New Age Of Summoners Chapter 129

117 Three Tribes

"It is just a simple condition, I want to know everything about the contest and also about the other two tribes", Ajax stressed the words 'want to know everything'.

"Huh?", before looking at each other, they nodded their heads and said, "Of course we will give the detailed information about everything you want to know along the way to our tribe".

Nodding his head, Ajax looked at the Snow and explained it about participating in the contest for the lightning dragon hawk tribe.

Although it took some time to make it understand about 'Contest' 'Tribes', Snow nodded its head as though it was ready for anything.

Soon, Ajax mounted Snow whereas the two birdmen flew with their long eagle wings.

As one of the birdmen guided the way in the sky, the other one started his explanation with an introduction.

"My name is Kraiww and he is my junior brother Krail" while pointing at the birdman who was in front of them, Kraiww introduced his brother Krail.

Ajax nodded his head, remembering their weird names in his mind.

"We are the descendants of the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor, so we are called Lightning Dragon Hawk tribe or in short Hawk tribe. The other two tribes are the descendants of the Three-Legged Fire Sun Crow and Netherworld Ice Sparrow which are also called as Crow tribe and Sparrow tribe respectively", after introducing their names, Kraiww explained the three tribes origin.

"Every ten years, we from the three tribes allow our tribe's Childe to compete with one another in a contest which we name it as Three tribe contest.

The first ranked participant among them will get the 60 percent of the region in the Shixato Wilds, for their tribe to rule. The resources from that region solely belong to them for the next 10 years. Similarly, the second ranker among them can gain 30 percent area for their tribe, and the last tribe will get 10 percent region to live", Kraiww sighed lightly, when he explained about the rewards.

"So, even if you don't participate in the contest, you will get 10 percent of the Shixato Wilds to live, right? Then where is your problem?" Ajax raised his brow when he heard the reward classification for the contest.

In the mission description, he saw that the contest decides the fate of the Hawk tribe. But they are getting 10 percent of the Shixato Wilds which is enough for them to live peacefully, so he puzzled at the big words the system used in the mission description.

"Actually, there are other rewards for first and second places in the contest, they are the inheritances of our predecessors who reached the King realm", Kraiww paused for a moment before continuing, "There is only one ancient ground where all our bird race ancestors placed their inheritances and the first two among the three tribe's childe can enter the ancient grounds and can receive a full inheritance for first ranker and a 50 percent inheritance for the second ranker. Once they get an inheritance, their strength will boost to the peak and slowly erase our tribe from the Shixato Wilds in the next 10 years", Kraiww said in a sad tone.

"Then, how much of a chance is there for Snow to get a first or a second position?", Ajax now understood the meaning behind the mission description words and asked the probability of Snow getting the first or a second position.

Looking at the Snow, Kraiww's dejected expression became excited and said, "Although it has no chance on getting the first position, getting a second position is not a problem".

Nodding his head at Kraiww, Ajax silently thought, "Then why is the mission has 'A+' danger rating".

When Kraiww explained it looked straightforward, but when he remembered the mission danger rating, he felt something amiss.

"We don't have any hope in defeating the Crow tribe's childe as he has the strength of the level 1 elite commander realm strength, but defeating the Sparrow tribe's childe is not a problem as it only has the strength of the peak rank 3 level and it is still unevolved just like our Childe", Kraiww explained in detail for the better understanding of the Ajax pointing at the Snow in the end.

"I really want to ask you one thing, will there be any trouble for me or Snow?", Ajax asked Kraiw, but thinking he may not understand the exact meaning, he continued asking the same question, "Like, I am a human, and as for the Snow, it is a Spirit beast, so will there be any trouble?".

"For Snow, there will be no problem as there are many lightning hawks in our tribe and furthermore, I and my brother are actually evolved from the Lightning dragon hawk after reaching the rank 5", Kraiww smilingly said to Ajax.

"What?" Ajax was shocked by the latest revelation.

"Yes, we evolved from the lighting dragon hawks but we only have 5 percent of the purity, whereas your Snow has more than 40 percent, which we regard it as a genius of one in a million", Looking at the Snow, Kraiww said to Ajax.

Hearing the praise from Kraiww, Ajax lightly caressed the smooth feathers of the Snow.

"As for you, We will discuss it with our tribe leader after we reach the Hawk tribe", hearing the Kraiww's words, Ajax's jaws dropped.

"What do you mean by that?" Ajax asked with a serious expression.

"Finally, we reached the tribe", ignoring Ajax's words, Kraiww lightly exclaimed indicating Ajax that they finally reached the destination.

Ajax looked at the mountain, which has only a few huge trees along with many lightning birds flying everywhere.

Amidst the enormous trees, there are some houses made of unknown material, but they looked exquisite and made Ajax praise the one who made it.

And he also found many birdman and birdwomen whose private parts were covered with some spirit beast skins.

"Hey, look there is a human",

"Wait, isn't that elder Kraiw",

"I heard that he went on a mission to find our Childe",

"Look, the Lightning Hawk is not from here, right?"

"It looks majestic, I think it is not Lightning Hawk, but Lightning Dragon Hawk which managed to awaken the pure bloodline",

As they flew over the houses, many bird folks pointed their claws at him and talked about him and Snow.

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