New Age Of Summoners Chapter 122

112 Absolute Darkness


Mission 1 of the series quest completed.


Reward:- A random dark type of skill is added to the host's skill list.


'Absolute Darkness', a dark type of skill is added.

Please check the user interface for more information about the skill.

"Ohh, I totally forgot about the reward of the mission 1 of the series quest as I was busy fighting the black foxes continuously", Ajax quickly remembered from where he got the skill.

As he was busy fighting the pearl-eyed black foxes, ghost-eyed black foxes then and finally the mutated ghost-eyed black fox. So he totally forgot about the reward.

He didn't bother much about it since the reward is automatically credited into his skill list and just focused on the skill 'Absolute Darkness'.


Skill:- Absolute Darkness

Description:- The user can create a field of absolute impenetrable darkness that completely negates sight and may also dull or even completely negate the other senses of the opponents for some time depending on the strength of the opponent.

(System note:- Effectiveness increases with the strength of the host)

"The name 'Absolute Darkness' really suits the skill's description", Ajax really liked the new ability that looked very dominating.

He looked around to see for any targets to test the effectiveness of the skill but didn't manage to find any other spirit beasts except for Snow, who was sleeping on the ground peacefully.

"Snow, come here", He called the lightning dragon hawk.

It slowly woke up and started walking towards Ajax.

'Absolute Darkness', Ajax slowly muttered in his mind as he set the Snow as his target to test the 'Absolute Darkness' effectiveness.

Poor Snow, which didn't expect his master to cast a skill on it, closely watched him before stopping in front of him.

Soon the lightning dragon hawk was masked by a dark matter which covered its entire body.

Even Ajax was unable to see, what's happening inside the black sphere which covered the Hawk.

But through his spirit contract with the Snow, he was able to feel how terrified the Hawk inside the Domain of Absolute darkness and quickly cancelled the skill on the Snow.

As soon as he cancelled the skill, he was hit by the Lightning Dragon Hawk which rushed out of the slowly disappearing domain of the Absolute Darkness with lightning speed.

Both Ajax and the Snow, (From now on I will use Snow instead of using Lightning Dragon Hawk every time) both fell on the ground.

"Hey, Snow, why did you", Seeing the trembling Snow in front of him, he didn't complete his sentence and hugged gently

"I am sorry Snow, I will not repeat this type of test to you or for any other friends from now on", Ajax tried to comfort the Snow, caressing the smooth white features.

Only after comforting for a while, did the trembling Snow calmed down and pecked Ajax for using it as his practice dummy.

"Sorry, sorry. Stop pecking me", Ajax allowed it to peck him for it to calm its anger (which didn't hurt Ajax though).

"This skill is very powerful, even Snow, with peak mid-level rank 3 strength along with the Lightning dragon bloodline trembled in front of this Absolute Darkness", After their small play, Ajax thought to himself at the power of the 'Absolute Darkness'.

After that, he gave some thunder pool's water to Snow to appease its anger which was still somewhat angry with him.

That made the angry Snow better and forgiven him for using the skill on it without permission.

"Now, it's time to explore the Five elemental world and collect some plants for the mission and for the Inner World", He soon moved onto his next plan.

"I think, it's best for Volcanis, Spirus, and Slait to cultivate here", He didn't want to bother his seriously cultivating contracted elemental spirits to come with him on the 'Collect the plants' mission.

And he checked his other teammates who were not cultivating like Necros, Undead Water Python and recently calmed down Snow.

"Necros, guard Volcanis and others along with the undead water python in my absence, Okay?", Ajax ordered Necros to protect other elemental spirits before going on the 'collect the plants' mission.

"Don't worry, summoning master. I will not disappoint you", Necros squatted down and respectfully said in a Knight's salute.

Nodding his head, Ajax took Snow with him on his plants collecting mission.

Ajax has full confidence in Necros's strength, who recently achieved the strength of the peak level 4 elemental spirit commander along with his two summoners who have the same power (only strength but no skills) as him.

And, not to forget about the power of the Undead water python which has a peak rank 3 strength and a speed that is comparable to many low-level rank 4 spirit beasts.

"Come on Snow, we will start our plant search from that mountain", Ajax mounted on the Snow and pointed his finger towards a substantial green mountain in the distance indicating it to fly towards the mountain.

Understanding the meaning of his words, Snow took flight into the air, and with its passive lightning speed skill, they flew in the direction of the mountain.

Within only 20 minutes they reached the foot of the mountain, and Ajax asked it to stop there.

"We will walk from here on, doesn't want to miss any plant", Ajax patted the Snow as he explained it.

From afar, the mountain looked small, but when he saw it from the foot, it was very huge than he thought and the mountain is not narrow instead it looked like a triangle that can be easily climbed by anyone.

The entire mountain is covered by many plants and trees with all kinds of varieties like small, medium, and huge. But it not only covered by the trees but various spirit beasts which are making loud roars and other noises making Ajax think for a moment to enter the mountain or not?

"For strength, I need to take risks. Otherwise, I always remain as a coward in my entire life", Ajax motivated himself to enter the forest.


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