New Age Of Summoners Chapter 11

11 Massacre

"Just kill all the children and bring me that item. Then we will see who dares to find trouble with me", Said the ancestor in a cruel tone.


Unbeknownst of everything that is going to happen in the Volar city, Ajax and his friends went to sleep.

In the middle of the night Ajax woke up suddenly because he had a bad premonition in his heart but he didn't know what it is. So he came out to breath some fresh air.

"who are they..? and their killing intent is very strong", as soon as he came outside he saw some silhouette running towards the orphanage with full of killing intent.

He know there are not here for talk so he woke up his friends

" Everyone wake up, danger, danger. ", shouted Ajax in his room.

" what?? ", although all his roommates are in deep sleep they still woke up with the shout and asked at the same time.

" There is no time to explain, quickly alert all", as soon as he finished speaking Ajax went to other rooms.

Looking each other faces, Ajax's friends also went to wake up all.

" It's same as the information we got, no powerful fighter resides here.. I think we can complete this mission sooner", one assassin said to other assassin.

Although many great fighters emerged from this silver orphanage, it is only manages by one old man who looks the expenses of the orphanage, one middle aged man who instructs children in their exercises and some old men and women who do daily chores. So it is relatively easy to wipe out.

Before they finished waking up all children, that running silhouettes entered the orphanage.

"ah..!, how they know, we are attacking them", one masked assassin asked another.

" who cares, they will die anyway", said another assassin who just cut the throat of the middle aged instructor.

All children shocked, when they saw their instructor die and began to run in various direction.

Ajax along with his friends also went in to the direction of cursed Wilderness.

"What a pain..!, split and complete the mission quickly, and collect the item as soon as it materialized. Now go", the assassin in red who looked like a leader ordered his subordinates.

" Yes sir", soon all assassins spread in various directions and started slaughtering the children without any mercy.

"Please don't kill me",

" I will do as you say ",

"Have mercy",

"why are you killing us",

Sounds of begging can be heard from the area around the silver orphanage.

Ajax and his friends felt angry, powerless and helpless.

" why are they killing us??", shouted Hector angrily

"Don't know but our first priority now is to escape this and survive", said Ajax with a helpless expression on his face.

" survive??, You have a great ambition there kid but you will die here", a deep voice came from behind.

Ajax and his friends know that an assassin is caught of with them.

"you guys escape, I will stall some time for you guys quick", Ajax said to his friends.

" but... ", before they ask anything Ajax said with a determined look" Go, Survive and don't make my life sacrifice in vain".

Seeing the determination on his face, they know he will not listen to them, so they continued running deep into the cursed wilderness.

"I am impressed ,kid, but sadly they will die without me killing them anyone in the claws of beast",assassin said to Ajax.

" I know, but there is a small chance of living if they escape in to the cursed wilderness that staying here", saying this he stood in a fight stance.

"well well well, now you wants to fight me??", assassin criticized Ajax fight stance.

After saying he rushed towards Ajax to kill him in a single strike.But Ajax dodged the killing strike and stepped on the assassin and ran towards an abyss.

Cursed Abyss has various names like , gulf, or chasm which has a bottomless or unfathomed depth. No one knows what is it like at the bottom of this cursed abyss and what monster resides there. But it is full of death energy, Whoever enters it will corroded with that energy.

He went towards that abyss because he didn't want to allow the assassin to follow his friends, so he took this direction.

He just wanted to waste as much as time for this assassin, so his friends can escape.

Assassin was angered when Ajax stepped on him earliee, so he followed Ajax with rage.

Just when Ajax was about to reach the cursed abyss, He was blasted away by the assassin's kick.

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