New Age Of Summoners Chapter 131

119 Heaven Grade Artifac

The three tribes, Lightning Dragon Hawk tribe, Three-legged Fire Crow tribe and Netherworld Ice Sparrow tribe were started by three legendary Emperors who evolved from ordinary spirit beasts.

However, no one knows how strong they were and where they went.

But in every generation, there will be one tribe member in each generation, who has the probability of becoming the next Emperor.

Only if they were alive, they could become one.

Ajax, with the trembling hands, used the system to check the small white feather.


Item name:- Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor's feather.

Artifact Grade:- Low-level Heaven Grade

Passive Effects:- 1) Hides the original presence of the User and makes them look like an evolved lightning hawk tribe member by others.

2) It increases the original movement speed of the user by the factor of two.

Artifact skill:-

1) Flight:- The user can fly with his increased movement speed for five minutes.

Special Effect:- Can block the three full attacks of the King realm attacks.

Number of blocks left:- 2/3

"What? This small feather is a Heaven grade artifact?" Ajax became speechless when he saw the system notification.

With each line he read on the holographic screen, he became shocked and checked the information regarding the small feather once again.

"Damn, the special effect is broken", Ajax excitedly thought in his mind, about the special effect of the artifact.

It was way too powerful, as it can block the King realm cultivators full attacks three times, causing Ajax to be excited and happy.

"But why is he giving me something so valuable?" with the white feather in trembling hands, Ajax thought but didn't ask.

'There is no free lunch in this world. If anyone gives you something they expect something of similar value or more from you', Ajax thought in silently and controlled his excitement.

"You must be wondering, why I gave this to you, right?"Elder Qrewek did not miss the expression of the Ajax.

"Yes, Elder Qrewek", Ajax nodded his head agreeing with the tribe leader.

"According to the records in our Hawk shrine, the one who will come with our pure-blooded tribe's childe, should be given this feather", slowly, Elder Qrewek explained the reason behind his gift and continued, "Now, go and rest in my house. I will quickly go and check the Ancient grounds with other tribe leaders."

Ajax nodded his head, sensing the urgency in Elder Qrewek's voice.

"Kraiww, look after Ajax until I return", Elder Qrewek ordered the older brother among the two birdmen whom Ajax followed here, to take care of him.

"Yes, Chief", Kraiww replied, accepting the mission gladly.

According to him, looking after the Master of their pure-blooded tribe's childe was an honour, so he was happy with the mission.

After giving his order, Elder Qrewek flew away in the direction of the birdman who came earlier to relay the news in a lightning flash.

Ajax did not even have a chance to see clearly the after images before the Elder Qrewek vanished from the sky.

"He was fast", Ajax marvelled at the speed of the Elder Qrewek.

"Sir Ajax, follow me. I will show you, your room", Kraiww motioned Ajax to follow him into the tribe leader's house.

Nodding his head, Ajax and Snow followed Kraiww and entered the house.

As soon as he entered the house, he was shocked by the interior space of the house.

The interior of the house looked much bigger than outside.

"Huh?" Kraiww saw the shock on Ajax's face when he turned back and explained, "The interior of the tribe leader's house was inscribed with spatial arrays, so it looked much bigger than outside."

Ajax nodded his head in understanding.

He knows that there was one profession which is easier to learn when compared to Alchemy. That is Arrays.

Those who were mastered in the Arrays are called Array masters.

"So, that means, Elder Qrewek is an array master", Ajax asked as he followed Kraiww.

"Yes and not a low-level one but a rank 4 array master," Kraiww proudly said about it.

Kraiww suddenly thought of something and said, "There is no one who has as much knowledge as him in the Five Elemental World and called as the most intelligent tribe leader."

Soon they reached a room, and Kraiww said, "This your room, Sir Ajax. If you need anything, you can use the transmission talisman inside the room".

"Sure," Ajax nodded his head and said, "actually, I have something I wanted to ask you".

Ajax was somewhat embarrassed when he said that.

"Sure, Sir Ajax. Go ahead and ask," Kraiww said in a whisper when he saw the embarrassed Ajax and misunderstood his embarrassment for something else.

So, he asked in a whisper before looking left and right.

"I need three ingredients which are Ruby grass, Lake moss, and the Elephant clary, Do you have it?", Ajax asked glaring at Kraiww.

"Oh? So, Sir Ajax wants some alchemy ingredients", Kraiw rubbed his head for misunderstanding Ajax.

And continued, "Although we can not compare to the Fire crow tribe in terms of Alchemy, we have few rank 3 alchemists, so we manage a constant flow of alchemy ingredients for our Alchemists."

After praising their tribe for some time, Kraiww came to the actual point and said, "I will go and check the inventory and send them to you".

"By the way, how many sets do you want?", before leaving, Kraiww asked about the number of sets.

"More than 200 sets will be okay", Ajax thought of a second and said.

As he was required to refine at least 100 rank 1 pills for completing the Mission Alchemy Maniac, and after calculating the fifty percent success rate with the basic fire refining technique, he needed at least 200 sets to refine 100 times successfully.

"Okay, 200 sets", Kraiww turned around to leave, muttering the 200 sets.

"How many?"But after taking two steps, he froze with the number of sets he muttered and asked Ajax again.

"200 sects but if you have more, you can also send them to me", Ajax replied and thinking that Kraiww was worrying about the cost, he said, "I can pay for the ingredients with spirit stones".

"No need, they are only low-level ingredients anyway," Kraiww just shook his head, denying the spirit stones and left.

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