crystal which was the same size as the previous one and made it enter the body of the Snow.


Do you wish to let it consume the particle or wait?

As soon as the essence gem particle entered into its body, Ajax got a system notification asking him about his decision just like before.


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