New Age Of Summoners Chapter 140

128 Ancient Grounds

Many different races and spirit beasts inhabited the five elemental world except for the human race.

As for why the human race was not inhibited in the five elemental world, no one knows.

At the beginning of the five elemental world, it was only comprised of the spirit beasts, but as time passed on, the spirit beasts in this world started to evolve into new races.

From the unintelligent beings, they started to think and gradually gained intelligence and learned different professions like alchemy, arrays, etc.

The Lightning dragon hawk tribe was an example of that evolution where they were evolved from an ordinary lightning hawk to lightning dragon hawk, eventually gained a humanoid form.

Still, they were unable to break through to higher realms as there were not many spirit beasts that reached higher realms, and the later generations lacked the teachings of the higher realms beings like the humans who have many high realm cultivators.

Another problem is, they have to change their cultivation system from that of a spirit beast to the humanoid version and start cultivation from the start just like a human cultivation system from level 1 of the soldier realm.

As for the reason why they will re-cultivate again was to get a stable foundation in their cultivation.

Because of this re-cultivation, they were naturally more robust than the humans in the same cultivation realm.

"Ajax, that is the place where the three tribes contest takes place," Kraiww pointed to an ancient ruin in the distance explaining Ajax.

Ajax glanced at the ruins only to see the area looked, just like a graveyard of human society, but there was a small difference.

Instead of burying the coffins into the ground, these bird folks left the coffins, which looked way bigger than the human coffins in the open field, puzzling Ajax.

Even though he wanted to ask about it, Ajax suppressed his curiosity as he didn't know more about these bird folk's traditions.

Although he was very far from the ancient ruins, he was able to see some part of the ruins, which has a weird aura surrounding it, but he knew it was not a death aura.

All the trees in ruins were radiating with life, and the air there was fresh, but to his confusion, he was unable to see any spirit beasts inside the ruins except for the large coffins left in the open space.

As he observed the Ancient ruins, two more groups of bird folk came to the same destination as them.

Looking at the appearance and the spirit beasts behind them, Ajax quickly recognized as Fire crow tribe and Netherworld Ice Sparrow.

When Ajax and others were on their way to Ancient grounds, he asked some questions to Kraiww and understood some things about the races in the five elemental world.

Every tribe does not have only humanoid beings but also other spirit beasts of their tribe, which will turn into humanoid form one day in the future.

Only when he heard that his worry towards Snow, which was only in a spirit beast form but had the highest bloodline level, decreased and was excited to see the contest.

So when he saw the fire crows in one group and ice sparrows in another group, he quickly related them to their tribes.

Soon, all three groups form three different tribes gathered in front of the Ancient grounds' large gate.

'What will happen next?' Ajax curiously looked at the ancient-looking gate and wondered.

Since Ajax was using the feather from the Lightning dragon hawk emperor, his human presence was masked by the lightning dragon hawk's scent, making him look like a member of the Hawk tribe.

Slowly, three tribe leaders from each group walked to the ancient-looking gate and muttered something while holding their hands.

Although he was unable to hear their mutterings, he can see that they were all chanting the same thing at the exact time.

Amidst their chanting, the ancient-looking gate slowly opened.

"Come behind us and don't look sideways after entering into the Anicent grounds,"

All three tribe leaders said to their tribe members to follow behind them with caution and entered into the place called 'Ancient grounds.'

After they traveled for some time, they stopped at a huge ancient coffin with various symbols.

Besides the various symbols, there were three slots on top of the ancient coffin.

Slowly one by one, the three tribe leaders went to the coffin, and each tribe leader placed an orb into the slots of the coffin.

After all the slots were filled, the top of the coffin was opened, and an older birdman who has broken wings with eyes that looked lifeless with tattered clothes on his old body, stood up from the coffin, making Ajax and the participants of the contest shocked.

"Where are the participants?" the birdmen asked with an eerie smile on his face while looking at the three tribe leaders.

"Come forward young ones," every tribe leader called their participant.

The participants from the fire crow tribe and ice sparrow tribe quickly came forward.

The participant from the fire tribe, Raweth, who looked like a young man, had enormous black crow wings behind his back. There were some markings in red on his wings that indicated that the bloodline has more than 50 percent of the purity.

From the Ice sparrow tribe, a white-colored sparrow with very faint black lines on it.

Everyone looked at the Ice sparrow and shook their head.

"What a pity, Once the mighty Netherworld Ice sparrow tribe,, now degraded to such a state where they are sending an unevolved member to thethree trube contest," an elder from the fire crow mocked the ice sparrow tribe, acting sympathetic towards them

Since it was not an evolved ice sparrow, it has a very few chances to win the contest.

It is the three tribe contest rules to send their tribe member below the age of 20 years with the highest bloodline. So the ice sparrow tribe has no way other than sending the unevolved ice sparrow, as it was the only one who has the highest bloodline in their tribe under the age of 20.


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