New Age Of Summoners Chapter 14

14 Collecting Spirit Stones

'I think it's easier to collect spirit stones but 100 is a difficult number, but when compared to Task 2 and Task 3 , Task 1 is relatively easy', after pondering for some time he headed in the direction in which he sensed the concentration of death energy is more.

After travelling some distance, Ajax found a shining black stone covered in the sand.

Without a doubt, he knows that is the spirit stone containing death energy.

"Finally, I found a spirit stone containing death energy", heaving a sigh he took that spirit stone from the ground and observed it.

When he was observing the spirit stone in his hand, it disappeared.

" What? ", Ajax puzzled as , "where did it go".


Task 1:-Collect 100 death energy spirit stones.

Progress (1/100)

Task 2:-Save three elemental spirits.

Progress (0/3)

Task 3:- Kill the Undead Elite Soldier.

Progress (0/1)

Remaining time :- 9 hours 52 minutes.

Soon enough he saw the holographic screen with the tasks along with progress are shown on it.

"Task 1 progress is showing as 1/100 that means, Cold blooded system collected from hand",

Ajax thought to himself when he saw the progress under task 1.

" As long as it is counted as progress it's enough for me", With that said, he slightly changed his direction and continued travelling.

Along the way he found one or two spirit stones containing death energy when he collected.

Then he tried to check his progress


Task 1:-Collect 100 death energy spirit stones.

Progress (23/100)

Task 2:-Save three elemental spirits.

Progress (0/3)

Task 3:- Kill the Undead Elite Soldier.

Progress (0/1)

Remaining time :- 9 hours 32 minutes.

As soon as he thought of his progress, the holographic screen showing his progress has appeared infront of his eyes.

Soon he checked the progress under task 1 and the remaining time.

"In just 20 minutes he collected 22 spirit stones containing death energy. That means within 2 hours I can complete task 1", Ajax face beamed with joy.

" But what about task 2 and task 3....?? ", But when he thought about task 2 and task 3 he joy turned into worry.

" Whatever I should try my best to complete the trial and leave from here", Soon, worry turned into determination and continued his collecting spirit stones task.

"Here's one spirit stone",

" There goes another one ",

" Covered in sand ",

" Collect it hand",

. ....




With a non-sense humming, he collected the spirit stones. But soon he discovered one problem.

''Spirit stone are becoming less and less in this way but the concentration of death energy is still more'',

Within last 10 minutes he only found two spirit stones which made him puzzled.

He wanted to see how many spirit stones, he collected So he said 'progress' in his mind.

Soon a holographic screen with tasks on it appeared infront of him.


Task 1:-Collect 100 death energy spirit stones.

Progress (47/100)

Task 2:-Save three elemental spirits.

Progress (0/3)

Task 3:- Kill the Undead Elite Soldier.

Progress (0/1)

Remaining time :- 8 hours 48 minutes.

''Still i need 53 spirit stones more to complete task 1,but now I am finding less and less spirit stones. If it's continued like this, it's impossible for me to complete the trial", he felt like he will go crazy with this tasks.

But still he continued travelling in the direction he felts more death energy.

As he continued, after sometime, instead of spirit stones he found a cave which is gaurded by two Skeletons.

Skeletons height is only 2 meters and they are equipped with an armour and a spear.

Seeing those skeletons, a shiver ran down on his neck with fear. But suppressing the fear he began to think carefully.

"If the cave is gaurded by those skeletons, then something valuable must be inside", Ajax thought this quickly.

" But the problem is, are there any more of those skeletons inside the cave??, Ajax thought all possible options.

After pondering for sometime,Finally Ajax made a decision.

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