New Age Of Summoners Chapter 125

115 Shixato Wilds

"For refining the level-breaking pills, the purity of the medicinal essences should be more than 50 percent and for the essence gathering pills, the level of purification of each individual ingredient should be more than 80 percent to successfully refine the pills and if he managed to successfully purify the ingredient to 100 percent, there is 100 percent chance of achieving the special pill effect", Ajax pondered about the differences between the two pill refining processes.

"Since I have completed all the missions I can possibly complete now, It's time to cultivate the essence of nature", Now, he can not cultivate to increase his strength but to accumulate the number of units of the essence of nature in his spirit consciousness.

"Snow, it is time to go back and join with the others to cultivate", Ajax mounted the Lightning dragon hawk and flew towards their previous location.

"Snow, let's stop here and clean ourselves", he motioned Snow to fly towards a small stream of water in the distance.

After receiving the mud bullets from the octopus-like spirit beast, even though they didn't injure much, they pretty much became muddy, and dust was all over their clothes.

Even though the stream looked peaceful, they did not directly rush into the water; instead, they slowly examined their surroundings first, and only after confirming that there was no danger, they cleaned themselves.

It was because of the earlier incident at the small mountain which looked quite peaceful, but the octopus-like spirit beast suddenly attacked them out of nowhere.

So Ajax wanted to feel safer first than feeling sorry later.

After cleaning himself, he changed into a new set of clothes that were prepared before he was entering into the five elemental world.

Just as he was preparing to leave the area, he heard some noises from a distance and spotted two weird looking beings walking towards him.

They looked like a humanoid bird type beings with two enormous wings and two small, clawed legs, with a large, robust body.

They have two eyes which sit concealed in their sockets and which made him think that they have impressive eyesight.

Their thin, sharp beaks made these alien beings appear to be arrogant, so he does not want to be seen by them.

But before he could hide from them, he was spotted by them.

"Who are you?", the bird-like being on the left asked in a human speech making Ajax confuse as he assumed, they did not know the human language.

However, to his surprise, they spoke very fluently as they asked him.


Race:- Bird (Hawk)

Strength:- Level 1 General realm

Ajax silent checked their cultivations and found out the cultivations of the two Bird race men in front of him.

"I am Ajax", Ajax introduced himself politely, seeing their strength.

Instead of replying to him, they walked towards the Snow and bowed while praising, "Oh heavens, you finally blessed us, the Hawk clan".

Ajax was shocked to see the sudden turn of events in front of him.

'What is happening? Why are they bowing to Snow?', Ajax silently thought to himself in his head before looking at the Snow, which looked just as confused as he was.

"We are waiting for you for a few years now, childe Lightning Dragon Hawk", they politely stood up, and one of them spoke slowly with tears in his eyes.

"Yes, Childe Lightning Dragon Hawk, not only us, but the entire Hawk clan is waiting for you to appear", just like the previous one, the second bird man also spoke politely with tears in his eyes.

"Excuse me, sirs. What are you saying?", seeing all their action, Ajax slowly intervened and asked them politely not wanting to anger the two general realm cultivators.

Seeing Ajax, close with the Snow, they thought that he was someone important to the childe lightning dragon hawk and politely explained before looking nodding their heads at each other.

"In the Five elemental world, there are many regions which are dominated by different races, and our bird race is dominating this region which is called Shixato Wilds. Moreover, the bird race has three types of tribes like the Lightning Hawk tribe, Fire Crow tribe, Ice Sparrow tribe.

Every 10 years, the three tribes need to send the highest bloodline member from the tribe and let them compete for the resources and governance of the majority of the Shixato Wilds", the birdman stopped speaking and looked at the other birdman.

"But our last representative who has the high purity of the Lightning dragon hawk bloodline in him mysteriously died just after the last fight which was held 10 years back.

And after that, from our Lightning tribe, no one managed to awaken that much high purified bloodline in them from our tribe causing all the tribe to feel anxious", The second birdman stopped after speaking until here.

And it was continued by the first birdman who started explaining first, "But there is a prophecy in one of our ancient grounds that there will be, always a high-level bloodline member will appear at the last moment of the 3-tribe fight to save the Hawk tribe from the other bird tribes".

"Wait for a second, now you are saying that Snow is that member who will appear just before the fight?", Ajax felt it is too much of a coincidence.

Because he was the one who got the reward to visit the Five elemental world form the system, which was also an unexpected reward form the system, all in all, he still felt it was unbelievable.

"Yes, the childe Lightning dragon hawk is the one who will be representing the fight which is two days from now on, right? Great lightning dragon hawk", one of the birdman excitedly said.

After he finished speaking, he looked at Snow for an answer, but Snow looked at Ajax as though it was asking 'what are you all discussing?'.

"And how do you know that Snow has the highest level of the bloodline", Ajax asked puzzledly without bothering with the Snow.

Since he was the one who used low-grade primitive stone to upgrade its bloodline, he knows it has the lightning dragon bloodline, but he puzzled at how these bird men knew about the bloodline in the Snow.


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