New Age Of Summoners Chapter 110

100 Five Elemental World

"System, I will use the chance now, to go to the Five Elemental World," Ajax ordered the system with an expectant look on his face.


Opening a portal to the Five elemental world.


The host will be teleporting to a random position in the five elemental world.


The host needs to prepare for anything after teleporting to the Five elemental world, as there will be many ferocious spirit beasts lurking in the forests, and various unknown species are inhabited everywhere.

As he was walking towards the portal, which is opened out of thin air, he heard the system caution messages and tried to stay alert even before entering the portal.

The portal closed as soon as Ajax went into it without a trace.


"Huh? What's with the sudden imbalance of the essence of nature?" Captain Edmond, who sat in his room, cultivating opened his eyes when he sensed the sudden change in the essence fo nature in his surrounding for a moment.

But he didn't sense anything after that one moment, so he thought it must be someone who achieved a breakthrough in his cultivation and didn't bother much about it.

Without wasting any time, he immediately immersed in his cultivation.


In the Five Elemental World,

In a dense forest that is covered with large, durable, and tall trees for who knows how long, a portal appeared silently and from the entrance, a young man who looked 17-18 years old came out.

As soon as Ajax came out of the portal, he felt somewhat dizzy before stabilizing himself.

"Huh?" After stabilizing himself, he sensed the surrounding rich essence of nature and which is full of life elements.

As he sensed the abundant life elemental essence of nature, he summoned Spirus first before summoning other elemental spirits and his spirit beasts.

Among all the contracted elemental spirits, only Spirus enjoyed the feeling of her cultivation increasing slowly but much faster than when she cultivated in the Inner world.

As for the other elemental spirits, they didn't feel anything as they are not life elemental beings.

"I think Spirus and me are the only ones who can increase cultivations by staying in this location", Suddenly Ajax thought of a problem of having different elemental spirits as everyone required a different type of the essence of nature to cultivate.

Amidst his thinking about the current problem, an black coloured silhouette sneaked at him from behind at lightning speed.

But Volcanis with his fire sword slashed at it burning it in the ashes.


Killed a rank two pearl- eyed black fox

Ten units of the essence of nature are gained.

Ajax looked behind him, only to see the ashes of the thing with tried to assassin him.

"A Pearl- eyed black fox? But I wonder what it looks like", Just as he wondered about how the spirit beast looks like, he saw a bunch of shadows rushing towards him.

"Sorry, it's a wrong wish, I don't want to know how it looks like", At the sight of more than 500 or even 1000 of the black shadows rushing at him and his team, Ajax's face turned ugly.

Even after seeing them, he and his team were more than ready to take the attacks of the incoming black shadows.

He used his full power punches to smash the skulls of the Pearl-eyed black foxes, that were rushing towards him.

Only now, he got the clear view of the Pearl- eyed black fox whose entire body is ink black and only 1-1.5 meters in height and 1 meter in length. The most important thing is their eyes looked just like pearls making them look like a ghost.

Volcanis used his fireball and fire asteroid skills on the Pearl eyed black foxes who are attacking in a group to burn them all into ashes.

Spirus used the absorb and drain on a group of individual black foxes that are separated from the group.

Slait used his only skill Sand dunes to suck a group of black foxes for only some time as he didn't have the strength of the elite spirit soldier yet and delayed then as much time as possible for others to Kill them.

The ones who are most excited are the Necros and the Destructive Twilight Dragon. They loved to eat the dark elemental spirit beasts after killing them and absorbing all the dark elements from the dead spirit beasts and increased their own cultivation.

Although Necros cultivation didn't increase much due to his cultivation is higher than the rank two Pearl-eyed dark foxes, the dragon's cultivation was growing at a visible rate.

As they killed the black foxes that are coming towards him, he continuously got the system notifications in his head explaining the amount of the essence of nature gained by killing them.


Killed a rank two pearl- eyed black fox

Ten units of the essence of nature are gained.


Killed a rank two pearl- eyed black fox

Ten units of the essence of nature are gained.







"System, why the hell I am getting very low essence of nature from killing a rank two spirit beast which is in the rich essence of nature world?", Ajax got frustrated at the low units of the essence of nature; he is gaining from killing.

Ajax took a short breather from the incoming attacks and asked the system about the reason.

Actually, he thought he could get more units as the spirit beasts are born and grown in this rich essence of nature, Five elemental world, but he only got ten units of the essence of nature for killing the rank two spirit beast.


The Pearl-eyed black foxes are only rank two spirit beasts which are not even half strong as the host, so due to the level of the host is being much higher than the enemy, the essence of nature gained is also low.

The system reply made him understand now.

Since it is easier to kill the rank two spirit beasts which are only half strong as him, therefore the number of units of the essence of nature he gained is also less.


A new system mission is generated. Please check the quest tab for more details.


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