New Age Of Summoners Chapter 123

113 Octopus Like Spirit Beas

The forest on the colossal mountain was gigantic, thick, and flourishing with the life elemental essence of nature. The canopy was reigned by redwood, hawthorn, and walnut, their leaves, and branches allowed for just enough light to pass down for a motley of sprouts to sprout in the thick layer of leaves below.

Swooping climbing plants clung to a couple of trees, and a medley of small plants which have some berries and blossoming flowers that added some bright touches to the otherwise colourless lower level.

Ajax slowly walked onto the mountain that was covered by the forest which had enough light barely to see the path ahead.

Some spirit beasts roars could be heard by him from afar, which made him stay even more cautious and alert.

Soon, he found some small bushes that were only half a meter in height.

It had narrow, pointed leaves, which were, usually forest green along with many tiny black coloured berries.

Without wasting any time, he went near to the bushes to examine them with the system


Plant (shrub) name:- Inland inkberry bush

Use:- 1) Berries, can be eaten

2)Its pointed leaves can be used in making pills

Description:- These plants grow alone, but within a decent distance from each other, but it's tricky to control and maintain their growth.

Seeing the information from the system and picked some black coloured berries to eat.

"So sweet", Ajax ate some more berries with Snow, as the berries tasted very sweet than any other berries he tasted before.

After eating his fill, Ajax planted the 12 bushes into the inner world and assumed he completed the mission.


Inland inkberry bushes are successfully transplanted into the inner world.


2 units of the essence of nature per day will be generated from the 12 inkberry bushes to the host's spirit consciousness.

"What only 2 units of the essence of nature for all the 12 bushes? Are you fu*king kidding me?" Ajax shouted at the system after seeing the generated essence of nature from the bushes.


The inland inkberry bush is a very low-level type plant, so it only gives 1 unit for six bushes.

Even though Ajax shouted at the system, it projected the reason on to the holographic screen.

"Okay then, Where is my reward for the mission 'Collect the plants'?", Ajax asked the system after calming his agitation.


Mission 4:-Collect the Plants

Progress:- (01/10)


The host needs 9 more plants to finish the mission.

"Okay", Ajax agreed with the system as he thought, "the danger rating for this mission was shown 'B', and it will not be that simple, right?".

Without wasting any time, he moved deeper into the forest to find some high-level plants to increase the generated essence of nature from the inner world.

After one day,

"It's been one day since we entered the mountain and we only managed to find three plants which give almost no essence of nature. Sigh", Ajax sighed as he spoke to Snow which was hopping behind him with its two bird legs.

After Inland inkberry, they found two more small plants which are Flobrover and Iovaholla.

Both combined only gave him 1 unit of the essence of nature.

With the help of the system, he managed to find that they could be used in Alchemy for making some pills but doesn't know what type of pellets could be made from them.

Nevertheless, he stored both of them in the inner world.

Along the way, they met some rank 2 and even rank 3 spirit beasts which were taken care of by the Snow with its lightning speed and lightning claw.

"Snow there is a small plant on the top of the small mountain, let's fly and collect it", as he was about to lose interest in the 'collect the plants' mission, he found a small plant with a large fruit hanging on it, that really doesn't match with the plant on a narrow path of the mountain which was nearly impossible to walk.

The vast mountain had not only forests but also had many small mountains (Like up and down) on it.

At present Ajax was at one of the smaller mountains where he found a small plant on the top of the mountain.

Hearing the Ajax's order, Snow took flight quickly after Ajax mounted on it, towards the small plant he pointed earlier.

Just as they were about to reach the plant, the ground beneath them moved, and a huge octopus-like spirit beast came out of the earth and waved its tentacles at Snow like whips in order to kill the Snow.

Snow, with its passive Lightning speed, easily dodged the incoming tentacles and flew even higher ignoring the plant for a moment.

"Snow, dodge again", the missed tentacles attacked again.

"Snow, fly higher", Ajax ordered after dodging the tentacle for a second time.

Just as they thought they were in a safe distance, the octopus-like spirit beast used another attack which was least expected by anyone.

It shot at them with mud bullets like a fire cannon without giving them time to breathe.

'Pjack pjack', even though they dodged most of the mud bullets, they were hit by one or two every now and then.

"You", Ajax angered when his handsome face and the beautiful snow-white feathers of the Snow turned into light brown colour.

"Take this", He used the spatial blades of 2000 units of the essence of nature and attacked its mouth from where the mud bullets are coming from.

'Tick tick tick', the spatial blades clashed with the mouth and deflected without a small scratch on the area where he attacked.

"Snow, let's go away from here, we are not a match for it", Seeing that his most potent attack didn't even manage to leave a scratch behind making him lose all his hope.

Previously when he met the strongest spirit beasts, his spatial blades (of less than 2000 units of the essence of nature) managed to cut or even leave behind some scratches on them.

However, now, there was not even a scratch on it, making him hopeless, and he just wanted to leave from here when he had the chance.


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