New Age Of Summoners Chapter 121

111 Dark Elementalis

"What? A spirit beast king's spirit consciousness? Tried to make me into its slave?" Ajax shocked to hear something unexpected from the System which made him shuddered.

As he was shocked, the mutated black fox on the ground made pained noises before falling unconsciously with a 'Thud'.

"Ghost, what happened?" Ajax hurriedly squatted beside it worriedly.

The unconscious black fox's breathing slowly became rough as though it was gasping for air and started twitching its entire body, making Ajax even more worried.

"System, what happened to it? please help", Ajax quickly requested the System to do something about the twitching black fox on the ground.


It is due to the host waking up the dormant spirit beast king's consciousness in the mutated black fox's spirit consciousness.


The awakened Spirit beast king's consciousness is trying to take over the body of the mutated black fox.


Now the black fox is fighting with the spirit beast king's consciousness for its own body.

"What? It's fighting for its own body? all because of me trying to form a contract with it" when he heard that the black fox is fighting for its own body because of him, he blamed himself and asked the System about anything he can do for it to win the fight with the spirit beast king.


Although the Spirit beast king is in a very weakened stated, he is much stronger than the current mutated black fox.


Use can help it by increasing its bloodline with the mid-grade Primitiv stone in your inventory.

Ajax's eyes lit up when he heard the System's words.

Without any hesitation, he quickly took out the mid-grade primitive stone he got from the previous mission and ordered the System, "System, use this mid-grade primitive stone and upgrade its bloodline, quickly".

Actually, he saved the mid-grade primitive stone for the Destructive twilight dragon.

Still, when he saw that the mutated black fox is fighting the spirit beast king's consciousness for its own body due to his mistake, he didn't show any hesitation in using the primitive stone.

Soon, the primitive stone in the hands of Ajax flew into the mutated black fox's mouth.

Just after the stone entered into its body, the outer shape of the mutated black fox glowed with a dark halo.

Along with the dark halo, its body started growing slowly, and the painful noises made by it became even louder, making Ajax anxious.

"System, what is happening to it? Didn't you say that it will help Ghost to fight the spirit beast king's consciousness?" Ajax implored the System.


The host doesn't need to feel anxious.

No gain without pain


It has to go through the pain to gain the strength

Even though he heard the System's words, he couldn't help but worry about the safety of the black fox.

He sent his essence of nature after converting his universal essence of nature into the dark elemental essence of nature.

As he continued to send the dark elemental essence of nature into it, the pained noises from it became less and less, making Ajax's worried heart a little relaxed.


The host's contracted spirit beast, the mutated Ghost-eyed black fox's bloodline purity increased and became a Great Anteater Kinkajou bloodline.


The mutated black fox successfully advanced to rank 4 and evolved into a triple Ghost-eyed black fox.


The black fox successfully defeated the spirit beast king's consciousness and stored it in its spirit consciousness, and the black fox can fully use it for its future cultivation.


The loyalty of the black fox increased to close friend.

After what it felt a millennium, Ajax heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the continuous system notifications which chimed non-stop in his head.

He slowly caressed the smooth black fur of the black fox which is still unconscious, but he knew that the black fox is out of danger and sent it into the inner world's new location, 'The Dark Paradise'.

Ajax named the newly turned area in the inner world as 'The Dark Paradise' and will allow let his dark spirit beasts and the elemental spirits to cultivate in it.

"Finally, Ghost's life is safe and it managed to turn the disaster into a blessing", Ajax heaved a sigh of relief after he sent the Ghost into the Inner World.

He sat on the ground and looked at his information in the user interface.

In the user interface, he found something that he didn't know where it came from under section called 'Speciality' and asked the System about it.


When the host tried to form a contract with the mutated black fox, the host's spirit consciousness mutated a little and gained a speciality.


Speciality:- Dark Elementalist (Passive)

Use:- Increases the cultivation speed of the dark type beings by 50 percent when they were in the 10-meter radius around the host.

Description:- From now on, when the host encounters any dark type beings (spirit beasts or elemental spirits), he will be shown less hatred and sometimes even attracted to the host.

"What? I can get something like this just by successfully escaping from the spirit beast king's consciousness", Ajax baffled at the speciality called 'Dark Elementalist'.

"But it is a good specialty though. Just makes my time easier when I will contract with the Dark-type beings in the future", Even though Ajax really doesn't how he got the speciality and what it has to do with the Spirit beast king's consciousness, he really liked it very much and felt useful in the future.

"Huh?" Ajax's gaze landed on the skills section, which made him puzzled.

The reason was another thing that is unfamiliar to him in his skills section.


Skills:- Spatial blades, Spiritual sense, Absolute Darkness

"Where did it come from?" Ajax thought for a while and checked the inbox of the System for any unread messages.

Soon, in front of him, the unread messages displayed with a 'ding' sound.


.... . . . .


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