New Age Of Summoners Chapter 12

12 King Stephen

Just when Ajax was about to reach the cursed abyss, He was blasted away by the assassin's kick.

Although his body is strong but it isn't strong enough to defend the kick of the assassin.

But still Ajax stood up coughing blood.

'huh, I used all my strength in the kick earlier which is about 1600 jin but still he managed to stand up. Although my greatest strength is in techniques but still that kick is enough to kill him.

what's with him', that assassin thought silently.

With a smirk, Ajax asked,

"why are you killing us".

Seeing the smirk on his face the assassin felt irritated and came forward to kill Ajax.

Ajax dodged his strike again and caught the assassin body and jumped in to the cursed abyss.

" You little monster, what are you doing. Have you gone ma... d?, horror is clearly shown on his face when they were falling in to the cursed abyss.

Soon the death energy present around them is premeated into their bodies and started corroding them.

What puzzled ajax is, that his body is corroding slowly while the assassin's body is already corroded except a small bag which is falling along with him.

"Whatever, now I am going to die anyway but lest my friends may survive.", Ajax sighed as he was falling.

Ajax knew he will fall to death from this height before corroding.

Soon the corrosion increased as the pain which is less until now is also increased which made him unconscious.

But when he was about to hit the ground a shining multi coloured cube came out of his body and covered his entire body which made his body float and placed on the ground slowly.


Next day

In the Royal Palace of Draton Kingdom

Zrochester provide is ruled by the draton family. The present king Stephen draton is 40 years old and well built.He has a golden coloured hair and majestic look.He sat on the throne in the Royal Palace. Beside him stood an old man whose face is full of wrinkles.

Before them, commander Reid stood with a scroll in his hand.

"Your majesty, the Volar city which is the home for many great fighters has be massacred yesterday night, Although some survived, they didn't know who killed them, but the most important thing is No children above 12 years are survived", a middle aged Commander Reid whose face is covered in sweat reported the latest news to the King.

"What???, who dared to do such a cruel thing in my kindgom?? ",King Stephen shouted at that middle aged man.

" Your majesty, our intelligence department is making their full efforts but the mastermind behind the massacre was very careful and didn't left any clues, so it's very difficult to find them",

middle aged man replied in a respectful tone.

"Old minister, Who do you think will do this kind of terrible thing", King Stephen asked the old man whose face is full of wrinkles.

" Your majesty, I think only people from that place can do this kind of thing. Unless we find something that relates them with this act, no one can do anything to them", the old man with wrinkles replied with some fear in his face.

"So, we can't do anything to them even if they killed an entire city?? ", with an angry expression in his face, King Stephen punched the air which forced the commander Reid 3 steps back.

with a sigh king Stephen calmed himself and ordered commander Reid, " if this is really done by them, we can't do anything. Do what you need to do. Leave now".

When he was leaving ,commander Reid saw king Stephen sigh continuously by himself.

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