New Age Of Summoners Chapter 119

109 Event: Strongest Five

After travelling for less than an hour, he finally found a place with three elemental essences of nature, namely Fire, Life, and the Earth Elements, that are very rich in concentration.

It's like a combination of three different areas that were separated by a barrier between them.

But the barrier didn't affect the movement of the spirit beasts or any other beings; instead, it only separated the essence of nature of different elements.

By constantly pestering the system for the past one hour, he got some information from it, that explained the Five elemental world.

Five elemental world, as its name suggests, is a world mainly formed by the combination of 5 elements, namely, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Life.

That doesn't mean, there are other elements of essences oof nature in the five elemental world, but in a less composition when compared to the other five elements.

So when other than the main five elemental treasures appear, it will become the den of that type of elemental spirit beasts or other beings.

Just like the Ghost-eyed mutated black fox, found the essence gem of the Spirit beast king, which helped it become a mutated from a normal pearl-eyed black fox and the leader of that small group of black foxes.

"Volcanis, Spirus, and Slait cultivate in your elemental regions" Without wasting any time he ordered Volcanis, Spirus, and Slait to cultivate in their respective elemental locations.

Nodding their heads, Volcanis, and other two elemental spirits left to cultivate excitedly.

After they left, he looked at the time required to decompose the massive corpse in the inner world.


Need 3 hours and 35 minutes more to integrate the corpses into the inner world completely.

"Snow, guard me along with the undead water python, while I cultivate for some time", Ajax ordered the Lightning Dragon Hawk to guard him.

As Necros, he still has some remaining energy left from the corpse he devoured and continued his cultivation.

Soon, he entered into deep cultivation absorbing the Life elemental essence of nature from the surroundings.


In the Hazefrove Mercenary Squad Building,

"Old Edmond, today Mercenary Guild has released an announcement which may be a piece of good news for our squad's young ones", Udo reported to Edmond about some announcement without any happiness in his face.

The duty of Udo is mainly about collecting all the information from the leading organizations to small families, and it is to be reported to the Captain of the Squad.

But he didn't feel any happiness when he reported this good news which made Captain Edmond understand something.

"What is it? Is it about Champion's contest?" Edmond asked, guessing the news.

"Yes, Today mercenary guild announced that it has 5 invitations to the Champion's contest.

So it is conducting an event called 'Strongest Five' which mostly includes fighting one another, and the top five can get one invitation per each contestant," Udo Keenaxe paused for a moment before continuing,

"The event will be held in one month from today", Udo explained about the event called 'Strongest Five' slowly and finished with the time when that event will be held.

"Don't be sad, nothing will happen to Jeff. Let him fight to his heart's content", Edmond politely consoled Udo.

Edmond knows that Udo Keenaxe hates the royal family to the core as they destroyed his family as a sacrificial chess piece in their hands.

Now Udo doesn't want his son, who is the only family he has now, to go to the royal capital to participate in the Champion's contest. But Udo knew he couldn't stop his son to join in the 'Stongest Five' and he has the confidence that his son will be definitely in the top 5.

"No one will recognize your son as long as your son say his full name to others in the royal capital", Edmond paused for a moment before continuing, "I think, it's finally time to explain your son about his family background".

"Sigh...", Udo didn't say anything and just looked at his son who was practicing with Lewis in the open space behind the building, through the window and sighed.

"Ajax and Paulin can't participate in the Mercenary guild contest as they already have the invitation sent by the royal family", After sighing, Udo said one of the conditions of the 'strongest five' event.

"No problem, we will send both of them one some missions after their weekly spar", Edmond already thought about the entire planning for their training before the start of the Champion's contest.

"Okay then, I will take my leave and cultivate", Udo turned to leave Edmond's room to cultivate.

"Don't forget to think about what I said to you, 'A family's child should know about his family, even if it is good or bad'", Edmond said to the leaving Udo.

Edmond's words made Udo stop for a second before leaving the room.

Seeing this, Edmond shook his head and looked at the young men who were Practicing.


In the Five elemental world,

The life elemental essence of nature is gushing into Ajax's box at a visible speed.

Somewhere away from the Ajax, a transparent red coloured being who was submerged in the lava river shined brightly every now and then.

At another location, a green transparent being, who looked like an angel sat under a huge tree was also experiencing the same process of shinning brightly every now and then but at a faster face than the red-coloured being.

There was another being some distance away from the green-coloured being, which was submerged in the mud with his eyes closed and shined brightly almost at the same pace of the green-coloured being.

They are Volcanis, Spirus, and Slait, who are cultivating in their respective elemental locations and the shining brightly means they are breaking through the minor realms in their particular major realm.

Volcanis, who has the slowest levelling speed due to his high cultivation of the elemental spirit commander, Spirus and Slait are the ones with the fastest levelling speed due to their low cultivations of only the elite Elemental spirit soldier realm.


The corpse of the Anteater Kinkajou has been wholly integrated into the inner world.


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