New Age Of Summoners Chapter 13

13 System??

At the bottom of the cursed abyss,

After 10 or so hours, Ajax finally opened his eyes slowly. His body is so weak that he was unable to move. His entire body is covered in blood. Not only that but he felt a terrible pain when he tried moving his body.

Not knowing what to do, Ajax remained motionless.

"What a miracle, My body is still intact even after such a fall", Ajax sighed.

'Ding, due to host's severe condition, initiating the trial in advance", Amidst his sighing, he heard a cold voice in his head.

" Who?? ", Ajax checked his surroundings with his eyes but didn't find anyone.

'Ding, checking host's stats

Name :- Ajax

race :- human

Body force :- 1600 jin

Essence of nature :-1000 units

Soon a holographic screen appeared infront of him displaying his name, race, body force and essence of nature.

Suppressing his shock, he wonder what 1000 units and focused on essence of nature section

'(fire-100, water- 100,air-100, land-100, life-200, death-400)'.

Soon essence of nature of various elements are shown separately on the holographic screen. Adding all of them is 1000 units.

Ajax assumed units as some type of measure for essence of nature.

"fire, water, air and land are equal but why life and death energies are higher than others??", after thinking for few seconds he assumed may be meridian cleansing fruit which I ate four years ago was the reason for the increase in life energy but couldn't find why the death energy is very high.

'Ding, due to high death energy in the host's body, the trial is related to that'.

With that the scenery before him began to blur and changed in to a vast desert.

'Ding, healing all wounds on host's body as per the trial rules', he heard the cold voice in his head.

"My wounds are recovering.... ", His wounds are recovering at an incredible speed.

Within few seconds, he is fully healed and his body is full of energy.

Only then, he caught the full of his surroundings around him. It's a vast desert looked devoid of life and full of death energy which made his hair stand.

But the strange thing is, that the death energy around him is not corroding his body anymore.

Before he can understand what is happening around him fully, he heard the usual cold voice,

'Ding, Host must finish three tasks in 12 hours to complete the trial ,otherwise it is considered a failure'

'Ding, failure results instant death, so please complete the task within the specific time', Ajax heard back to back sounds in his head.

"You must be joking right now, what do you mean by instant death", Ajax asked in a silly tone.


Task 1:-Collect 100 death energy spirit stones.

Task 2:-Save three elemental spirits.

Task 3:- Kill the Undead Elite Soldier. ',

Same previous holographic screen appeared infront of his but instead of stats now it displayed the tasks of the trial.

"Where can I find so may spirit stone contains death energy"

"Where are the Elemental spirits"

"From whom should I save them"

"Who is that undead elite soldier and how should I kill him"

"Atleast give me some weapons"

"You cold blooded system, say something",

Ajax asked a bunch of random question but he didn't heard the usual cold voice in his head.

He named the voice in his head as the 'System'. So he shouted and called it as a cold blooded system.

Ajax shouted crazily for some time then calmed himself.

'Now is not the time for shouting, I think, I should devise a plan to complete the tasks otherwise I will die for sure', with that he sat cross legged and began devising his plan.

At first Ajax thought this was all a dream but when he pinched himself he felt pain, so he assumed it is not a dream instead it's reality.

'I think it's easier to collect spirit stones but 100 is a difficult number, but when compared to Task 2 and Task 3 , Task 1 is relatively easy', after pondering for some time he headed in the direction in which he sensed the concentration of death energy is more.

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