New Age Of Summoners Chapter 132

120 Krico

"Tribe leader, the Hawk tribe leader, is here," a humanoid figure with the crow's wings behind his back notified a black-robed older man. Behind his back, two massive black wings opened up, hearing the words for a second before closing.

The opened wings looked majestic and intimidated the reporting crow-man.

Only when the wings folded, did he heaved a sigh of relief and felt relaxed.

"Let's go and meet up with him," the black-robed older man who was called tribe leader ordered his tribesmen to follow him to meet the tribe leader of the Hawk tribe.

Soon, they came out and saw the tribe leader of the Lightning Hawks talking with an older lady in a light blue robe that has a black coloured border and walked towards them.

"Hello, Qrewek and Kira," the black-robed older man greeted them when he reached them.

He looked at them with a smile that looked cunning and hideous.

Kira, the older woman who was speaking with Qrewek, was the tribe leader of the Netherworld Ice Sparrow tribe.

"Hello, Krico,"

Although his greeting did not seem good, both Hawk tribe leader Qrewek and Sparrow tribe leader Kira returned the greetings uninterestedly.

"Qrewek, I heard your tribe lacks the participant for the three-tribe contest this time. Was it true?" Krico didn't mind their greetings and asked Qrewek with a worried look on his face.

But Qrewek knows the exact meaning behind those words as though he was indicating to him that their Hawk tribe will be doomed after the contest.

"Really, I didn't know that, but our tribe's childe was training every day with my guidance and improving his bloodline day by day," Hawk tribe leader, Qrewek appeared shocked and denied the Fire crow tribe leader's words.

Although it was a plain lie, what he said has some truth to it.

That the Lightning Dragon Hawk they have now was the one with the highest and purest bloodline, they ever had in the last 50 or 60 years.

So Qrewek added that their participant was training with his guidance and improving the purity of Lightning dragon Hawk Emperor bloodline.

Qrewek's words made both Fire Crow and Netherworld Ice Sparrow tribe leaders shocked and became serious.

It was not an impossible thing to improve their bloodline; it was just very hard.

However, it required the highest level of training, and hard work along with a vast amount of resources to improve the bloodline putty by a tiny bit.

So, both the tribe leaders were shocked when they heard the Hawk tribe's participant had improved his bloodline by training.

"Anyway, it is only by a tiny bit though, how are your tribe's participants doing?" Qrewek laughed inside his heart when he saw their shocked expressions and asked about their tribe's participants.

"Our participant has only a mediocre level of the bloodline when compared with the previous three-tribe contests," Sparrow tribe's leader, Kira, said with a bitter sigh.

She knows that whoever misses this year's contests, they will lose a lot, and their tribe suffers terribly.

And the most important thing was they would be forever the last in the three-tribe contests, and their tribe will not get any resources which will automatically lead to the destruction of her tribe.

But she can not do anything now, as there was nothing in her hands that could improve the bloodline of her tribe's participant.

That did not mean she never tried improving the bloodline purity with training, but heaven played a cruel game with her, and not even a tiny bit of bloodline was enhanced.

"Our participant also has only a mediocre level of bloodline purity," the Fire crow tribe leader sighed as he shook his head.

However, the other two tribe leaders never believed him as they already know that their participant this year has the highest level of bloodline purity from the last hundred years.

'This old fool is perfect in his acting as usual,'

Hawk's tribe leader Qrewek and Netherworld Ice Sparrow's tribe leader Kira thought in their minds at the same time.

They already know the actual characters of everyone.

Among the three tribe leaders, the Fire Crow tribe leader was the most cunning and cruel; the Lightning Hawk tribe leader was known for his intelligence, and the Ice sparrow tribe leader was the most mysterious.

" I heard that there were noises from the Ancient grounds earlier? Is it time for the contest?" Qrewek asked after their small interactions about the participants.

"Yes, when the sounds came, I was nearby, and I came here hurriedly. The sounds are the same sounds that indicate our three tribes to prepare for the contest," Fire crow tribe leader, Krico explained slowly, as he was the one who came here first when he heard the sounds.

"We will start the contest in two days then, what do you say?", Kira suggested to the other two tribe leaders.

"I have no problem with that," Krico was the first to agree to her suggestion.

"Sure, I also have no problem," Qrewek also agreed to her suggestion, since his tribe found the participant anyway.

"I have some work back at the tribe then, I will take my leave," Kira left directly after finishing her words.

"What's with her? Why is she in a hurry?" seeing the disappeared Kira with her long purple wings behind her, Krico asked Qrewek.

"Who knows, she was always like that. Anyway, I will take my leave now," seeing that Kira left, Qrewek also said his words and left.

"I know both of you are try something behind, but I will let you know soon that there will be only one tribe in the Shixato Wilds and that is Fire crow tribe, Hahhahaha," Krico said to himself and at the end of his words, he started laughing loudly.

"I should think of a way to improve the bloodline of my tribe's participant in this two days; otherwise, from the likes of the Fire crow, they will do something crazy in the contest," On his way back to the Hawk tribe, Qrewek racked his brains for a way to improve the bloodline of Snow who came to his tribe in the morning.

"And, also, there was something off about that human?" Qrewek thought about Ajax and said these words.

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