New Age Of Summoners Chapter 116

106 First Elder

While Ajax was in the Five elemental world, the assassin sect's mission hall was in a heated discussion about, a team of their disciples who went missing after taking a below-average danger rating mission.

"What yo you think, third elder?", A black-robed older man who was thin and pale asked the third elder of the assassin sect.

"I don't know, but there is a small chance that the Hammergust family from the five main families may be behind all of this as they are the ones who issued the mission", the third elder replied politely to the black-robed old man.

"Really?", the black-robed old man asked, raising his brow.

"Yes, First elder, recently all the five main families are having joint meetings and are discussing something serious. I think they are planning something behind our back", another old man who looked somewhat younger than the previous two, politely replied to the black-robed old man addressing him as the first elder.

"Yes, First elder, what the fourth elder said is correct as I also got some news that the five main families are trying something", the third elder quickly agreed with the fourth elder of the sect.

"Hmm", the first elder didn't say anything and thought about something as he gazed into the distance.

"I think, there is going to be a battle between main families and sects, but I can't predict when will it's going to happen", after gazing into the distance for sometime, he continued saying, "However, one thing is for sure, it will happen around the same time of the champion's contest".

The first elder words shocked other elders.

As they were still in the shocked state, the first elder coughed lightly making all others woke up the shock, and he continued, "I will discuss this with Grand Elder and Sect leader".

The assassin sect's power structure is very simple, just like many other sects or families.

At the top of the power structure was the Sect Leader and below that was the Grand Elder.

After Grand Elder, comes the 12 Elders who manage different halls of the sects like a discipline hall, mission hall, and others.

The most powerful of the 12 Elders was the First Elder, so everyone listens to him.

"Okay then, everyone leaves now. Third elder, you stay behind", the first elder asked everyone to leave except for the third elder.

Soon everyone left the mission hall leaving the fist elder and the third elder alone.

"Third Elder, why are worrying about one team that gone missing very much?", after everyone left, the first elder asked the third elder slowly.

"First Elder, if it is any other item I wouldn't have bothered much about it, but the problem is my disciple Caprice", the Third elder heaved a long sigh as he continued, "His brother was in that team, and he really cares about the little brother of his and recently instead of preparing for the champion's contest, he is wasting his time investigation about the missing team".

"Oh, that Caprice Carr whom you fought with the second elder in the disciple selections, right?", the First elder asked remembering the selection event where two elders fought for a disciple. Finally, the third elder managed to tempt him into coming under his tutelage angering Second Elder.

"Yes, First elder", the third elder nodded his head in agreement.

"He achieved a cultivation strength of peak elite commander realm at the age of just 21, and he is presently at the bottleneck to reach the General realm...Sigh", at the end of his sentence, the third elder sighed at his disciple but didn't find any words to say.

Because even if he were in his place, he would have done the same anyway.

"So, what do you want to suggest?", the first elder asked the third elder.

"Instead of waiting for an attack on us, we will attack the Hammergust family?", the third elder said with a cruel expression on his face.

"Sigh..", the First elder sighed at the words of the Third elder and sighed before shaking his head.

"I think, no one will support your idea as it was not worth for becoming the enemy of all other main families because of one elite disciple when there is no evidence of any of the five families killing our Assassin sect's disciples. Okay, I have to go now", the First elder rejected the idea right away before leaving the mission hall.


The Third elder clenched his fist in a rage when he saw the first elder was leaving.


In the Five Elemental World,

Ajax who sat under a large tree was entirely focused on accumulating the Life essence from the surroundings at a rapid pace.

Ajax was not the only one who was absorbing the essence of nature rapidly.

Besides him, the Life elemental spirit, Spirus absorbed the life essence of nature at an even faster than Ajax.

It's only two hours since they entered the cultivation.

Still, Spirus already achieved a breakthrough to level 2 of the elite elemental spirit soldier and was reaching the peak of that secondary level.

As for others, they are doing their respective roles like guarding the Ajax, healing their wounds, and absorbing the energies from the enemies they killed earlier.


In an unknown region

"Congratulation, senior brother", A young man who looked 15-16 years asked a young man who just woke up from his bed.

The young man on the bed looked to be around 17-18 years old.

"It's all because of the guidance of the Elder Boron and his resources", the young man who just woke up politely said to the young man who congratulated him earlier.

Although he replied to the young man before him, his gaze was on the older man who stood behind that young man.

"Yes, it's all thanks to the Elder Boron. If he weren't reduced us in the cursed abyss, we would have already died by now", the young nodded his head agreeing with the young man on the bed.

"If only, he was with us now it would be worth celebrating but..", The young man on the bed suddenly started saying something, but he was interrupted by the young man before him, "No need to worry, Elder Boron, said that he would be fine".


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