New Age Of Summoners Chapter 141

129 First Round Begins

Next, everyone looked at the lightning hawk tribe to check their participant who didn't come forward along with other participants.

In the hawk tribe group, they only saw six hawk tribe members and an unevolved lightning hawk.

Aside from the five elders of the hawk, whom they already know, only two members, one evolved and another unevolved, can be the participants.

Hawk tribe leader Qwerek looked at the Snow who didn't come forward when called and looked at Ajax as though he was asking him to send the Snow ahead.

Ajax understood the meaning behind the Qwerek's look and lightly pushed it and said it to go forward.

All the onlookers from the other tribes were shocked at first next started laughing at Snow.

"Look, not only ice sparrow tribe but the great lightning dragon hawk tribe is also degraded very much that they are also sending an unevolved member of their tribe," the same member from the Fire crow tribe, who mocked the ice sparrow tribe earlier, mocked the Hawk tribe.

"Hey, Krail, did you see, the one who almost lost his life in the hands of an unevolved spirit beast is saying something about unevolved beasts," Kraiww mocked the one from the fire tribe who was disrespectful to their Hawk tribe.

He said the most embarrassing moment of that fire crow tribe member to Krail, loudly.

"Hahahaha," all the members except for the fire crow members who managed to hold their laughs, laughed loudly.

"Kraiww, just you wait until the contest is over, I will finish all our old scores once and for all," triggered by the reverse mock, the elder from the fire crow tribe warned Kraiww in a serious tone.

"Bring it on, I am waiting," Kraiww didn't care about him after saying his words.

"Let's see, who wins, whether the fire crowor a Lightning hawk," suddenly, the fire crow tribe leader Krico said, looking at Qwerek.

Qwerek didn't reply anything to Krico's words.

He just looked at the three participants who stood in a row side by side in front of the coffin.

"Intresting, there is a fine participant this time" The silent older birdman in the coffin praised one of the participants, but no one knew who he praised.

His words caused a shock in all the onlookers' hearts because, for the last 30-40 years, the older birdman didn't praise any of the participants.

But now, one of the participants has caught the attention and praise from him, which made them excited, but at the same time, a hint of worry was also raised in their hearts.

They worried because if the one caught the older man's attention, his tribe would rise above others and rule them in the future.

After praising them, he chanted something at a speed where the onlookers can not even comprehend his mouth's movements.

Soon an abnormal light came from the coffin where he stood and entered into the three participants before separating into three equal parts.

"All the participants have enough bloodline purity to participate in the trial (three tribe contest)" after the abnormal light entered into their bodies, the older birdman nodded his head.

Hearing this, all the tribe leaders heaved a sigh of relief.

Sometimes, even though a participant had a high bloodline purity, they will be rejected and not allowed to participate in the trial.

It has happened very recently to the fire crow tribe, who were directly placed in the third position, and the first and second places were taken by the Lightning Hawk tribe and the Ice sparrow tribe making the fire tribe leader crazy for the past ten years.

This time, he trained Raweth, the participant from the fire tribe, with his utmost attention and used all his and the tribe's savings, which were very low due to their small ruling region in training Raweth.

Due to this reason, the other two tribe leaders were very fearful of him, as he will take revenge on them for fire crow's disqualification in the last three-tribe contest.

"Now, we will start the trial" the older birdman waved his hand at the coffins in the distance, which were soon opened, and similar-looking older birdmen stood up from it.

All the older birdmen were the same without any difference in their tattered clothes or the aged body.

"Every participant should select one of them and fight them with all your strength," the older birdman in front of them ordered Snow and other participants.

"Depending on the might you displayed you will get some points and the participant with the highest number of points can get a reward from yours truly," at the end of his sentence, the older birdman pointed to himself as he looked at the three participants with an eerie smile on his aged face.

Without wasting any time, Raweth, from the fire crow tribe, rushed forward and selected the middle coffin and started his first round of the trial.

Seeing this, Snow and the ice sparrow also joined the first round by selecting the older birdmen from the left and right coffins, respectively.

Although Snow and the ice sparrow were unevolved, they know what they should do, as the respective tribe leaders explained them before coming to the Ancient grounds.

Among the three participants, Raweth directly used his powerful attacks without wasting any time.

After he evolved from the fire crow, he re-cultivated for only six months before reaching the Elite commander realm strength, which was equivalent to his previous cultivation that was at rank 4 before evolving.

It will take some time for the unevolved spirit beasts to gain their old strength. During that time, they were required to use many valuable cultivation resources.

More cultivation resources an evolved being uses, the quicker they reach their old cultivation.

Even if they don't use any cultivation, they can regain their cultivation, as time passes, albeit it will take a long time.

"Come on Snow, you can do it?" Ajax kept his eyes on Snow, who was about to fight the older birdmen from the left coffin.


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