New Age Of Summoners Chapter 124

114 Mission Completed

Ajax does not want to fight a hopeless battle with a high-level spirit beast, so without any hesitation, he fled away from the location.

"That thing looked like octopus must be a peak rank 4 spirit beast even stronger than the Snow Lion King", Ajax was unable to forget the attacking speed of the Spirt beast and compared with the Snow Lion King, he met in the Cursed Abyss.

Due to the long-range from the spirit beast, he was unable to use the system to check its information, so he still didn't know what that spirit beast's name and what level of strength it had.

But one thing was sure; it was much stronger than the Snow Lion King he met in the cursed abyss.

After escaping from that spirit beast, he resumed his search for the plants to finish the mission soon and go back to his cultivation.

The reason, Ajax was trying to complete this mission was that he hoped, he would get some 'A' danger rating missions in the future if he completed these kinds of small missions.

"Once I get some 'A' danger rating mission, I will be able to upgrade my strength easily along with that mission rewards", Ajax muttered as he slowly searched for the plants that can give him some essence of nature from the inner world.

Low or High, doesn't matter to him anymore, as long as he can get some free essence of nature, he will store the plants into his inner world.

"Finally collected the last plant for the mission", due to his luck or whatever kind of reason, within that last 12 hours he managed to find seven more plants which gave him 1 or 2 units of the essence of nature per plant from the inner world.

Nevertheless, when combined with the previous plants and his original 40 units, he was getting more than 50 units per day.

The seven latest plants he collected are namely, Barbed grass, Smelly bush, Cihorn, Diflover, etc. which mainly used in the process of making some pills.


Mission 4:-Collect the Plants, Completed.

Progress:- (10/10)

Completion rating:- 'B'


Reward:-A rank 2 pill recipe along with three sets of ingredients stored in the host's inventory.

As soon as he stored the last plant in his inner world, he got the notification from the system informing about the completion of the mission.

Ajax did not care about the completion rate as he will not get any additional rewards for this type of mission anyway even if he completes this mission with a completion ration of 'S'.

He quickly took out the rank 2 pill recipe from the inventory.

Like Spirit beasts, Pills are also classified into various ranks starting from rank 1,2,3,4

But due to the insufficient essence of nature in the Zrochester Province which was monopolized by the Draton Kingdom, only a few cultivators can become the Alchemists, and most of them will be in the top three sects, five leading families and the Royal family (Draton family).

Furthermore, due to the same lack of essence of nature, the herbs or plants of rank 5 or higher than rank 5 are scarce. If one appeared it would be most likely end up into the hands of the upper echelon of the province.

So most of the alchemists are struck at peak rank 4 and waiting for rank 5 plants or herbs to break through to the rank 5 Alchemist level.


Item name:- Ancient essence gathering pill recipe

Items required:- Longevity fruit, Barbed grass, Abyss cap, Serpent ambrosia.

Process:- vlnsfn dnso dsni fjr effe fcn dnnccd dnxc niwdo

Special pill effect:- There is an 80 percent chance of gaining a one-month life span when the pill made by this process is consumed. (Due to longevity fruit)

Description:- It is a long lost pill recipe, which helps in refining a rank 2 essence gathering pills that can increase the cultivation speed of the consumer by 3 times. And can be consumed by anyone who knows how to cultivate.

"Only essence gathering pills? Wait, is it for real?" Seeing the name of the recipe, he thought this was some regular essence gathering pill that can be found in the market, but when he saw the description, he was flabbergasted and rubbed his eyes before reading the description once again.

The reason for his shock was that the essence gathering pills that are available in the market can increase the cultivation speed by only 1.5 times, but this pill increases the cultivation speed by 3 times.

"Only four items? In which I already have two items and need two more to start refining the pills",

Seeing the items required, Ajax was somewhat happy as he already has the most difficult ones in his possession and the other two can be obtained easily according to the knowledge, he received from the Basic Alchemy Book.

"But what is that language?", Ajax did not understand the process that is projected on to the holographic screen, causing his mind puzzle with the strange words.


Do you want to learn the process of making the ancient essence gathering pill?

"Yes, I want to learn", after seeing the description like that, who does not want to learn the process of making some great pills to increase their cultivation speed.

Seeing the last system notification, Ajax did not worry about the language which he was unable to understand and agreed to the system in learning the process directly.

As soon as he agreed, he felt some mysterious foreign information entering into his mind slowly.

The process only lasted for 5-10 seconds before stopping.

During the entire process, he did not felt any pain as he was already used to small pains, and it required more than that to cause him pain.

"Huh? So, it is just looks like the process of how I refined level breaking pills", after assimilating the new information, Ajax felt the entire process looked almost the same as the process of refining level breaking pills.

Still, there was a small difference between them.


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