New Age Of Summoners Chapter 126

116 Dangerous Mission

Since he was the one who used low-grade primitive stone to upgrade its bloodline, he knows it has the lightning dragon bloodline, but he puzzled at how these bird men knew about the bloodline in the Snow.

"There is a small concentration of Lightning Dragon bloodline in our bodies which made us walk here while sensing that bloodline", One of the birdmen explained seeing the doubt on Ajax's face.

"Whatever, but I want to make one thing clear, I don't want Snow to take any unnecessary risk for others", although, Ajax was afraid of the two birdmen who possessed strength higher than him, he doesn't want to put Snow in any danger.

After he finished his words, Ajax stood in front of the Snow, not allowing their request.

"What are you saying?", the birdman on the left frowned as he looked at the Ajax who stood in front of the Snow.

"What I am saying is I will not allow Snow to participate in your tribe's resource fight", Ajax stood on his words solidly without any fear in his eyes.

"Who the hell, do you think you are to not allow our tribe's hope to not participate in the resource fight?", both birdmen released their General realm strength and suppressed Ajax.

The Pressure from the general realm is not Ajax can withstand, but even so, he tried to resist the pressure forcefully.

However, his body soon started shaking with that much of the pressure.

Seeing the shaking Ajax in front of it, Snow covered Ajax with its long wings to stop the pressure from the general realm birdmen.

How can it stop the pressure for the general realm cultivator, when its strength is only at the peak mid-level rank 3.

Soon, it was also unable to bear the pressure. Just, when it thought it would become unconscious, the pressure on it has vanished into thin air.

"Why is our tribe's Childe protecting him?" Both of them asked each other at the same time in unison.

"I think, the human kid might have saved our tribe's childe and became friends with him", this was the thought of one birdman, which was instantly agreed by the other birdman.

"We should apologize for our earlier behaviour, otherwise, 'Childe' may not participate in the contest and our tribe will be suppressed by the other two tribes for the next 10 years", They quickly apologized to Ajax and Snow for their rude behaviour.

Ajax didn't say anything, but he looked at them angrily, which made them even more worry.

They worried because, if their tribe's childe agrees with the human kid to not participate in the contest, then they will be the sinners of their tribe.

"Please show some mercy and allow Childe light dragon hawk to participate in the contest", they quickly fell on their knees and apologized.

Ajax's anger calmed down a little, Seeing the kowtowing birdmen.

Just when he was about to decline the participation of Snow in their so-called 3 tribe contest, he got a system notification.


New mission generated, please check the quest tab for more details.

'Why is a mission generated now, don't tell me this mission will be about Snow', Ajax thought to himself in his mind.

Because, whenever the system generated a new mission, it will be about something, that is related to his current situation.

Praying that it should not be related to the 3 tribe mission in his heart, Ajax slowly opened the quest tab to check the new mission details.


Mission name:- Help the Lightning dragon hawk tribe.

Description 1):- Allow the host's lightning dragon hawk to help the lightning dragon hawk tribe in getting the first position in the 3 tribe contest.

2):- The lightning dragon hawk tribe is in a desperate situation as this contest will decide their fates.

Reward:- Upgrading the Inner world along with the chance of turning a piece of land into an elemental paradise.

Note:- The host can choose any element he wants for Paradise.

Danger rating:- A+

Mission failure:- Instant death of the host.

"What the heck?" Ajax shouted when he saw the name of the mission but soon calmed down as he was seen as a maniac by the two birdmen.

Soon, he turned his back to the birdmen and angrily cursed at the system, "I really don't want to meddle with other people's problem, you fu*king system".

But when he read the two descriptions, he felt sad for the Hawk tribe as their lives are all depended on the contest.

Furthermore, they have the same bloodline as the Lightning dragon hawk, which convinced him almost to accept the mission.

"A+ danger rating", seeing the danger rating, Ajax quickly rejected the thought of accepting the mission.

But when he looked at the Mission failure, he again started cursing the system.

"You cold-blooded system."

"You have already decided for me to accomplish the mission, isn't that unfair?", Ajax got no reply from the system like always whenever he curses at it.

"Sigh..., Okay Snow will participate in your so-called 3 tribe contest", Ajax agreed since there was no way for him to escape from the system's punishment anyway.

'Although the rewards are great, the danger rating is so high that there is no way he can finish the mission that easily', Ajax thought as he compared the rewards with the Danger rating.

'But to enjoy the rewards, I should be alive, right?', AJax bitterly thought and sighed at the danger of the mission.


The reward is in the risk, host.

Please focus on the mission properly.

A system notification came with a quote reminding the Ajax to focus on the mission.

"Thank you, human."

"Thank you, human", both the birdmen said one after another excitedly.

"But there is one condition for my Snow to join your contest", seeing their excitement, Ajax slowly said to them.

"As long as it is within our capability, we will do our best to satisfy any conditions", Both of them said in unison.

"It is just a simple condition,....."

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