New Age Of Summoners Chapter 115

105 Thunder Pools Water


The final quest of the series quests is completed

Find out the reason behind the appearance of the dark-elemental spirit beasts (Ghost-eyed Black foxes) in the life elemental environment.

Reward:-Mysterious reward box is stored in th host's inventory.

Danger rating:- A


Calculating, the accomplishment level....


Initial accomplishment rating 'B'.

Successfully tamed a mutated ghost-eyed black fox, rating increased to 'B+'.

Retrieved a half-decomposed Anteater Kinkajou's corpse, rating increased to 'A.'


Overall mission accomplishment rating, 'A.'

"Uffoo", Ajax heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the overall mission accomplishment rating.

"System, if it is 'A', then where my additional reward", Ajax didn't forget the new level-up conditions.

For every 'A' rating danger mission, if he accomplished the task with a good rating, he can gain an additional reward from the system which is to level him up depending on the accomplishment rating.

Accomplishment rating 'A' will level him up by 1 level.

Accomplishment rating 'A+' will level him up by 2 levels.

Accomplishment rating 'S' will level him up by 5 levels.


Since the host completed an 'A' danger rating mission with an accomplishment rating of 'A', the host's cultivation can be increased by one minor.


Do you want to level up now?

The much-awaited notification finally came making Ajax excited as this was the first time he was levelling up after the system upgraded.

"Yes", without any hesitation, he accepted the level up.

As soon as he accepted, he felt some force was entering into his body, making him relaxed and comfortable all over his body.


Level up to the level 2 commander realm is successful.

Ajax was bewildered seeing the simple notification from the system saying him hat the level is complete.

He thought it would be a painful process to level up, but it finished before he can even prepare for the pain he thought would come with the level -up.

"Anyway, who doesn't want painless level-ups?", Ajax simply felt happy for the first painless breakthrough or level-up.

When he broke through the minor realms in the soldier realm, although he didn't felt much pain, there was some pain at a particular time of breaking through the levels.

But after that level-ups, he felt comfortable all over the body.

Whereas here, he only felt a comfortable feeling all over his body when breaking though the minor realm (levels) in the commander realm without any pain.

"System, Mysterious box", Ajax silently thought of the reward from the earlier mission which was stored in his inventory.

Soon, a mysterious gift box of one cubic meter appeared in his hand.


Do you want to open a mysterious gift box?

"Yes", Ajax hoped that it contains something good as it is a reward for a series quest and it's from an 'A' danger rating mission.


A mysterious gift box is opened.


The host got a 1000 litres of water from the thunder pool.

"Water?" Ajax never heard of the thunder pool and its water, so he focused one water icon in the inventory to check for its stats.


Item name:- Water of the thunder pool.

Quantity:- 1000 litres

Properties:- The water has 1) Healing properties 2) Strengthening the body 3) Breakthrough for stagnated cultivation (Peak general realm or below only)

Description:- An item from the Thunder realm, where the thunder essence of nature is vibrant and concentrated.

Note:- The thunder pool's water has many unknown properties, and please reveal them by yourself host.

"Damn! This thing is from the thunder realm?" Ajax shocked because he knows some things about that thunder realm.

According to Elder Boron, the thunder realm is a paradise for those cultivators, who practice thunder arts, and spirit beasts with thunder attribute.

But since immemorial no one found that place and finally some cultivator concluded that the thunder realm is a myth and it's not a real place.

However, Ajax got a thing from a forgotten realm from a mysterious gift box which made him think, that the system is not a thing of this world or maybe not of this universe.

"System can I store it in the Inner world and turn it into cultivation place for Snow to heal and cultivate?", He asked the system to turn a small piece of land as the thunder cultivation paradise.

So thatSnow, the Lightning Dragon Hawk can heal its injuries and cultivate, in that paradise.


The host can store it to turn in to thunder cultivation paradise, but there is a small chance of failure due to the low level of the Inner World.

"How much chance of failure are we speaking here?" Ajax asked the system about the probability of failure.


Thirty percent chance of failure.

"Then it's better to wait until the chance of failure is none", Ajax seriously decided not to waste the thunder pool's water until he gets a 100 percent success rate.

He summoned the Snow and let it consume some thunder pool's water to heal its injury from earlier.

After that, he checked the remaining time for the corpse in the Inner World to dissolve and integrate with the Inner World completely.


Time to completely disintegrate the corpse into the inner world:- 10 hours 59 minutes.

"I will cultivate here then until the integration of the corpse with the Inner World is done", Ajax found an abundant life elemental essence of nature location nearby and summoned Spirus to cultivate along with him.

Since she was born from the life elemental essence of nature, the surround essence of nature was gathered around her which even help Ajax to cultivate faster to accumulate more essence of nature using his level 2 Heaven and earth elemental reffing technique.

Before he started cultivating, he ordered Volcanis and undead Water python to guard them.

As for the Necros and the destructive twilight dragon, they were busy absorbing the energy from the devoured rank 3 black foxes from the earlier.

The mutated black fox laid beside Ajax before looking at the Snow, which is healing it's wound after drinking the thunder pool's water, recovering from its light wounds and injuries naturally.


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