New Age Of Summoners Chapter 135

123 Raweth

'I wonder how many times I have successfully refined?' Ajax expectantly asked the system, "System, please separate the success and failures from the total number of refinement of pills."


Total numbers of refinements:- 152

Successful refinements:- 66

Failed refinements:- 86

"Woah, It is more than expected," Ajax was over the cloud nine when he looked at the detailed information of the refinements.

"All the credit goes to the basic fire refinement technique. Without it, I wonder how many successful refinements I would have made", Ajax thought to himself and praised the basic fire refining technique.

"With only 50 percent success rate, I can make this many successful refinements then what will happen if it is increased to 70 or 80 or 100 percent", Ajax felt that he should upgrade the basic fire refining technique to see whether it's success rate can increase or not.

"System, show me..." before he can even finish his sentence, he fell on to the ground and started snoring loudly.

Since he was very tired after refining non-stop for a total of eight hours, he slept like a log.

Along with the essence of nature, his whole body, along with his mind, was completely tired and fell unconscious without him knowing.


In one of the rooms of the tribe leader Qrewek's house,

"I know, this human is not an average human, Only with the level 2 commander realm strength, he can refine the rank pills for almost eight hours without taking any break", Qrewek muttered, sitting in his room.

With his spirit sense, he observed Ajax every now and then.

Each time he observed Ajax, he was met with a shock.

As a rank 3 Alchemist, he knows what it feels like to refine the pills continuously without any rest.

But he saw Ajax didn't even take a single break for eight hours and continuously refined the pills.

"Although, there is nothing great in refining the rank 1 level breaking pills, refining for many hours without any proper rest is only possible for peak rank 3 alchemists or general realm cultivators", Qrewek evaluated Ajax as a genius born to become an Alchemist.

"How much essence of nature did he store in his body for refining that long?" Qrewek stopped thinking about Ajax after receiving some continuous shocks from him.

Just as he was about to withdraw his spirit sense from the Ajax's room, he felt familiar energy in his room.

"Huh, is he going to break through?" he immediately urged his spirit sense to observe in the direction of the familiar energy and saw Snow, who was giving the energy fluctuations from its body.

Qrewek observed it for a while, before withdrawing his spirit sense back into his body.

"Although, its bloodline may not be increased, its strength will definitely improve from mid-level rank 3 to late level rank 3, improving its winning chances in the contest." Qrewek nodded his head at the small improvement in the Snow's strength.


In a Volcanic area,

"Raweth, make sure to increase your bloodline purity to at least 55 percent" A black-robed older man looked at a figure in the lava and said.

The figure in the lava looked like a young man who had crow wings behind his back.

There were several scars on his body, indicating he fought many battles.

Even counting one scar from a single fight, one could say that he fought more than 1000 battles.

When he heard his tribe leader's words, Raweth opened his eyes, which shone with a fire for a second.

"At present, I have 53 percent of purified three-legged fire crow's bloodline, but I will try to reach that 55 percent mark in the two-day, tribe leader.

"Also, make sure to look after the other participants from the two tribes when you get the chance, do you understand?", The fire crow's tribe leader Krico ordered Raweth with a sinister look on his face.

"Yes tribe leader, I know what to do," Raweth understood the meaning behind Krico's words, and he nodded his head before submerging into the lava once again.


Next day morning,

In Ajax's room, he woke by the pecks from the lightning dragon hawk.

"Wait, Snow," Ajax lazily opened his eyes and asked Snow, "What happened to you, Snow?" Ajax was shocked to see some of the white-coloured feathers turned into light purple colour.

Without wasting any time, Ajax used the system to check the information on the Snow.


Spirit Beast:- Lightning Dragon Hawk

Strength:- peak of the Late rank 3

Loyalty:-Life and death Partners.

Bloodline:- Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor (52 percent purified)

Skills:- Lightning Speed (Innate ability), Lightning Eagle Claw, Hawkeye, Thunderstorm(Innate ability).

"Hmm, it broke through to peak of the late rank 3 from the peak of the mid-level rank 3, not a surprise," Ajax carefully checked its information for the changes, and he managed to find some.

"Loyalty is increased from the close friends to life and death partners which sounds cool and the final change has occurred in its bloodline purity which increased from 50 percent to 52 percent" Ajax was happy when he saw the purity in the bloodline increase by 2 percent.

"Now, I am sure that as long as I have this thunder pool's water, I can increase it purity to 100 percent, Hahahahaha", Ajax laughed madly, as he muttered the words to himself.

"Just increase the 2 percent of the bloodline purity made some its feather turn light purple, what will happen when its bloodline increased even more in the future?", Ajax thought about the future appearance of the Snow in purple feathers.

"Still, I think this strength is not enough to win the three tribe contest," when he thought of the three tribe contest all his happiness vanished and worry flashed on his face.

After thinking for a moment, he took out the Spirit beast king essence gem he gained earlier under the huge anteater's carcass.

Initially, he didn't want to use this because it is waste to use on a lightning spirit beast as it will have a significant effect on the dark type beasts like his Destructive Twilight Dragon.

"But since this is an 'A+' danger rating mission, I will go all out on upgrading the Snow," with that thought in his mind he took the Spirit beast king's essence gem out of the inventory.


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