New Age Of Summoners Chapter 120

110 Spirit Beast Kings Spirit Consciousness


The corpse of the Anteater Kinkajou has been wholly integrated into the inner world.


A piece of land in the Inner world has turned in to a dark elemental cultivator's paradise.

With the system notification sounds in his head, Ajax woke up from his cultivation and checked his inner world.

The inner world looked just like before, but a corner of the inner world is surrounded by an extremely rich dark element of the essence of nature, and it's just like a paradise for the dark element beings.

As he was checking the inner world, he got another system notification in his head.


A new mission is generated, Please check the quest tab.

He quickly checked the quest tab which was already filled with three missions, and now a new mission added to the list making it four tasks.

He didn't check the first three missions as he already knew about them and directly viewed the fourth mission, which is the latest mission he got.


Mission 4:-Collect the Plants

Progress:- (0/10)

Description:- The five elemental world is not only known for the vibrant essence of nature, but also its varieties of plants and herbs. Since you are here, in the five elemental world, why not collect some plants to your inner world.

Danger rating:- B

Reward:-A rank 2 pill recipe along with three sets of ingredients.

"Seriously, are you trying to push me into the path of alchemy?", Ajax joked with the system.

Even if the system not issued this mission, he would have undoubtedly searched for some plants to store in his inner world to increase his free essence of nature.

"A free rank 2 pill recipe, is not bad", He said to himself and continued, "Since the system is giving it, there must be something special to it, right?".

He hoped that the rank 2 pill recipe should be something special and useful for him.

After his future expectations, Ajax looked at his faraway elemental spirits.

They were cultivating in the different locations, and Spirus was the only one that is near to him, so he checked on her cultivation to see how many levels, she has improved in the elite Elemental spirit soldier realm.


Elemental spirit name:- Spirus

Element:- Life type

Cultivation level:-Level 8 elite elemental spirit soldier

Skills:- Drain and absorb, Bless

"Not bad, Not bad", Ajax nodded his head seeing the improvement in the cultivation of Spirus which increased from peak level 5 elite spirit soldier to level 8 elite spirit soldier in just 3-4 hours.

Next, he checked Necros's cultivation, which improved by only a tiny bit and reached the peak of the level 4 Elemental spirit commander.

As volcanis and Slait are far away from him, he was unable to check their improvement in cultivation but didn't bother to disturb them and allowed them to cultivate.

As he stood up and stretched his body, his gaze fell on the ghost-eyed mutated black fox.

"Since the corpse is completely integrated into the inner world, I think, I can form a contract with it, right?", Ajax mused himself.

"Ghost, come here", He called the mutated black fox with its new name 'Ghost'.

Ajax started calling it Ghost because of its ghost-eyes which will make one scared if they saw it in the dark.

Slowly he placed his hand on its black head and entered into its spirit consciousness with his spirit sense.

Spirit sense is a type of skill that allows one to sense their surroundings or other spirit consciousness; even their eyes closed. He got that skill when he broke through to the Commander realm in the Spirit cultivation.

Still, due to him, not having any official contracted elemental spirit, he can only use it only in a very close range, or he should be in contact with others to enter his spirit consciousness into others spirit consciousness.

When he contracted with the Snow, the lightning dragon hawk, he used the same method.

After entering into its spirit consciousness, Ajax got shocked by the amount of the dark essence of nature in it.

"With this much amount of spirit consciousness, it's no wonder it continued to stand up no matter how hard we hit it earlier", Ajax thought back to the fight earlier in which the mutated fox stood up no matter how many times they knocked it.

Just as he was thinking about the earlier fight, he felt like he was drowning in some kind of water which made him anxious.

"What is happening? Why am I feeling drowned", he slowly felt dizzy and was about to lose his consciousness.

"Wake up, Don't lose confidence", a familiar voice heard in his head making him woke up from his dizziness.

"You can do it, Ajax", he motivated himself after hearing the words of the old voice in his head.

Without wasting any time, he found a place in the mutated black fox's spirit consciousness and implant his spirit mark and hastily escaped from the spirit consciousness.

"Phew..", only after getting out of the mutated black fox's spirit consciousness, he felt relieved and relaxed.

"What's that? It's like there is another consciousness in there which tried to devour me", Ajax felt there is another being's consciousness in the spirit consciousness of the mutated black fox.

After gasping for air for some time, he looked at the mutated black fox which looked at him innocently with its puppy eyes.

"System, do you know what is that I felt earlier?" Ajax asked the system because he thought the thing in its spirit consciousness tried to do more than devouring him.


A Spirit beast king's consciousness is laying dormant in the spirit consciousness of the mutated black fox when the host tried to form a contract with it, the spirit beast king's consciousness woke up from its slumber and tried to make the host into its slave.

"What? A spirit beast king's spirit consciousness? Tried to make me into its slave?" Ajax shocked to hear something unexpected from the system which made him shuddered and his back drenched in a cold sweat.


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