New Age Of Summoners Chapter 111

101 Series Ques


A new system mission is generated. Please check the quest tab for more details.

Amidst his fighting, a new system notification came in his head regarding a new mission.

Ajax used his costliest skill, the spatial blades using 500 units of the essence of nature, killing nearly 100 black foxes which gained him approximately 1000 units of the essence of nature.

With all the killing from before, his almost empty spirit consciousness has filled by nearly 600- 800, So, he used this chance to kill the black foxes with the spatial blades using 500 units of the essence of nature to reduce the stress on his elemental spirits and spirit beasts.

"Although I don't want to use this Spatial blades skill, to gain more essence of nature by using no-consumption skills to kill.

Still, this is also not bad to kill the spirit beasts, which will save time for me", Ajax calculated and satisfied with the number of the essence of nature gained by using Spatial blades.

After he used the Spatial blades to kill the black foxes, it relieved the pressure on his team.

Although, elemental spirits and Lightning Dragon Hawk also have their own strongest attacks, Ajax ordered them to use only necessary skills because, if they use the strongest attacks, they will be weakened after using it.

As they don't know how many spirit beasts they have to kill and how strong will they become as the time does on, so he decided to save their strongest attacks for last.

Ajax quickly checked the new mission generated in the quest tab.


Series quest:- 'Find the Mystery behind the appearance of the Dark elemental Pearl-eyed black foxes in the life elemental environment.

Quest 1) Kill all the rank two pearl-eyed black foxes.

Progress:- (200/ 1000)

Rewards:- 1) A random dark elemental skill.

2) Unlocks the Quest 2

Danger rating:- B

Description of the series quest:- Find out the reason behind the appearance of the black foxes which are a dark element type in a life element type environment in a series of quests. Only by completing the quest, one can unlock quest 2.

Ajax doesn't have any time to continuously stare in the thin air to look at the holographic screen in front of him. He only kept the progress in his mind, which was showed (200/1000).

"So, there are 800 more rank two black foxes to kill", Ajax looked around him which is entirely covered by the dead bodies of the foxes and also surrounded by the many black foxes which are rushing towards him and his team.

Ajax didn't waste any time, directly using his Spatial blades continuously taking out more than 50 black foxes in an instant.

The scattered ones are taken care of by the Snow and Dragon.

Wave after wave of the incoming spirit beasts was taken care of by Ajax and others.

Soon they killed all the rank two pearl-eyed black foxes.


Quest 1 of the series quest is completed.


Quest 2 Kill all the rank three ghosted-eyed black foxes.

Progress:- 0/10

Rewards:- 1) Mid-grade primitive stone

2) Unlocks quest 3

"What the fu*k", Ajax unconsciously cursed at the system after seeing the next quest.

Before he can vent his anger on cursing the system, a Pearl-eyed black fox much bigger than the ones he killed before appeared.

Soon after the first black fox, a second, third keep on emerging from who knows where.

Only after ten rank 3 black foxes, whose eyes are transculent came, the emergence of the black foxes did stop making Ajax relax.

Although he saw 10 in the progress bar in the quest, he continued to stay alert for the emergence of another spirit beast.

After making sure there are only ten rank three ghost-eyed black foxes, Ajax released a sigh of relief and ordered his team of elemental spirits and the spirit beasts.

"Necros, let me see what you summons full strength is?", Ajax ordered Necros to use the level 2 undead summoning.

Necros's level 2 undead summoning can summon two undead beings with the same strength as him, that is the commander realm strength.

"They can take care of two Black foxes, Undead Python can take care of one black fox, Volcanic with his king of fire can deal with two rank three spirit beasts", Ajax commanded everyone to attack one or two rank three black foxes depending on their strength.

As for Spirus, she is not a match for a rank three spirit beast, so she backed them with her healing skills.

After assigning the tasks to the Elemental spirits, Ajax ordered Snow to fight two spirit beasts.

Ajax knows that with its bloodline, it's not an impossible task to kill two rank three spirit beasts, So he didn't show any mercy to Snow when it came to fighting.

As for him, he took care of the three spirit beasts.

Soon everyone rushed to attack each other.

Necros kept one eye on his undead summon, and the other one on the others fight. In between, he used his level 3 confuse ray to distract the black foxes and help his teammates in defending the four on ten battle.

Four from Ajax's team fought the ten from the Black Foxes team.

Slait, who is only at the peak of the elemental spirit soldier realm, used his sand dunes on the enemy spirit beasts to distract them only for a second. In that one second, the rank 3 black fox gets killed by the opponent they are facing.


Killed a rank three ghost- eyed black fox

100 units of the essence of nature are gained

Soon, Ajax got the first kill notification that came from the opponent slain by the Volcanis. His opponent lost balance for just second with the interference of a Level 1 Sand dune from the Slait, which caused its life.

Soon two notifications came by the killing made by the Necros undead summons.

Snow was also not slow either.

It directly used her lightning claw to tear one black fox and took another one in the sky and played with it for a while before dropping it to the ground.


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