New Age Of Summoners Chapter 133

121 New Use Of Thunder Pools Water

"And, also there was something off about that human?" Qrewek thought about Ajax and said the words.

But before he can reach the Hawk tribe, he was unable to find a way to improve the bloodline of Snow and simply shook his head and left the matter about winning the contest to the heavens.

After entering his house, he wanted to say about the contest that was going to be held in two days.

However, he saw the Kraiww going towards Ajax's room, and he asked him to relay his words about the contest to Ajax before he went into his room.

Kraiww nodded his head at his tribe leader and resumed walking towards Ajax's room.

'Knock Knock'

In the room, Ajax heard the knocking sound and opened it.

"Sir Ajax, the things you asked are in this space rings. I totally swept the entire inventory for these ingredients and managed to find 300 of each herb," Kraiww said with a tired expression.

However, he was not tired at all, and he just indicated that he worked very hard.

"Thanks for the hard word, Kraiww", Ajax politely thanked Kraiww for his hard work.

Although Kraiww was one of the elders of the Hawk tribe and a general realm, Ajax called him by his name as per Kraiww's request.

"Ok Sir Ajax, I won't bother you anymore", Kraiww turned to leave, but he suddenly stopped when remembered Qrewek's words.

"By the way Sir Ajax, tribe leader Qrewek said, the contest will be in two and asked you and Snow to take enough rest before the contest", He said what Elder Qrewek asked him to say, to Ajax before started moving.

Ajax just nodded his head and closed the door.

After closing the door, he checked the ingredients in the space ring, which are placed separately in it.

"Now, it's time to refine some rank one pills for the Alchemy Maniac mission", Ajax thought to in head, but when he saw the Snow which was sleeping comfortably in anest-like bed beside him, he felt he should do something to increase its strength for the contest in the two days.

After thinking for some time, he thought about two available options up in his sleeve.

One was to allow it to drink some thunder pool's water and another one was using his lottery to draw some kind of item which will help Snow to increase its strength.

He has won a reward of one free attempt to draw in the lottery, from Upgrading Necros to the Elemental Spirit Commander realm which he did not use and saved it to use when he has more free attempts to draw.

Due to the situation, he finally decided to use his free attempt to draw for an item from the lottery.

"Although the lottery is not as reliable as thunder pool's water, which may give out any random item," Ajax thought for a while before using his available attempt to use the lottery.

"System, using my free attempt, please draw an item that is useful to the current situation", Ajax prayed the system as he asked it to use his available free attempt to draw an item from the lottery.


The item from the lottery feature will be drawn randomly, and no one knows what item will be drawn from it.


Does the host still want to use the attempt to draw an item for the lottery?

"Yes", Ajax dejectedly accepted to use his available attempt to draw the item, because he just wanted to give it a try.

"I will use that free attempt in the future anyway, why don't I give a try now", Ajax has this thought when he decided to use the available free attempt.


One attempt was consumed form the available attempts.

The number of attempts left:- None.


Drawing a random item for the lottery feature, please wait.


Congratulations to host for drawing an essence gem of a rank three spirit beast from the lottery.

"Only a rank 3 spirit beast essence gem?" Ajax was dejected instantly when he saw the reward.

Although the reward was not bad, there was no way that will help Snow to increase its strength nor the bloodline.

"Sigh.." Ajax sighed at the essence gem in his hand.

"System can I crush the essence gem and mix it with the thunder pool's water and then let Snow consume the mixture? Will there be any side effects or loss of energy in the essence gem?" Ajax suddenly thought of an idea of mixing the thunder pool's water along with the crushed essence gem of the rank three spirit beast.


The host does not need to crush the essence gem. Just put the essence gem in the thunder pool's water and allow it to soak for a few moments.


That will not waste any energy from the essence gem, as thunder pool's water absorb the essence of nature form the essence gem and drinking that mixed water will have a better effect than crushing the stone.

"Huh? So, you can answer sometimes," Ajax was happy as he helped him in knowing a new method to use the thunder pool's water.

He took out the thunder pool's water from the inventory and poured it in a bowl that was in the room.

After that, he placed the essence gem into that bowl.

As soon as he placed the essence gem in the bowl, it turned in powder before dissolving entirely without a trace.

It took only a few moments for sparking lights to appear in the thunder pool's water, and he sensed a rich essence of energy from it.

"Snow, come here", Ajax woke up Snow by lightly tapping its head.

"Here, drink this", As it knows that Ajax will not harm it, he consumed the shining water completely before went back to its sleep.

"I have a great expectation from you Snow," Ajax looked at the sleeping Snow in the nest-like bed before coming back to his mission Alchemy maniac.

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