New Age Of Summoners Chapter 113

103 Mutated Ghost Eyed Black Fox

Before he can think the thing that attacked him has disappeared, it came towards him with the same attack from the previously withdrawn position.

Just like before, Ajax was unable to move, and he ordered the Undead Water Python to act as a shield along with the Necros' summoned undead beings.

From behind the Python and the undead summoned beings, he used the Spatial blades with 2000 units of the essence of nature, which is the limit he can use as of level 1 commander realm strength.

'Click click.'

'Swoosh swoosh~'

The spatial blades slowed down the speed of that black silhouette a little when they hit it, and Undead water python rushed at it with the same speed as that of the black silhouette.


Undead water python and the black silhouette collided and undead water python was the one who got deflected by the impact of the black silhouette.

The black silhouette speed also slowed down as it stopped moving and stared at Ajax and his team murderously.

The black silhouette has now appeared clearly to Ajax as it has the same features of the black foxes he killed earlier but much smaller than rank 3 foxes and bigger than rank 2.


Spirit beast:- Mutated ghost eyed black fox.

Strength:-Peak rank 3

Bloodline:-Anteater Kinkajou

Description:- A regular ghost eyed black fox which consumed the meat and essence of the Anteater Kinkajou and became a mutated black fox that has the strength of the low-level rank 4.

After seeing the system notification, Ajax has a clear idea about it.

"Not only this thing has Bloodline, but it also mutated by consuming the huge corpse which looked like a giant anteater and who knows where it came from", Ajax once again observed the corpse of the humongous spirit beast called Anteater Kinkajou.

"Volcanis use inferno",

"Necros while it is fighting with Volcanis, distract with your level 3 confuse ray",

Ajax ordered Volcanis and Necros simultaneously to attack the mutated black fox.

Volcanis used his inferno skill which he got after breaking through to the commander realm.

As soon as he used inferno Skill, his entire body was covered by the purple flames, and his strength was increased with that.

When he was in his inferno form, all his body stats like strength, movement speed, and the body defense will be increased.

He rushed towards the mutated black fox, like a fire asteroid.

The mutated black fox didn't dare to fight head-on with Volcanis even though it has the strength of the peak rank 3 and kept dodging with its speed.

From the back, Necros sent his undead summons to assist Volcanis in his fight against the black fox and waited for a chance to use his Confuse ray along with Ajax who was also waiting for an opportunity to attack it with his Spatial blades.

Volcanic used fired asteroid at also rushed towards it, with his inferno skill.

Although the nutated black fox dodged the fire asteroid in time, it was hit by the Volcanis inferno body and blasted off into a nearby large tree.

But it stood up like nothing happened and eyed Volcanis thoughtfully.

However, as it was staring at Volcanis, it was hit by Spatial blades from Ajax, and a confuse ray from the Necros.

As the mutated black fox was looking at its surroundings confusingly, a fire asteroid hit it.

Even from the spatial blades and the fire asteroid, the mutated black fox stood up with its bloody wounds and looked at Ajax and his team.

Seeing that there is no chance to win against Ajax and his team, the mutated black fox turned around to flee away.

"Just let it go", If it wants to leave, Ajax has no way to stop it, so Ajax just allowed it to leave as he and his team were entirely exhausted with all the attacks they made in order to deal with it.

Just as he was trying to sit to take a small rest, the mutated black fox which escaped for a 100 meters away mysteriously came floating back to the corpse and fell down.

The mutated black fox was also confused as much as Ajax and checked its surroundings only to see Ajax and his team staring at it with an evil grin on their faces.

"Volcanis, go finish it", Ajax ordered Volcanis, who was still in the inferno mode.

The mutated black fox is visibly very tired and cowered in front of the Volcanis, inferno form.

When Volcanis used his inferno, his movement speed, attack speed, and defense will all increase for a time period of 10 minutes along with his passive skill 'King of fire'which increases his fire attack by another 50 percent making him extremely strong.

Volcanis slowly walked towards the cowering mutated black fox, which made his entire team restless for some time.

Although he didn't have any strength to fight the volcanic, It had enough to escape.

Without thinking about anything, it immediately turned back and escaped towards another direction from before hoping that it can survive.

However, the same process repeated, just like before.

As soon as it ran around 100 meters, it was mysteriously brought back by some magic force and dropped near the corpse. But the black fox tried to escape again from another direction.

Volcanis didn't stop it from escaping the third time as Ajax asked to not interfere with the mutated black fox's escaping.

Ajax ordered Volcanis like that, as he wanted to find out what is happening with the black fox and what is that thing, bringing it back to the corpse every time as it tried to escape.

After repeating the escaping process for some time, the mutated black fox is dead tired and unable to move any more and waited for its death.

'Step step.'

Volcanis moved towards it slowly step by step.

The mutated black fox looked at Ajax as though it was begging him to not kill instead of looking at his killer.

"Oh, this thing is an intelligent one for sure", Ajax thought in his mind and wondered, "Is it possible to form a contract with it?".


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