New Age Of Summoners Chapter 114

104 Spirit Beast King Essence Gem

"Oh, this thing is an intelligent one for sure", Ajax thought in his mind and wondered, "Is it possible to form a contract with it?".

"Volcanis, stop", Ajax thought for a while and stopped Volcanis from killing it.

The mutated black fox finally saw some hope when it saw Ajax ordering Volcanis to stop, and with its tired body, it staggeringly went towards Ajax in an attempt to impress him.

"Do you want to form a contract with me?" He asked as he looked at the nutated black fox that is staggeringly walked toward him.


As if it understood the meaning behind his words, the mutated black fox nodded his fox head innocently.

Ajax was not shocked since he knew, as the rank of the spirit beast increases their intelligence also increases with it.

'But one thing is sure. It is much more intelligent than average rank 3 spirit beasts', He kept his thing in his mind and askeSystemem, "System, help me with the contract here".


Since the host is in the weak state, thSystemem will help you with the contract for this one time.


Placing the host's spirit mark on the spirit consciousness of the mutated black fox.


The contracting process is failed


Analyzing the reason for the failure, please wait.


The mutated black fox is connected to the corpse of the Anteater Kinkajou.

As long as the body of the Anteater Kinkajou is not destroyed, the mutated black fox can't be contracted.

The system notifications came like a shock after shock to Ajax as this was his first contract failure and thanks to thSystemem, which found out the reason for failure, he understood some details.

"So, it is because of this corpse the black fox was unable to escape, I guess", Ajax related the failure in its escape to th corpse, but he doesn't know how the body, that is dead for who knows how long can control this spirit beast.

"System, do have any suggestions to clear this huge corpse from here?", Ajax asked thSystemem in his head.


There are three possible ways to clears this corpse


One, to let your Destructive Twilight Dragon eat the carcass but it will take many weeks to consume entirely.


Two, to let your dark elemental spirit to consume the corpse, but even so, it can be done in a few days.


Store it in your Inner world, turning a small part of your consciousness into a dark elemental region which will be useful for dark type beings to increase their cultivation.


What do you want to choose?

"Third one will do", Ajax said after a moment of thinking.

If he let Necros or Dragon consume the corpse of the Anteater Kinkajou, they can easily break through to the General realm at the very lest and peak general realm at the maximum. Still, it is a time-consuming process, and Ajax didn't want to waste any time on it.

Ajax also thought that he could store it in the inner world and let his dark elemental spirit and the spirit beasts to consume.

Still, once he stored the corpse in the inner world, the body will be disintegrated instantly and become a dark elemental region.

"At least that's what system said", He directly didn't select the third option before asking all the questions he had a system, and after only its explanation, he chose the third option.


Please go near to the Anteater Kinkajou's corpse

Ajax followed the system instruction and went near to the body, which is in a decomposition state with his nose closed.


Place your hand on the Corpse.

Cursing the System, he lightly placed his hand on the corpsed, which was instantly sucked into his inner world.


Disintegrating the Anteater Kinkajou's corpse in the inner world and converting a piece of land into the Dark elemental area.

Time to completely dissolve the body into the inner world:- 11 hours 59 minutes.

Soon a system notification came informing him about the time taken to integrate the corpse into the inner world completely.

As soon as the corpse disappeared the huge pitch-black cloud in the sky vanished without a trace, and it became a clear view for Ajax to saw the blue sky.

"Until the corpse is fully disintegrated, there is no way, I can form a contract with you", Ajax explained to the mutated black fox patting its head gently.

The mutated black fox also didn't say anything and allowed him to pat its head which is comfortable to it.

"Why all the dark element Black foxes came here?" Ajax asked while he caressed its smooth back which has some wounds but not severe.

"Is it because of the Anteater corpse?" he asked, what he thought the answer was.


The mutated black fox shook its head disagreeing with the Ajax.

"Then what is it?" Ajax puzzled at its reply and asked another question.

The black fox lightly bit the hem of his robes and motioned its head to follow it before walking towards the place where the Anteater Kinkajou's corpse previously laid on the ground.

Curiously, Ajax followed it closely and went to the location.

As they reached the place, he saw that the mutated black fox dug out a black orb the size of a football from the ground.

The black fox brought the black orb near to the Ajax's foot.

Ajax carefully bent and picked it up and examined it with thSystemem.


A Dark elemental Spirit beast king's Essence gem is found.

Ajax got a notification in his head along with the holographic projection in front of him make him shocked.

Because an Essence gem of a commander realm is much harder to find, but now he found an Essence gem of a Spirit beast king.

"I must be dreaming, and this is all not real", Ajax felt as he was in a dream and pinched himself only to scream in pain.

"With this thing, my trip to this Five elemental world is very fruitful", Ajax excitedly hugged the mutated black fox.

While he was at it, he got a system notification,



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