New Age Of Summoners Chapter 139

127 Elders Of The Hawk Tribe

"Then what is this Special reward box."

Ajax sighed at the latest system notification and asked a new question.


A special reward box, as its name suggests its a special one.


In it, there are no low-level items, and all the available items are outstanding and high-level ones.

"Atleast, the special reward box is good," when he heard the special reward box's explanation, he nodded his head in agreement, and his eagerness for the special reward box increased a lot.

When someone knows there was a box, and you will get a good item from it when you complete a particular task, who doesn't show some enthusiasm in completing the job sooner.

Like everyone, he wanted to complete the mission as soon as possible to see what type of high-level item was stored in the Special reward box.

"Since I have nothing to the moment, should I visit the elemental spirits?" he thought about going to the location where his elemental spirits were cultivating.

However, he soon rejected that idea as it will take at least one day to go to that location, and he can not return in time for the three tribe's contest, which he does not want to miss.

He thought that it would be better to stay here and cultivate since he can cultivate at the same speed everywhere in the Five elemental world.

Soon, he sat on his bed and entered into deep cultivation to accumulate the essence of nature into his spirt consciousness.

As he started cultivation with his main cultivation technique 'Heaven and Earth refining technique,' the essence of nature form the surroundings entered into his body at a very speed.

"What? How can the essence of nature is this abundant here when compared with the previous location I cultivated," Ajax opened his eyes suddenly, the shock was apparent in his eyes and confusion was all over his face.

When he cultivated outside the tribe leader's house, his cultivation speed was not as quick as his current cultivation speed.

"I think, the increase in the cultivation speed is due to the arrays placed in the house by the Elder Qwerek," he thought back to the words of the Kraiww when they were entering the house and remembered that the Hawk's tribe leader was a rank 4 array master.

Without wasting any time, he resumed back into his cultivation, closing his eyes.

The earlier process of the essence of nature started entering into his body at a rapid pace.

He was completely immersed in his cultivation.

Unbeknownst him, the time passed very quickly that the day of the three tribe contest came.

'Knock knock.'

Ajax, who was in deep cultivation in his room, opened his eyes when he heard the door's knocking sounds.

He slowly stood up from the bed and opened the door.

"Sir Ajax, Good morning. Today is the day for the contest, quickly ready up and meet with us in 15 minutes outside the house," Kraiww, with a smile on his face, said to Ajax to met them in 15 minutes.

Ajax was not used to the word 'Sir' to his name yet and embarrassingly nodded his head before closing the door.

"How speed, time passes when I cultivate," he was unable to keep track of the time when he was doing something with a full concentration.

"Snow, Good morning," after closing the door, Ajax greeted Snow, who lazily slept in its nest-like bed.

"Instead of Snow, I should have kept your name as Sloth," he jokingly said to Snow before going to the bathroom to shower.

After cleaning up himself, Ajax checked his spirit consciousness.


Spirt consciousness:- 6000 units/ 6200 units of the essence of nature

Ajax nodded his head as he already felt the feeling. The essence of nature in his spirit consciousness was full, and he felt more energetic than ever.

Soon, he took Snow with him to meet up with the others from the Hawk tribe in front o the tribe leader's house.

In front of the tribe leader's house, he found some unfamiliar face along with Qwerek, Kraiww, and Krail.

"Ajax, these five are the elders of the Hawk tribe. In which you already know Kraiww and Krail. As for the remaining ones Eica, Erek and Cretual," Qwerek introduced three elders of the Hawk tribe.

Hawk tribe has five elders, who have the strength next to the tribe leader Qwerek and most of the tribe's affairs were managed by them.

Only when most essential discussions were made, the tribe leader joins them. Otherwise, it will be managed by the First elder Cretual.

Ajax slowly observed them one by one.

Like Kraiww and Krail, everyone has large hawk wings that were neatly folded behind their back.

Cretual looked like the older one among the five elders of the tribe with a 2.5 meters height and was the tallest one in the Hawk tribe.

Whereas Eica was the youngest with around 40 years but still looked beautiful and mature.

Erek, Krail, and Kraiww almost had the same age around 50 years, with average builds.

He silently used the system on them to find out their cultivation levels.


Eica, the fifth elder of the Hawk tribe

Peak level 10 elite commander realm


Erek, the second elder of the Hawk tribe

level 8 general realm


Kraiww and Krail, the third and fourth elders of the Hawk tribe

Level 1 general realm


Cretual, the first elder of the Hawk tribe

Peak level 10 General realm

He was not surprised by the cultivation levels of these elders of the Hawk tribe.

Instead, he was a bit disappointed by their levels.

'As the natives of the Five elemental world, a world which was full of abundant essence of naute=re, how can their cultivations be that low' Ajax wondered about their cultivation levels.

When he compared these elders, Captain Edmond was a genius who achieve the strength of the general realm in a world with less essence of nature and mostly relied on the spirit stones and other cultivation treasures.

Even though he thought that he didn't lack respect for them, as he already knew that they are all evolved from the spirit beasts and cultivated very hard to reach their present levels.


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