New Age Of Summoners Chapter 136

124 Consuming The Level Breaking Pills

"But since this is an 'A' danger rating mission, I will go all out on upgrading the Snow," with that thought in his mind he took the Spirt beast king's essence gem out of the inventory.

As soon as he took out, he was hit by the abundant dark elemental essence of nature.


The host is under the watchful eyes of the Hawk tribe's leader Qrewek.


The system suggests that the host keep the spirit beast king's essence gem into the inventory as soon as possible.

Hearing the sudden system notifications, Ajax quickly stored the essence gem in the inventory.

"System, is that Elder Qrewek?", Ajax asked the system with a guess.


Yes, but not only by him, but there are also many others from the Hawk tribe who kept their eyes on you.

"What?" Ajax was shocked when he heard many others were watching him.

Yesterday, he felt that there was someone who was watching him, so he kept his guard, but he did not expect, he was under the watchful eyes of many others.

"Is there no way for me to use the spirit beast king's essence gem?" Ajax asked the system with a sense of urgency in his voice.


The host can not use the Spirit beast king's essence gem on SNow, as it will be unable to withhold the energy from the essence gem, and it may result in its death.


The host needs to wait until his contracted beast to be strong enough to withstand all the energy from the spirit beast king's essence gem.

"What? I can not use the essence gem?" Ajax already had a bad premonition about this, but he wanted to try.

However, when he heard the 'it may result in its death,' Ajax removed the thought of using the essence gem on any of his contracted spirit beasts.

"Until they become strong I will not use it on any my spirit beasts," Ajax muttered and went to fresh up.

After bathing and changing into clean clothes, he sat on the bed as he looked at the Snow, whose feathers (some) were turned into light purple, improving its beauty even more.

"I think after you increase the purity of your bloodline in the future, the name 'Snow' will not suit you I guess," Ajax jokingly said to Snow.

'Knock knock.'

Just as he was about to walk out to eat some breakfast, someone knocked on his door.

"Our leader asked us to bring you andthe childe some breakfast, Sir Ajax," as soon as he opened the door, two birdmen who looked around 20 years old stood before his room, with some considerable amount of food for him and Snow.

"Huh? Thanks," Ajax thanked them and asked them to say his greeting to their tribe leader Qrewek.

"Elder Qrewek is keeping a keen eye on me, I guess," Ajax thought to himself.

He thought so because just when he was ready, the food came to his doorstep as though he was keeping an eye on me.

Soon he finished the food, which has the same taste like the one he ate back in the Goldcrest town.

However, he was puzzled at Snow, who was eating the food enthusiastically, which he never saw before.

"Maybe birds find the difference in thetaste," Ajax lightly shook his head and smiled at the gluttonous hawk.

After finishing their eating, Ajax gave some more thunder pool's water for Snow to drink.

Next, he checked on his other contracted Spirit beasts who were still in slumber, absorbing the energy they got recently to improve their cultivation slowly.

He didn't bother them and allowed them to continue their cultivation slowly.

"I wonder, how much my contracted elemental spirits are improved?" Ajax thought of his elemental spirits, which he left in a 3-elemental area (Consists the abundant amount of essence of nature of three types of elements).

Although he can sense they are safe, he can not gauge their cultivation strength as they were very far away from him.

"Even if they don't improve much, it is enough for me as long as they are safe and sound," Ajax hoped they could cultivate safer.

"Now, it's time to start refining the level-breaking pills," AJax excited, but he checked his spirit consciousness before that.


Spirit consciousness:- 200 units/ 6200 unis (200 units capacity are locked)

"It only increased by this much after one night," Ajax sighed at his essence of nature, which was increased only by a few units.

He knows that around 50+ units of the essence of nature came from Inner worlds, and the remaining units came by absorbing the essence of nature form the surrounds unconsciously by his body.

"I will try consuming the pills I refined," Ajax quickly took out a gourd from the inventory.

He bought the gourd for the no-name pill store, and the ingredient sand the mortal grade cauldron to store the pills he refined.

It is a low-level storage item for storing the pills, so Ajax bought it when he saw it without hesitation when the shop keeper recommended the thing.

From the gourd, he took out a level breaking pill and tossed into his mouth.


The host consumed a rank one level-breaking pill.


50 units of the essence of nature are gained.

"Woah, this is easy, now I can have an unlimited amount of essence f nature in my spirit consciousness," When he heard the second system notification, Ajax was over the moon.

50 units of the essence of nature are more than enough for him for a single pill.

"If I consume all the pills I have now, then my spirit consciousness will be filled within a few moments, right?" Ajax smilingly tossed another level-breaking pill into his mouth quickly.


The host consumed a rank 1 level-breaking pill.


25 units of the essence of nature are gained.

"What?" Ajax was shocked to see the sudden decrease in the number of units he gained from the second level-breaking pill.


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