New Age Of Summoners Chapter 138

126 An Additional Reward


Total numbers of refinements:- 120

Successful refinements:- 67

Failed refinements:- 53

"Hahahaha, my successful refinements increased more than 50 percent", As soon as he read the system notification, Ajax laughed loudly at his improvement in refining the pills.


The host refined the rank 1 pills more than 100 times successfully.


The mission:- 'Alchemy maniac' is completed.


A Mysterious reward box is stored in the inventory. Please check it.


Congratulation to the host for completing the given mission in less than a week.

An additional reward is given.


Additional reward:- A title is added to the host's user interface. Please check it.

"Huh? An additional title?" Ajax happily opened his user interface to check what that title was and what will it do.


Name:- Ajax

Race:- Human

Title:- Alchemy Maniac

Bloodline:- Abyssal Bloodline

"Here it is," Ajax saw a new section 'Title' appear beneath the 'Race' section.

He concentrated on the title 'Alchemy Maniac'


Title:- Alchemy Maniac

Description:- One who refines pills like a crazy person and doesn't know when to stop.

Uses:- 1) Increases the pills' success rate refined by 25 percent and limited to rank 1 pills.

2) Locked (Unlocks when the required condition satisfied)

"Now, am I a lunatic who refines the pills?" Ajax thought about the two refining sessions and concluded, "I am becoming one."

Before the system generated the first alchemy mission, he was not very interested in refining the pills. Still, with the mission 'Alchemy Maniac,' he finally turned into one by refining the rank 1 pills continuously.

"The first use is good, that can help him refine more pills successfully. Adding to 50 percent probability I have with the basic fire refining technique, now I have a 75 percent success rate," he calculated the total success rate for him to refine the pills and felt satisfied.

"But, what is the second use that is locked," he just thought to himself ad didn't bother with it as it was mentioned clearly beside the 'Locked,' it has to meet some conditions before it unlocks.

"Now, since the checking of the acquired reward details is completed, it's time to open the Mysterious reward box." Ajax felt that the mysterious reward box could give him some go item.

Previously he acquired a chance to enter the five elemental world from the mysterious reward box, which caused him to increase his expectations even more.


A new system mission is generated in the quest tab. Please check it.

Just as he was about to take the mysterious reward box from the inventory, he got the system notification, informing him about the newly generated system mission.

"As expected," Ajax was expecting a mission since he started to understand how the quest tab works.

"As soon as I complete a mission, it will generate a new mission with the increased difficulty," he sighed at the working and didn't waste his time checking the new mission in the quest tab.


Mission:- Elevate all your unofficial contracted elemental spirits to the Commander realm.

Rewards:- A Special reward box

Time limit:- one month

Danger rating:- None

Mission failure:- Sealing the host's cultivation by one major realm.

"What? A non- alchemy mission?" Ajax was first shocked as he thought he understood the quest tab, but with this, his previous understanding was all in vain.

He thought so like that because he assumed he would get an alchemy mission as per his previous knowledge, but suddenly the quest tab changed its pattern.

"But the mission seems possible as I have only Spirus and Slait remaining to break through to the commander realm," he was happy to see an easy mission.

It required all his Unofficial contracted elemental spirits to break through to the commander realm.

"A special reward box is something new I never got before, I wonder how good is it when compared to the mysterious reward box," Ajax looked at the reward which was something he never saw before and wondered how good it would be.

"One month, ok."

"No danger, ok."

"Mission failure is the same as the previous 'Alchemy mission', which is to seal my cultivation," he checked all the mission details.

He didn't have any worry or tension for the new mission as he has full confidence in his elemental spirits.

Volcanic and Necros were already in the Elemental spirit Commander realm. In contrast, Spirus and Slait are progressing very quickly in the area with the abundant essence of their respective elements' nature.

"Even if they were unable to break through to commander realm here, they will definitely break through to Elemental spirit commander in no time," Ajax muttered and before proceeding to open his Mysterious reward box.

"System, open mysterious reward box," Ajax ordered the system to open the mysterious reward box with hopeful eyes.


Mysterious reward box is opened.


The host found a Commander realm elemental spirit stone, which only has 50 percent of the original energy.

"What? A broken elemental spirit stone?" Ajax found it hard to believe and checked the system notifications once again to confirm what he saw.

"It's really an elemental spirit stone which has only 50 percent of energy," he quickly took the elemental spirit stone into his hands, which has only half the size of the commander realm elemental spirit stone he previously had.

"System, tell me one thing, did you consume the other half?" Ajax asked the system with a serious look on his face.


A mysterious reward box is just like a lottery, which can sometimes give a very good item and an awful item.

A system notification came into his mind explaining about the mysterious reward box.

"Then from the next time, directly reward me with an attempt in the lottery as a reward instead of giving out the mysterious reward boxes," He suggested the system to change the reward naming for future missions.


There is a difference between the Lottery and the Mysterious reward box, which the host will be able to find by himself in the future.

"Then what is this Special reward box."

Ajax sighed at the latest system notification and asked a new question.


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